15 Top Tips for You: How to Avoid Being Hit by Cars?

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Every cyclist is afraid of a collision with a car, but not every driver in a car will look out for you every time. Obviously, it depends on us to keep safe on the roads. Although you might not be injured, it will always cause some troubles. So what are the best ways to avoid being hit by cars when riding a bicycle? Here I will share 15 tips with you so as to reduce your risk of getting wrecked.

Be visible, which is the most important. Use reflective gear. You’d better wear some bright clothes which help the others identify you. Don’t be in the black when it’s dark. Also, the lights both front and rear is needed. They help the drivers see you as early as possible so you can be away from the approaching cars more. You can ride with a bright LED rear light blinking in the dark and the lights can be on as a steady beam on the days.cyclists avoid being Hit by Cars
When you are sure that the drivers can see you, make your bike predictable. At least one of you needs to make a decision and show a signal as cars approach. Make a signal to let the drivers know what you are going to do, for example, when you are changing the direction, swivel your head to the side to which you will turn.
Don’t slip by and slide around the traffic, which makes it easy for cyclists being hit. A helmet is necessary to protect your head.
Listen for the sound of cars coming up. Don’t listen to music or the radio stations while cycling. Plan a route to escape and assume a car coming up will hit you until you are sure that they won’t.
When you are going to pass a car, you’d better make sure that the drivers have seen you. Look at the driver and you can make eye contact with him or her.
Look out for cars turning. After all, the drivers may ignore the lanes of bikes and just start their turning.
Before crossing an intersection, slow down and use the rearview mirror to check whether there is any car behind you coming up. You have followed the road rules, ridden on the right, and continued going straight. However, the driver beside you is going to make a right turn, which can cause a crash. Maybe the position you are in is just a blind spot to the driver or the driver thinks that he or she can be faster than you. Otherwise, you need to be careful about large trucks which may turn right from the left. Avoid being in a blind spot when you stop. Don’t overtake cars on your right while crossing an intersection.cyclists avoid being Hit by Cars
Look out for the cars preparing to park. The drivers are easily distracted, especially when they are going to take a parallel parking lot.
Be aware of any cars coming to avoid the door jam. When you are cycling next to a row of parked cars, there may be a driver who opens his door suddenly in front of you but leaves no time and space for you to stop or take a turn. Make sure you are at least 3’ away from parked cars. Otherwise, you’d better ride a bit further to the left when permitted and to the middle of the lane when necessary.
To avoid the side slam, you should slow down and make eye contact with drivers. Both a motorized vehicle that turns left in front of you and one that pulls out of right side of the street or parking lot may hit you from the side or be slammed into by you while cycling straight. What does more harm to you but not the other vehicles is the direct hit. Also, you can wave your arm or ride in the middle of the lane when you may not be seen by the drivers.
Keep in a straight line. When you are distracted, reaching down to take your water bottle, or taking a turn, which is dangerous, you may cause troubles to the others. After all, many drivers may be assuming that you will keep in straight so they may not keep a lot of distance for your not being straight. When the distance your movement needs is beyond what the drivers remain for you, there may be an accident.cyclists avoid being Hit by Cars
Take the bike lane if it is clear in cycling. You shouldn’t ride into the car lane, which is dangerous. If there is no a bike lane well-defined, wide enough, or not being occupied by cars, you can ride closer to the car lane on which you can be visible and predictable. In the case, you can ride straightly and don’t have to go through obstacles to keep in the right.
The space cars give you may be as much as you give the curb. When you are riding 3’ away from the curb, space will be at least 3’. However, when you are riding just beside the curb, the space that cars give you will be little. It is accurate that not all drivers on the roads will treat the cyclists like the other drivers. Even the drivers themselves never realize the point and just do it deliberately.
Remember that you are a participant on the road. People are seldom trained on how to treat cyclists while being trained on how to treat pedestrians, other cars, and obstacles etc. Apart from those who are civilized anytime, you may encounter some drivers who are rude to cyclists. Remember, you are not an intruder. Don’t sneak across on the extremely right of cyclists avoid being Hit by Carsthe lane and don’t try your best to pass without being noticed. You have the same rights and responsibilities as anyone
else on the road.
Prepare to move over when you realize that cars behind you won’t do it. Don’t make a confrontation. There are some drivers who ignore your rights and even pull over to obstruct you. Remember, do not escalate the situation. You can point out what covers cyclists in the driver’s handbook of the state calmly, but not rudely. If a car chases you, get off the road and call the police. And you’d better get the license plate which helps.
All in all, as a cyclist, you’d better reconsider your role on the roads. Further, because you don’t know what kind of drivers on the road you will meet with, just be careful all the time and be patient to deal with any problem. To avoid being hit by cars, I hope that above tips can help you.