4 Secrets You Need to Know to Save the Day by Cycling

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People may have heard a lot about cycling is environmentally friendly, but how cycling can exactly save the day? I seldom care about it much until I saw the movie The Day After Tomorrow, which was shot by Roland Emmerich in 2004. I was shocked by the movie and I think that it is imperative to protect the environment.
In the official website of the movie, they made a statistics and prediction: there were more than 20000 people died because of high-temperature in2003; the United States has the highest tornado record, an average of 6 times a day in a month and according to analysis, the data is likely to be higher soon; in the past three decades, half of the deaths from tropical cyclones are related to flood; 1.25 million species will die out by 2050; many beautiful natural landscapes will disappear because of global warming, such as South Pole glaciers and many diseases will spread all over the plant……Many years have passed and some of the predictions come true: America was hit by the polar vortex in 2014 and it was the “ice age” year of America.
I realize that it’s our duty to protect this beautiful planet and now it’s the high time. Then here is the thing: how can cycling save the day?cycling, a healthier world

1. Cycling can reduce greenhouse gas emission.
We all know that unlike the auto cars, cycling is zero greenhouse gas emission and the greenhouse gas is the main cause of global warming. According to World Resources Institute, China, the European Union and the United States are 3 of the world’s largest greenhouse gas emission countries with their greenhouse gas emissions accounting for more than half of the whole emissions while the energy industry is the main source of greenhouse gas emission. More cycling and less auto to lower emissions from vehicles brook no delay.
Do you have any idea that there are 6.5 million people die from air pollution all over the world and almost half of the air pollution comes from auto vehicles? The gas they burn emits much toxic substance while bicycles need zero gas and therefore emit nothing. If only 1 percent of driving people switch to cycling, 2 percent to 4 percent emissions will be reduced. A simple move can actually make our planet a more beautiful and healthier place to live in. Cycling also is a big meaningful step to shrink the foot print.

2. Cycling can reduce noise pollution.mountain cycling partner
I live in a neighbour where is near to the downtown and every night I go to sleep at about 10 o’clock. However, every night I can’t have a great sleep because of the noise of motorcycle or coming and going autos. Some young people like to drag racing near my neighbour and the sound “wuuuu” really annoy people around.
As a matter of fact, noise pollution is very harmful to people. It will affect people’s nerve system and makes people irritable, irascible; it affects people’s sleep and makes people tire all day long; it affects people’ health; it is harmful to people’s cardiovascular system and will increase the incidence of high blood pressure; and even worse it can lead to fetal abortion and mental retardation in children.
Motorcycles and autos can make noise pollutions while cycling makes a little noise and reduce the noise pollution. What a meaningful thing to do!

3. Cycling can make us healthier.
It goes without saying that cycling can give us a lot of health benefits which is priceless. We can not only lose weight by cycling, but also get fitter. Cycling is an outdoor sport which needs a lot of oxygen and that is why it can strengthen the heart function. At the same time, it’s a very useful way to prevent high blood pressure and sometimes it is more effective than pills. When you are cycling, it will constrict your blood vessels, accelerate your blood circulation and your brain will get more oxygen plus inhaling a lot of fresh air, cycling makes us a clearer mind. When riding on the bike, you will feel extremely free and have a lot of fun. It’s no longer just a means of transport, but also a way to please our spirit and heart.
A sports expert pointed out that due to the special requirements of cycling, your arms and torso usually do static work while your legs usually do the dynamic work. So when your blood is re-distributed, the more blood will be supplied to your lower limbs, which makes them stronger. When cycling, your body needs to replenish nutrition and remove waste, so usually your heart beat is 2 or 3 times faster than usual. In this way, your heart becomes larger, your cardiac contraction is stronger, the elasticity of your blood vessel wall will be increased so that your pulmonary ventilation volume will be increased as well as your vital capacity, so as to improve the respiratory function of the lung.
If we ride from time to time, we will be healthier and keep doctors away. We can save a lot of money from it and invest the money in environment protection process so as to save the day.

4. Cycling will bring us a great mood.
Traffic jam is very usual these days and we will in a bad mood waiting in the long line. At this moment, we will envy those who leave the traffic very soon with their bikes. Unlike the autos, the bike can ride in many different terrains and we can ride bikes through the paths of the park and come to work. We can enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh air at the same time. We will start our day in a good mood and the rest of the day goes in a good mood!
Our mood will affect our movements and we need a very active mood to protect this wonderful world!

Cycling is a great way to protect our environment and save the day. It will reduce greenhouse gas emission, noise pollution, it brings us a healthy life and a great mood. With so many benefits, don’t be hesitated to start a low-carbon cycling travel!