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Tips for losing weight effectively

  1. If you are not hungry, it is effective to lose weight by cycling with an empty stomach.
  2. Water supplement is very important to improve metabolism speed. Stopping every 15 minutes to drink water is more effective than drinking once for all in terms of not only the water replenishment, but also the effect of avoiding the dehydration of the body.
  3. Cycling speed is not directly linked to the effect of calories burnt. Cycling at your favorite speed slowly can burn the fat more fully.
  4. If you spare little time in cycling on workdays, you need to intensify the exercise on weekends. So it would be a proper intensity to cycle for 1-2 hours a day.

1 Quick-drying and breathable cycling underwear providing strong protection on the basis of  good cushioning, anti-bacterial, abrasion-resistant.

2 Simplified designs, choosing the double-elastic fabric to fit women’s body shapes. Flatlock seams are well-positioned to hold the body without chafing.

3 The humanized design of the padding is to protect user’s most delicate parts from harm. It fits snugly with the curves of the legs and to create a perfectly smooth cycling experience.