10 Top Actions you are required to know to enhance cycling experience

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With the popularity of cycling, people are keen on exercising by riding with family and friends. Yet, most are unable to persist in riding. Some people are getting busier and have no much time to go outside because of their work. While some blame discomfort for their giving up. It is certain that cycling may cause discomfort if you do not ride in a correct way.

Here, I am going to show you 10 top actions which you are required to know to enhance cycling experience.

10 Top Actions you are required to know to enhance cycling experience

10、Using Tubeless tires

Recently, they are widely used in bicycle, motorbike, car, bus and truck. They have better adhesion and heat dissipation as well as high quality of elasticity and abrasion performance. Besides the obvious effect of reducing stops to handle punctures, it allows you to ride with lower tire air pressure, resulting in better surface grip.

What is more, they are popularized in the communications and transportation industry due to economy and durability. Using tubeless tires, you need to make sure that they have enough pressure and you had better obtain the knowledge of repairing them before setting out.

Tubeless tires

9、Learning the attack position

Mastering the attack position and learning how to shift your weight around the bike. It is one of the strategies of riding. It can help you move with much efficiency. Thus, you won’t feel as uncomfortable as before. It can give you some fun during cycling. If you master this action, you can rush faster than your partners and win.

Learning the attack position

8、Making suitable plans

Plan is a vital thing for success. If you want to achieve a goal, you are required to make a plan. There is no exception to riding. Making plan first can contribute to knowing what you want to obtain and where you want to go. Cycling with a plan, you can move firmly and you will not feel so puzzled.

Making suitable plans

7、Wearing formfitting cycling jersey

Some people believe that there is no difference between general clothes and cycling jersey. Obviously, you are wrong if you hold this idea. You can feel the differences after you wearing the cycling jersey. As we know, the cycling jersey uses quality polyester and Lycra fabric which is quite breathable. Men and women riders tend to sweat a lot during the long riding or cycling, wearing this bicycle jersey will absorb sweat quickly and allow bikers to feel cool in mountain biking or cycle racing. What is more, compared to general clothes, the advantage of bib style shorts is that the bib shorts will not slip down with the movement of riding. Riders with the cycling jersey and bib shorts set could enjoy the riding with confidence.

What is important, you can feel much better if you are wearing the cycling jersey you like. People always feel good when they wear favorite clothes.

Wearing formfitting cycling jersey

6、Wearing cycling gloves

Comfort is the basic benefit of wearing cycling gloves. There may be a misunderstanding of wearing cycling gloves that it will make you uncomfortable.

Actually, staying in comfort can improve the level of your cycling experience. The more comfort you get, the more fun you can have. Importantly, the materials of cycling gloves are flexibly changed along with the weather. They can warm your hands in cold weather, and help your fingers breathe freely and prevent perspiration in summer. They can make you avoid feeling hand-ached by integrating foam into cycling gloves which can absorb sweat as well as rain to make you feel comfortable.

Safety is of great significance in every activity. It is the same in cycling. You can feel peaceful and relaxed and be absorbed in riding when you know you are safeguarded from the risks hiding around you. Cycling gloves can protect you from being hurt while falling. Grip is of importance when you are riding because of its vital role in the quality of your maneuvering. The better you can control the bike the better feeling you can own.

However, good grip is sometimes difficult to obtain and maintain without cycling gloves. What is more, when you are riding in hot summer, your hands are often wet. It PROBABLY impacts on your maneuvering with danger lurking around you. With cycling gloves, you can have full control to gain more efficiently force over tough courses and unforgiving situations. The problem that hands’ sweat lowers grip quality can be easily solved. Cycling gloves can absorb the sweat in case of hands’ slipping off the handles. Even if it rains, the cycling gloves do it as well. They keep the handles dry all the time to make sure enough grip is maintained. Nowadays, you can see cycling gloves are prevalent among riding people. Wearing cycling gloves can help you get involved in them .

Wearing cycling gloves

5、Warming up

Many people may think it unnecessary and waste time to warm up before cycling. Is it right?

As far as we are concerned, we are usually required to do some exercises to warm up before starting swimming, running and other sports, it is the same with riding. If you don’t do so , it may cause a series of effects, such as low efficiency riding, muscle hurting, getting cramp in your legs etc. It may put you in risk. While warming up before cycling can benefit you a lot. You can gain high efficiency of ridding and feeling better.

Warming up

4、Riding with a helmet.

Some of you do not like wearing a helmet because you think it is not necessary and you are careful enough to cycle. Don’t think that helmet is uncool or inconvenient. Yet, life is always unexpected. You never know what will happen in the next second. In most accidents, people who do not wear helmets are often hurt. All accidents are reasonable. There are many reasons why accidents happen. While some wear helmets during cycling, they are probably well-protected.

So, you need a helmet to protect you from being hurt. Choose a helmet of high quality and wear your helmet!

Riding with a helmet.

3、Riding an well-fitting bike

If you think the bike fit you or not is unimportant, then you are wrong.

If you ride a bike that is too small or too large to you, you must feel uncomfortable. And it is not easy for you to control it. When you are maneuvering it, it should be flexible to deal with different situations. Some of you may like to ride the sharing bikes, yet they not always fit you. You can adjust the seat post before using it.

A bike without lights is also inappropriate. Even if you are riding in date time, it is wise for you to turn on the lights on your bike. Because it can make both drivers and pedestrians can see you and avoid crashing. If you ride a bike in a dark night without lights, it is putting yourself in danger. Because when you are cycling, the coming cars cannot see you immediately and may lag in response. Then they are apt to crash into you.

Remember to ride on the well-fitting bike.

Riding an well-fitting bike

2、Watching around carefully

It occurs that some people are careless and crash into the car which in front is an opening door. Sometimes you may stop suddenly for some reasons, but the cars or bikes cannot response fast. Accidents will happen. Remember to watch around and think more. Choose a good position and time before you stop. Before you turn left or right, you should signal your intention to for several seconds. While cycling, use your eyes to sweep around, especially when you are approaching a curve. Be careful about the children who are playing around.

If you are careful enough, it will be a successful riding for you.

1、Prepare enough things before starting

You may consider that you can buy everything you need in such a convenient word. But, it will never occur to you that something you need only can buy in big shops until you get into a small village. So, prepare well before setting off. You do not have to search for shops while cycling. It can save you a lot of time.

Prepare enough things before starting