27 Questions you are required to pay attention to for the first time cycling to Tibet(B)

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Will you suffer less by bike than by air to get into Tibet?
It is said that getting into Tibet by plane suffer more than on land. Indeed, but getting into Tibet by plane and by bike both have their advantages and disadvantages. If you go by plane, you must experience the process of getting up from a few hundred meters on the sea level to 3000 meters, which is not an adaptation process and more prone to leading to altitude sickness.

While you cycle on the land, you go as the altitude rises. It is good for you to adjust yourself. However, you need to climb over several mountains over 5000 meters. What is more important, there is not any hospitals or emergency treatment facilities on the road which is not so good to ride. In the rainy season, there are landslides and frequent mudslides that are prone to putting people at risk.

If you love cycling, you can cycle on the Qinghai-Tibet Line which is relatively safe.

What if I have a tight time table? How should I arrange the tour?
For the time is tight and you have some travel experience, you can refer to the strategies online to make travel plans.

Which is better, the Sichuan-Tibet Highway or the Qinghai-Tibet Line?
Sichuan Tibet line is the road to Tibet with the most beautiful scenery, but the most dangerous. It mainly consists of sand or gravel with danger from natural conditions. It goes through the Hengduan Mountains and many mudslides occur during the rainy season and snow frozen the mountain. You can experience plentiful changes in all year on the road and simple accommodation and diet condition. It is suggested not choose this line. The Qinghai-Tibet Line is the best line to cycle. Although it is always repaired, most of it is asphalt without much danger. The other conditions are also complete and better than other lines to Tibet. However, the scenery is dull not so and wonderful. And along the way, you have to climb several mountains of about 5000 meters (Kunlun mountain, the Tanggula) and may have altitude sickness.

How about the accommodation along the Qinghai Tibet line?
Basically, you can live in the hotel as long as you arrive because the hotels are never fulfilled. As you pass the Tanggula Mountain pass, into the Amdo area, there are some hotels where you can take a bath with hot water.

There is any problem with diet. Along the way, there are many restaurants of Sichuan cuisine or held by the Hui people, as long as it is not particularly deserted and basically by the village or the army. You can eat hot meals or noodles after a few minutes, and along the road, you also can buy instant noodles or cookies.

What should I pay attention to while cycling on the Qinghai Tibet line?
You can buy Dextrose solutions in Xining or Golmud in advance. If there is a plateau reaction, you can drink it in time. It is good for you.

If necessary and luck enough, some drivers are willing to drive you into Tibet charging for nothing.

You can take the truck on the left of Golmud Railway Station where park many trucks. You can cycle along the way to Suonandajie protection station, Chu Manasi bridge (see the Tibetan antelope), Tuotuohe bridge (the first bridge of the origin of Yangtze River). These sights are worth staying.

If you miss the places of board and lodging, you can go to the nearest Protection Station (there are 5 five stations to Tuotuo River so far along the Qinghai Tibet railway. The most famous one is the Suonandajie protection station, the first civil protection station), Station (every one hundred kilometers there is a station, responsible for road construction, maintenance) to ask for help.

Generally, you will be treated warmly, but please be careful with the guard dog.

Express your thanks to the protect station in the farewell.

How to solve the transportation from the airport to Lhasa?
Airlines Company has aired from Lhasa to Gongga airport which basically connects with the import and export flights. They start as the plane almost full steadily.

Where can I rent a car in Lhasa? Is it safe?How much should I pay for it?
If you want to take a taxi for a short distance in Santana, the starting price is 10 yuan (including 5 km), beyond it 2 yuan each. If you want to rent a car for a long distance (commonly use SUV, such as the TOYOTA 62, TOYOTA 4500), you can go to the hotel in the old city of Lhasa to find the information of the drivers.

What you need to pay attention to is that tourist vehicles must have a special certificate issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau. Renting the car in Tibet, in the off-season (November - April) and boom season (May to October) prices will have a big change.

I suggest you don't care too much on the fare. Every extra penny deserves its value. If the price is too low, it cannot guarantee the condition, the driver may also temporarily increase the price or charge additional fees.

You had better make the driver agree to you, and sign the charter contract before departure.

How about the accommodation in Tibet? Should I take campus and sleeping bag? Or can I rent them?
At present, with the further development of tourism resources and the increase of tourists, the accommodation in Tibet has been greatly improved. Several relatively large cities are already equipped with all levels of star hotels and the counties also has at least a hostel for accommodation,

But the whole level of hotels and hostels is lower than that of the mainland

Cities like Lhasa have all kinds of accommodations from four-star to ordinary hostels. Those like Shigatse, Jiangxi, Linzhi Zetang have various types of accommodation rooms from the three-star hotel to ordinary Hostel. Counties like Tingri, camphor, Nagqu all kinds of rooms from two-star accommodation to the ordinary hostel, while other smaller places mainly have the hostel.

Traveling in Tibet, do you need to bring tents and sleeping bags, mainly depend on which way and where to travel. It is not necessary to take these equipment if you are on a regular tour of the travel agency, because the travel agency's conventional routes are relatively in well-equipped cities, living in the star hotels all along.

If you go to a remote place, you may need to stay at the hostel. It is recommended to bring a sleeping bag with you mainly for health and warm.

Walking, cycling, adventure tourism basically need camping tents and sleeping bags. It is essential that you must consider your own physical condition because putting up a tent in the Plateau or wild and cooking is a kind of hard work.

The tents and sleeping bags are convenient to rent in Lhasa. Their costs are calculated by day and the price depends on the quality.

There are many stories of outdoor goods in Lhasa, and all of them have rental business

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