5 Cycling Movies You Need

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At, the end of 2016, there was an Indian movie enjoyed a household name and it attracted wide attention in the world. Dangel---a movie based on a true story, which tells the story of how a wrestling champion Singer cultivated his two daughters to become the women’s wrestling champions. It really is an inspirational movie which breaks the Indian traditions and probes into social phenomena, stretching people’s imagination. I was very impressed by the spirit of the movie: we can do what we want by hard working.

Dangel really is a wonderful movie about wrestle, so, as a cycling enthusiast, do you know some famous movies about cycling? Here I would like to introduce some cycling movies to you.

Life Cycles (2010)
It is more like a cycling documentary, in fact, and it was jointly directed by a Canadian cycling photographer Derek Frankowski and a filmmaker Ryan Gibb, which tells a wonderful story about mountain bikes and its culture. It really is a feast for eyes as the acme of perfection.

It took Derek Frankowski and Ryan Gibb for three years to make the movie, walking in the magnificent mountain wilderness, cycling in the XC lines of off-road, BMX riding in the paddy field, road cycling and so on. These extremely shocking visual journeys showed a strong and unique attraction of cycling in nature.

The movie was filmed by 4k super high-definition cameras, recording the whole process of mountain bikes from the creation to disappearance, capturing the unique charm of mountain bikes with pictures full of tension. Many of the world’s top cyclists also took part in the film.

Bicycle Dreams (2009)
It is a movie based on the true story of Graeme Obree, the Champion cyclist who built his cycle from old bits of a washing machine.

It is a documentary film by Stephen Auerbach and it’s about a bicycle race which covers 3000 miles and crosses the United States. It tells a story of how several riders managed to deal with difficulties during the race: difficult weather conditions, challenging terrains, sleep deprivation, the threat of death and the aftermath of the accident. The race not only tested their bodies but also their minds as they are seekers, madmen and angels hell bent on the cycling race of across the United States within 10 days. Facing the extreme difficulties, all they can do was to pray for deliverance on the way to the Eastern Seaboard. It really is a movie worth a watch and you will be extremely impressed by the full-of-triumph-and-tragedy documentary.

The Flying Scotsman (2006)
It is also a film based on the true story of Scotland cycling champion Graeme Obree. He broke the world record of the international one-hour cycling racing as an amateur cyclist named Elsa in 1993. Most miraculously, his bike also represents a very revolutionary innovation---it was made partly out of sections of an old washing machine. Graeme, a boy from the south part of Scotland, had been striving to be able to feed himself. Although he had no money and no backers behind him, his apparent enthusiasm for the cycling race, and the strength he had won many times in the local races, it seemed that he doomed to be the miracle of the cycling history. With the constant help of his wife Annie and his friend Marchionne and a friendly pastor Baxter who offered a workshop free of charge to Graeme Obree, his first bicycle was built and was named "Old Believer".

This film follows his life’s victories as well as his battles with mental health problem. It really is an interesting and controversial film. I believe you want to have a look at it and have your own opinion about it.

Quicksilver (1986)
It was directed by Thomas Michael Donnelly and cast by Louie Anderson, Lawrence Philbern and so on. It tells a story of how a stocker in the years of stagnant inflation changed his life with his bike after his bankruptcy.

After Jack Casey who used to be a hot-shot stock market lost all of his money as well as his parents’ money, his heart broke and he left home. He kept thinking about his life and how to restart his life until he saw the bike in the shopping window. It reminded him that he used to be a cycling lover. He struggled for a while and finally, he joined a speed delivery firm which relied on bicycles to avoid traffic jams of San Francisco, and he was attracted to a fellow bicycler, Terri, and befriends Hector, a budding entrepreneur. he took off his suit and tie, changed into T-shirt, vest and a hat and a backpack which represent a Quick Silver. And then he began his life of travelling through the streets and his express career began. The film mainly described his life as a Quick Silver as well as their working and living scene of life.

Maybe he lost his mind you may think, but after the disastrous professional decision, his life in the fast lane is over. What can he do to save his life and what would you do if you were him?

Bicycle Thief (1948)
This film was directed by Vitorio de Sica in 1948. It tells a story that reflects the tough life of people at the bottom of the society in Italy after World WarⅡ.

After World WarⅡ, like many other cities, Rome was full of unemployment and poverty. People needed to struggle very hard for a job. Ricky, a man who had been unemployed for 2 years, finally got a job of poster work. He was very worried because this job needed a bike but he was too poor to have one. In order to have a better life, he finally bought a bike with all his money but it was stolen at the first day of work. He searched everywhere but still could not find it. And he decided to steal a bike but was caught. At the end of the film, Ricky walked in the street with a blank face and his son hold his hand tightly. There were tears in his eyes and they disappeared into the crowd.

Have a look at these films and you will be touched and you will love cycling more.