3 effective ways to make you stronger in cycling

Posted by tan xiao yan on

For the majority of cycling enthusiasts, cycling has a unique charm of attracting them to both challenge and relax, under the circumstance of enjoying fascinating sceneries along the road. As one of them, you may also have a sense of fulfilling your ambition of reaching your destination, especially after trying your best. Thus, here comes a precondition for you, which requires a stronger body in order to do a better job in cycling. Now I’d like to introduce 3 effective ways to make you stronger in cycling.

From a psychological point of view, in most cases, it’s inevitable that people’s mentalities have influences on their behaviors in various ways. Put it differently, to some extent, whether you are able to finish a tough cycling challenge with a strong body depends on your mental fortitude. There are plenty of unknown things hidden in front of you on your cycling roads, thus the proper attitude you’d better take is to regard your discomforts in a positive way. That is to say, during your whole cycling journey, what you should concentrate on is your goal. When you focus on your destination, as a matter of fact, you are focusing on a positive outcome, which can be effective in a certain sense. At least, as long as you think all the troubles you may face in your cycling journey in a positive way, in essence, you have already built a stronger “body” as your mentality has become stronger than before.

Peak Power
The key to improving your peak power is to do sufficient neuromuscular training, so as to recruit muscle fibers, which plays an imperative role in providing you with more strength that makes you stronger. The process your riding journey may appear like this. At first, you make a big pain, then after another training with intensity, you will reach a plateau, that is to say, it is time for you to have a rest. Here is a workable way for you to practice this training. The option for you is to change the position of riding. You may as well stand vertically on the pedals for some time when you ride forward, which will help exercise your legs and recruit fibers. You’d better repeat it for 10 times. However, to be honest, for most riders, such training is exhausting, thus, you’d better relax so as to gain more energy for the next training.

Aerobic Endurance
Generally speaking, developing your aerobic endurance requires a series of exercise, which is a long period. It can be explained as a level of intensity one that sustains 1.5 hours or put it in terms of power, 85~90% of your lactate threshold. Besides, the maximum rate of your heart rate is 80%. After riding for a long distance for 20~40minutes, especially when you ride on solid blocks, your aerobic endurance will improve a lot compared to your previous situation. In effect, the development of aerobic endurance is throughout each of your cycling experience.

To tell the truth, being stronger has different meanings to different cyclists. However, in essence, no matter which definition you give to it, one thing in common is that you enjoy yourself in every riding experience. Stay healthy, be stronger, you’ll benefit more in your cycling journey.