10 breathtakingly beautiful places for mountain biking you won’t regret in the USA

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The USA, the fourth largest country in the world, is a land full of hope and magic. From the east coast to the west coast, there lies an approximately 4,500km line, where you can enjoy plenty of fascinating American representative mountainous sceneries. Compared with other vehicles for mountain sightseeing, mountain biking has its own special advantage for you to choose. Thus, are you ready to start your unique and exciting journey? Now I’d like to share 10 breathtaking places for mountain biking with you, which you won’t regret considering them.

A perfect mountain biking requires a few things as follow:

Variety: Not just one type of trail or surface, but a number of different environments with trail riding styles. For example, buff, tech, rocks, roots, sands, etc.
Infrastructure: A qualified destination has to contain good services. Trailheads that are easy to reach, clearly labeled or signed trail. Bike shops nearby with rental fleets or repair services. Maps. Local guides and/or advocacy groups that really do a great job maintaining the trails. Places for fun like pubs, etc.
Scenery: Let's face it. Mountain biking is about getting out in nature. A riding trail with a single type of scenery may not satisfy your curiosity about the world, as there are still quite a few attractive views hiding somewhere you don’t know. You need to have alpine scenery, coastal views, or rock landscapes to make a destination pop.
Here come 10 best choices for you

 Noble Canyon, California
Located in Southern California, it has earned a reputation as the best downhill trail. You may wonder why it is so special, don’t you? Assuming you are riding along there, in accordance with its geographic position, in fact, your ride will bring you some marvelous experience! Throughout your ride, it’s pretty lucky for you to pass through and enjoy 3 different but typical ecosystems. You start out in alpine meadows and oak trees that transition into typical Southern California chaparral and finally into the arid desert climate near the Anza-Borrego desert. Some adventurous cyclists may doubt whether riding there is risky or worthwhile enough for them, to tell the truth, riding in this place requires technical skills owing to the narrow single tracks, coarse rocks, and even tight switchbacks. Thus at this point, if you choose here as an advanced ride, you will improve yourself as well as totally relax along with such fascinating sceneries.

Moab, Utah
If you are looking for a chance to start a sheer adventurous mountain biking journey in the USA, the optimum choice is to go to the West, where you will leave no regrets experiencing glamorous trips. If you’re also interested in improving yourself through a range of trails from beginners to advanced ones, while as well as the diversity of your riding and good flow, etc, then you’d better consider Moab, Utah. Utah, well-known as the most concentrated place for Mormons in the world, is doubtlessly destined to impress you with the devotion of faith if you are ready to start your riding there. Besides, Moab has its own specialty that attracts plenty of cyclists to enjoy riding in this historic place. In Moab, there are lots of slick rocks, which are compared to soft chocolate cakes along the trails. Imagine you are riding in such comfortable trails without putting your feet down, feeling such unbelievable and unrivaled traction, however, does it mean everything around you is safe at all? Not exactly, in fact, cozy as the trails may be, sandstones, other things brought from the desert, or even danger are also on the way. Thus riding in Moab is a both comfortable and very thrilling experience. By the way, you’d better not go there in summer, unless you want to fry eggs in such searing season. The finest season for biking there is either spring or fall, you’ll be able to enjoy beautiful wildflowers in bloom.

Durango, Colorado

Lying in Southwest Colorado, a state surrounded by majestic high mountains and beautiful deserts, Durango is worthy of paying a visit with your bikes. Mountain biking in Durango has been very popular for a long time and the community has grown with the sport as it has developed. There are considerable riding trails provided for you as your choices, most of which are delicately designed for you based on local various sceneries. Besides, what you shouldn’t miss in Durango is to drink and relax in brew pubs, after that, your mountain biking journey will increase more surprise. Durango is also well-known as single track heaven, once you get in, you will never want to leave!

Sedona, Arizona

Once famous as the most beautiful town in the USA, this charming town is also a perfect choice for mountain biking. Sedona's main attraction is its array of red sandstone formations. The formations appear to glow in brilliant orange and red when illuminated by the rising or setting sun. The red rocks form a popular backdrop for many activities, ranging from spiritual pursuits to the hundreds of hiking and mountain biking trails. Sedona converges the most riding trails in Arizona, such as Herkenham/Ridge Trail Lollipop、Ram's Head Trail、Ridge Trail、Casner Mountain Trail、Chuckwagon、Broken Arrow / Chicken Point, etc. There is no denying that here is the primo choice for many cycling enthusiasts relaxing, in fact, any of you once ride here, you will leave no worries or regrets.

Tucson, Arizona
At first sight of Tucson, no wonder you will fall in love here. Surrounded by Sonoran Desert’s marvelous sceneries, including cactuses, with a range of perfect riding trails, Tucson is absolutely a fabulous place for mountain biking. There exist 2 world-class cycle paths named 50-Year Trail and FantasyIsland, you will be destined to improve your riding skills here. In Tucson, with rolling and magic terrains, when you cycle up and down several steep hills, enjoying bushes fulfilled with thorns, you will admire here for its diverse riding trails.

Brittlebush, Arizona

 Mountain biking, as a challenging and relaxing activity, requires different levels of skills. With respect to most cyclists at junior or middle levels, riding in Brittlebush Trail, Arizona is a good choice. Since it comes through the heart areas of North Maricopa Mountains, when you ride here, you will be lucky to enjoy fascinating sceneries not only from the mountains but also the Sonoran Desert. Along with your riding trails here, you’ll be surprised to see abundant colorful flowers in bloom scattering their fragrances, and your tiredness will disperse as soon as possible. Besides, for some of you who are interested in animals, riding in this place provides you with an opportunity to encounter with many special animals, such as long-eared deer in desert and lizards.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

In general, you may have heard about Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton before, both of which are well-known to most people. But you may not know there is also a fascinating place located between them, do you? In the light of its special geographical environment, Jackson Hole is worthy of considering as a place for mountain cycling. With 90km-long city trails and 185km-long mountain cycling trails, throughout your riding there, you are able to enjoy an array of fascinating views. Apart from mountain ranges covered with snows and green forests, you’ll also encounter with some lovely elks and brown bears.

Bellingham, Washington
Are you interested in mountain cycling? Do you want to participate in some competitions to meet more cycling partners to improve your skills? If so, Bellingham is a fabulous choice for you. Praised as a city abundant with several cycling trails, Bellingham has attracted more and more cyclists from different places, and you don’t need to worry about whether it’s crowded or not because there are many other choices with fewer cars and broader roads for cycling. The most famous trail there is Tour de Whatcom, where quantities of mountain cycling enthusiasts gather together every summer. If you are crazy about challenging and enjoying the feeling after sweating, why not try Festival 542? This trail is over 40km-long, while the altitude is up to 1,300m or so, there is no doubt that cycling there is also a challenge for experienced cyclists. With speed and passion, Bellingham is your best choice.

Boulder, Colorado
In most cases, 300 is a common number, however, in Boulder, it appears pretty particular! With over 300-day-long sunny days and about 300km-long cycling trails, Boulder has been thought highly of as paradise to most cycling enthusiasts. From west to east, let’s start a cycling journey along Boulder Creek! It’s about 11km far away from Boulder Creek Path to urban areas, along with your entire riding there, you will relax when you’re drowned in beautiful sceneries. Besides, as for some of you who are cycling beginners, there is a placid and charming trail where you are also able to get close to mummy nature, and that is Heil Valley Ranch Trail.

Even though Minnesota is the second coldest state in winter in the USA, it is also a summer resort compared with many other places in summer. With sufficient water and special climate, there has earned a reputation as a perfect destination for lots of outdoor activities, including mountain cycling. To some extent, owing to the 4000miles-long cycling lanes and breathtaking sceneries alongside the roads, Minnesota is well-known as the second best state for going cycling in the USA praised by United States Cycling Union. Among those trails, there is one deserving mentioning to you: Glendalough line. The specialty of this trail is its round shape, that is to say, you are able to ride back to your jumping-off. In addition, you’ll pass by Glendalough State Park, which is the most beautiful park in Minnesota. You will fall in love here, and get fond of cycling.

In essence, mountain biking itself is a convenient and relaxing way for you to shake off your worries or pressure, so that you’ll get your second wind and stay positive and healthy in a hustle and busy life. Going biking in breathtaking and beautiful places is also a type of way of enjoying life, so, why not invite your friends and begin your exciting mountain biking trips as soon as you’re free? In the USA, a magical land, with your bikes in such beautiful places, you’ll leave no regrets.