20 Top Items for New Cyclists

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Nowadays, more and more people like bicycle cycling sports. You can cycle to work, cycle home, or go out for a trip – at any time. No time limited, no speed limited. It can keep you healthy efficiently. For new cyclists, there are some items needing attention.

new cyclist

1. Check bicycle condition by yourself. Is the bike tire blowing? Is speed change smooth? Is brake around sensitive? Is there any safety issues existing?
2. Because going out is usually in the morning, you should eat enough food before going out to make sure the supply of energy and avoid the symptom of glucopenia which will risk your cycling.
3. Please reach the assembling place on time, which not only shows your respect to the other people but also your most support to the organizer and organization’s work. If you happen to have something to deal with, you should inform a team member taking part in the activity by whom you can inform the leaders.
4. You should wear the helmet and relevant protective clothing properly at every time of cycling, which is not only responsible for your own safety but also shows your respect to team members.
5. You shouldn’t answer the phone call while cycling. If it is necessary to answer it, you should park on the roadside which satisfies the safety need.
6. You are not allowed to ride too fast. The speed should be in the control of your ability. You shouldn’t compare speed with any other vehicles especially the kids riding, which is responsible for the safety of yourself and the others.
7. The number of people cycling side by side should be no more than two. You’d better not talk with others too much to ignore the safety. You should concentrate the vehicles coming and going, guideboards, indication signs and the problem you meet with, such as rugged pavement, stones, deceleration strip, chuckhole, animals and people or vehicles appearing from bypath suddenly.
8. Please cycle according to the leaders’ indication. After all, leaders are old team members and rich in cycling experience. You should coordinate with the leaders’ organizing. Don’t be too undisciplined or ignore the leaders’ indication.
9. Cycling is usually carried on by teams. Every team has a team leader, a cycling leader and some members staying rear. Please don’t overtake the cycling leader, and the team leader is responsible for the leadership work.

new cyclist

10. The cycling team is usually divided into a single line and double line. The number of people cycling side by side should be no more than two so that traffic accident doesn’t occur. The team members should control the riding speed and follow the cycling leader to form a column. Don’t put on your brake and change your way suddenly, if you need to, you should inform the members after you firstly. Please control your riding speed strictly.
11. Cycling is usually in teams for the safety of the members and the decrease in the physical output. To improve your ability in team work, please don’t act or cycle by yourself.
12. The members should look after each other. Be careful to notice whether rear members are following you behind.
13. Don’t do actions with high difficulty and high risk. Don’t egg the others on.
14. Make sure your brake system works normally before riding down the slopes. When the team is riding down, control your riding speed strictly and don’t be standing. The distance between two bikes should keep in 5 to 10 meters. While riding down, there shouldn’t be too many people side by side and should be a cycling leader. Any member should ensure his own and others' safety.
15. Obey the traffic rules by yourself to ensure traffic safety.
16. You shouldn’t bear an overweight non-professional shoulder bag. You can buy a professional cycling bag to relieve the discomfort of your shoulder mostly that cycling for a long time causes.
17. You shouldn’t wear jeans and high-heeled shoes while cycling. You’d better not keep your upper clothes open so as to reduce wind resistance and the consumption of physical strength. You can buy professional cycling clothes. If the bottoms of trousers are too loose, please bind them up with trousers band, so greasy dirt of the chain and chain wheel won’t stain you. Also, it prevents you from traffic accident because of your trousers being drawn into chain and chain wheel. Your shoes should be as tightened as possible, please check whether your shoestrings are tightened, take them in your shoes in case they are drown into chain wheel or chain to cause the traffic accident.

new cyclist
18. I strongly recommend that don’t put something like a towel, a handkerchief, etc. on the head of your bike in case of the traffic accident caused by its dropping into wheels.
19. Please prepare your personal belongings before going out like water, foods, money, etc. I strongly recommend you to prepare a pair of a inner tire and a set of tools to repair your tires in case of need.
20. Please read the plans of the activity carefully every time when the cycling plans are published. Measure your own ability according to relevant information the plans provide and decide whether taking part in the activity or not. Please don’t evaluate your own ability excessively in case of unnecessary troubles.

What’s more, cycling activity is an activity of a team which shows spirits and cooperation consciousness of a team. Members please get on with each other friendly, help each other, and do everything in your power. You’d better not cycling at night, especially a section without clear vision of a roadway. Cyclists who ride at night, please install a lamp on the head of your bike and an active warning installation to ensure your own safety most. Please supply yourself with water, sugar, and electrolyte in time, and reduce the intake of protein which may cause the discomfort of your body. If you feel the cycling difficult or physical power insufficient, ask the nearest member for help and stop for a rest with his company.