Men's Top Long-sleeve Black Cycling Jersey with Green-strip Mesh Outdoor Leisure Sport Biking Sportswear Suit Spring Fall/Autumn clothing NO.765

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Four benefits of cycling
1. Improving your sexual life
Based on the suggestion of American health expert, more physical activities can make vessel health better due to its chain effect for improving sexual life. One research of Cornell University came to a conclusion that male athletes can prolong their sexual capacity by two to five years, the similar data presenting on the delaying menopause.
At the same time, one research of Harvard University found that if a male over 50 years old cycle for at least three hours every week, he would have a lower rate of sexual dysfunction than 30% those do rarely exercise.
2. Eugenics
Your unborn child can receive the same benefits from your cycling. According to the research of the University of Michigan, if mother-to-be does regular exercise periodically during pregnancy, she will give birth more easily and simply, recover more quickly, and get better psychology during nine-month pregnancy. You may be proud and please to find it lower 50% rate of postpartum obesity, as well as the neural development of womb, is better.
The spokesman of Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Patrick O’Brien, said:“ No doubt, proper exercise during pregnancy like cycling, can help mother recuperate and protect the baby.” But, pregnant women should careful when cycling, don’t do strenuous exercise. The unborn child can be a beneficiary for your cycling.
3. Helping Cardiac Rehabilitation
American Purdue University’s study showed that cycling often can lessen 50% risk of heart disease. According to the data of British Heart Foundation, if everyone can keep healthy, 10,000 cases which die for heart disease can be reduced annually. When cycling for 35km every week, you can reduce over half risk of heart disease.
4.Your boss will love you more
It doesn’t mean that your sexy hip can bring a passionate office love with your boss, but how cycling can make your interpersonal relationship better in your company. One research of the University of Bristol showed that among 200 objects, those staff who do exercise before work or during the midday rest can improve their time and workload management, as well as their motivation and ability to handle stress.
This research also presented that those who usually do exercise feel better in interpersonal relationship’s performance, and they take less time to complete their work in time more is a pity that there is no direct and certain connection between cycling and promotion.

"Gender: Men's
Pattern: Cartoon, Animal
Occasion: Practise, Performance, Indoor, Outdoor, Leisure Sports
Activity: Leisure Sports, Cycling / Bike
Accessories Material: PVC
Sports Clothing Type: Jersey, Top
Sports Clothing Category: Cycling Jersey
Fabric: 100% Polyester
Sleeve Length: Long Sleeves
Zipper Type: Single Slider
Embellishment: Full Length Hidden Zipper
Season: Fall/Autumn, Spring
Function: Breathable, Quick Dry, Ultraviolet Resistant

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