10 tips you should care when you ride at nigh

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For the cyclists, sunset never becomes a reason to stop their cycling. Being far away from the noise and complex situation of the city in the daylight, many cyclists gain the quiet and peace pleasure at night. So they love to ride after the sun goes down.

Surrounding by dark, the unexpected danger might appear from somewhere. Therefore, riding at night is a sort of challenge for almost people if unprofessional. When you try your first step to riding at night, you should focus on several things below:

The forest and the most important, is that you should have a wide range of vision. Visibility at night is much lower than in the daylight. You need quality lights so that you can see as further as possible and prevent some danger factors. Good lights can allow you ride as long as you do during the daylight. Usually, it is better to mount a hamlet-mounted light and a front light.

1)hamlet-mounted lights

A LED hamlet-mounted light can make it visible the point you want to see. It is like a light tower or a car headlight and bright your front road but will not dazzle you. The number of hamlet light is not limited and you can decide how many you want to mount. But one thing should be considered is the extra weight of your hamlet. Too heavy hamlet will obstruct your riding. In the aspect of price, the design principles should be easily be contained into the cheaper lights. So it is unnecessary to worry about the price and you can have it at a low price.

2)the front light

The front light is usually installed on the handlebars. The front light should be focused on the ground around 5 to 10 meters with the most power, for bright the trail in front of you. In a moonless evening, the handlebar light can help you avoid the potholes. You may make a wrong observation to them because the reflection from the potholes filled with water will lie to you.

Making you visible is great of importance for riding at night. You should be seen by the drivers and pedestrian in such dark situation. put the reflectors on your hamlet, the tires and the frame and wear the cycling clothes with reflectors. The reflectors strips can save you life because they can present the dazzling color when the light of the car headlight on them, so that the drivers can put their attention to you and avoid traffic accidents as far as possible.

Be warm
Common sense is that the temperature at night is usually lower than during the day. Making yourself warm is something you have to do. Cycling clothing is a good product. You don’t need to worry about feeling cold if you wear a suit of cycling clothes. It is also unnecessary to concern being wet if perspire since the breathability of cycling clothing can expel your perspiration from your body and keep you warm. The cold will not happen.

plan your routes
Be selective about the routes. You should make a decision about what type of the riding and what purpose you want reach. Whatever you want a training or just relaxation for riding at night, you should prepare enough source so that your body can be replenished energy in time.

As you decide your routes, Something you have to do is to know the terrain well. It is very dangerous if you pick a strange road that you have never been there before. You can’t foresee what circumstances you will meet. If you are not an inexperienced cyclist, pay more attention to your routes and ask some advice to some professional people. After all, safety is the most vital.

prepare for mechanical

It is very terrible if your bike doesn’t work when you enjoy your cycling. It is worse when you are far from home, especially in the mountain area alone and there is no one nearby, you have to fix your bicycle yourself. So preparing for mechanical order can maximums lower the risks. Ensure carry enough tools in your backpack that can fix mostly mechanical problems.

You might experience that you feel fast sometimes but feel slow at another moment when you drive. The bicycle is the same. The reason is because your perception of speed is different at night from during the day. Enough sunlight in the daylight make it easy to see the things surrounding but it is unclear at night. You can judge your speed by moving of surrounding things but it doesn’t work at night. So you might think things seem to move faster at night than in the daylight. Hence you should control your speed more carefully.

with a partner or group

The dark night is a kind of useful catalyst to awaken the deepest loneliness of humanity. Riding with a partner or group is a way to clean your negative emotion and comfort your heart. Joining a group can also give you encouragement and motivation you might need in the dark night. In addition, a group can help each other and it is much safer to ride with partners than alone.

enjoy it
Don’t forget to enjoy it. Riding at night has its own charm and it is really attractive. You ride your bike and focus your cycling, passing through the color city and the silent grove and hearing the strange sounds. Although it is easy to be scared by the dark night when the first time you touch it, it is worth continuing this travel.


Riding at night provides the choice for those people who have no time to enjoy the pleasure of cycling in the daylight. You can ride at night to compensate for the regret. It is a good way to make other fans of cycling continue enjoying after the sunset. You can relax after the busy work for a long day and leave yourself some personal space to put your own emotion. By the way, you can also retain the fitness when other people are watching TV!