27 Questions you are required to pay attention to for the first time cycling to Tibet(C)

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What kind of sleeping bags and camp should I choose?
The choice of sleeping bags and camps you can refer to those I had talked about in the last article. I suggest you take the down sleeping bags of 15 degrees below zero resistance and double weatherproof mountain tents.

Camping in the Plateau, you usually have to suffer from strong wind, especially in the areas of the Qinghai Tibet railway, northern Tibet Grassland, Ali and so on. In the winter, it is below 20 degrees evening outdoor. If there aren't any stoves, it is about below 5-10 degrees. In such conditions, ordinary sleeping bags do not work at all.

Are there many star hotels in Tibet? Expensive?
Tibet, like Lhasa and Shigatse, as the main tourist destination, has a certain number of hotels. There are forty or fifty star hotels in Lhasa, ten or twenty in Shigatse.In May 1st, Yogurt Festival in August and October 1st, the three golden weeks, there is a shortage of the accommodation. During the other time, is no there is no problem with accommodation. There are fewer star hotels in other places, but relatively few tourists, so there are few shortages in housing.

As Tibet is located on the plateau, it is obviously prosperous in the tourist season, while the off-season is almost out of business. Thus, in the peak season, room fee is higher than that on the mainland. You have to face the fee rise of about 30%.Or in some period of this time, room fee may be double.

Are there any backpackers’ hotels in Lhasa? What about the price? Is it in a shortage?
In Lhasa, there are many backpackers’ hotels which centrally located in Beijing East Road. Some of these hostels offer free laundry and free deposit service with a suitable price. It is about 30 yuan each bed in the off-season and 40-60 yuan in the peak period.

Foreign self-help traveler mostly stays Sub hotels and Snow Hotel which charge for higher prices.

How to find companions to travel in Lhasa?
If you are a backpacker in Lhasa alone, you don't have to worry about finding a partner to rent a car. On the message board in the Rucksack Inn in the old city, you can find many partners on the same wavelength if you look carefully. As you see the people discussing the travel plan, you can join them. You can also paste your travel plans with your contact information. If you are lucky enough, you will get new messages in half an hour. Of course, it is harder find a companion the off-season.

What are the specialty foods in Tibet? Where can I taste it?
Zanba, yak meat, butter tea, sweet tea, barley wine storage, can be said to be Tibetan characteristics, as the depth of backpackers, sweet tea all over Tibet, is not the place to go. Tsampa, buttered tea, Yak meat, Tibetan noodles, Sweet tea and barley liquor must be the specialty foods. As a deep self-help traveler, you must visit the Sweet tea shop in Tibet.

You can taste the authentic Tibetan noodles and sweet tea there, and feel the warm atmosphere of the Tibetans which is beyond compare no matter where.

If you want to taste the Tibetan meal further, you can go to the Aluo Cang restaurant which is next to the Jokhang Temple. There is a variety of authentic Tibetan meal for your choice. But the price is high, and most people are not accustomed to their dishes, like dry beef, Zanba. Near the gate of the Ramoche Temple, there is a nice Tibetan restaurant on the second floor which charges less. Its cold yak meat tastes pretty good!

What about the temperature in Tibet? Is it hot in summer? Is it very cold in winter?
On the temperature, in addition to Tibet and Ali unmanned area, the temperature in Tibet is very suitable for human activities, especially for tourists. In summer, temperatures in daytime are basically below twenty-five degrees, ten degrees in the evening; in winter, it is about ten degrees, below zero degrees in the evening. Our tourism activities are concentrated in the daytime so, we don't feel hot in summer, and not too cold winter.

How about the scenery in winter in Tibet?
Because Tibet is mainly covered by mountains which are almost the mineral-color stone. Thus, basically, there are no trees in the areas except for the eastern part. The scenery of Tibet in winter and summer has a little different and you can see more snow-capped mountains and a large area of the glacier. Winter is an off-season for Tibet tourism which leads to cheap fees of accommodation and traveling car. And there are few travelers, you can have more fun.

How about the road in the rainy season? Do I need to take the rain gear with me?
The rainy season in Tibet mainly concentrated in June, July, and August which will make the road conditions very bad and unpredictability high. Maybe the road is pretty good on the first day, however, a heavy rain can wash it off in the night. There is no way out in two days. Or you need to take a detour.

Don't worry. There are many plate layers in Tibet, and local garrison troops (some are to protect the local section of the road). Normally, it can be solved in several hours. as long as you have prepared for it.

As for the rain gear, if you are walking, hiking, biking, suggest you take jackets, rain coat and shoes with you before starting

If you are traveling with your team, there is no need to take the rain gear. Because it mostly rains in a night and becomes sunny in daytime. What is more, the traveling car comes along with you so that you could enjoy yourself and do not worry too much.

When is right to travel to Tibet?
From May to October is Tibet's tourist season, the peak period, the prices of shopping and accommodation are relatively high. Yet, it is the most beautiful in the Tibet in this period. Several important festivals (such as Xuedun festival) is also at this time. There are fewer tourists in Tibet in winter, the fees of accommodation and shopping are relatively lower than that in summer. If you love excitement, you can be here in the 7,8 month. If not, traveling in December is also a good choice. The winter sun in Tibet is so cute.

What kinds of drugs should you take?
Regular travel needs to prepare some medicines for colds, gastrointestinal medicine, and some painkillers, like aspirin, antibiotics.

If you are not sure that you won’t get altitude sickness, you had better go to the drugs store to prepare some drugs.

What kind of essential things should be taken into Tibet?
Necessities: sunglasses, sun hat, sunscreen, skin care cream, lip cream, long sleeved shirt, sweater. For travelers to Ali, northern Tibet, Sichuan-Tibet Highway: sleeping bags, jackets, shoes, slippers, toothbrush, toothpaste, towels, web, panties, disinfection wipes, flashlight, waterproof matches, tools, rope.

What kind of clothes and shoes should you take?
Because of particularly strong ultraviolet rays in Tibet, you had better not to wear short sleeved shirts and shorts.

You must prepare sweaters, down clothing, thermal underwear, travel shoes or mountain shoes.

If you are a backpacker, jackets, rain pants, quick drying underwear, climbing shoes, are indispensable.

How to protect your skin in Tibet?
Tibet is located on the plateau and the weather there is dry, the air is thin and dusty, ultraviolet radiation is very strong. If you want to protect your skin, you should do as follow.

Wear a hat while going out, but not to wear too tight;

Buy the top sunscreen whose sunscreen coefficient is greater than 15. Apply it 10 minutes ahead before going out, and add it after one or two hours.

Maintaining a peaceful state of mind is good for your skin.

Try to eat more fruits and vegetables; wash your face before going to bed; not to wash your face after getting up; not to wash your face for a long time without good health conditions in the outdoors, it makes you not easy to drying and peeling

If you are not afraid of being dirty, applying a little butter would be better.

These are all the 27questions about travelling Tibet. I hope it can help you enjoy yourself.

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