5 tips for your exercises before cycling

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In order to ensure your cycling journey goes on well and decrease unnecessary troublesome, it’s essential to start with some bodies and riding exercises. However, do you know what kind of exercise should you do? What are the best and most useful exercises? Many people start riding without any exercise before. It’s not a good idea for you. First, you can deal with the problem you’re about to meet, second, a wrong riding gesture and habit will do harm to your health and have a bad effect on your riding. As a veteran rider, I have summarized some basic but useful and practical exercises for you, which including very detail and specific steps.

The boat pose is a good exercise for your lower back and transverse abdomen. Doing this exercise will help you endure long hours on the handlebars while pedaling your way. You can overcome steep hills with both power and speed

Sit and rest both your hands lightly behind you
Lean back at an angle of 45 degrees
Be sure to keep your legs together then lift them to the floor.
Slowly extend your arms up to the height of your shoulders
Hold your position every sixty seconds

1. Exercise for your lower back

Do catapult exercise

Start your exercise in sitting with slight bended knees.
Press your heels against the floor and extend your arms to the front, palms facing each other up to your shoulders.
Inhale deeply while gazing upward with a straight spine and exhale deeply in five counts as you lower your torso to the floor.

Doing this exercise will gain you bodily control in traversing difficult trails with your cycling jerseys. It is very useful whenever you cycle in dirt and rocky path

The hip extension

Position yourself to lie with your stomach and hips forming a stability ball.
Put your hands on the floor and extend your legs in a way that your toes rest on the floor.
Maintain a straight spine and shoulder blades while lifting your legs off the floor.
Hold your legs on the air for two seconds and try doing 20 or more repetitions

This exercise is designed to build your buttocks, lower back, and hamstrings. This will help you gain higher efficiency in the second half of pedaling with your best cycling jerseys.

Do power bridge exercise.

Start by lying on your back
Knees bent with your heels near your buttocks.
Place your hands to your sides with your palms down.
Press your elbows and carefully lift your pelvis upward in a bridge position.
Hold your position for 2 seconds and repeat again

This is designed to improve hip flexors, buttocks and lower back, which will help you stretch your hip flexors which are usually very stiff while pedals cycling. Flexible hip flexors, buttocks, and lower back play a vital part in cycling. With a stiff body, you can’t quickly react to the emergency.

The scissors kick exercise

Start off by lying on your back
place your hands, palm down under your lower back
contract your abs and raise your shoulders off the floor
raise your legs 4 inches off the ground
Begin the scissor movement by putting your left leg over your right and vice versa

This exercise is good for the development of the key cycling muscles - the inner and outer thighs, hip flexors and transverse abdomen. In time you will attain hip, knee and foot alignment, the essentials to a proper and efficient pedal stroke.

2. Transverse abdomen and oblique

Slat movement

lie on your stomach
Place your elbows under your shoulders with your hands and forearms on the floor.
Carefully lift your hips on the floor but keep your abs tight and your back straight.
Rest on your toes and maintain position for 60 seconds

It helps develop your lower and upper back and build muscular endurance and strength. It also will help you ride with power in drops and help you survive aerodynamic positions.

Transverse plank exercise

Lying on your right side with your right elbow under your shoulder.
Position your forearm out to maintain stability while stacking your left foot on your right.
Carefully lift your hips
Along with a straight line down your left side and bring your left hand over your head.
Lower your hips down again to the floor
Make 15 repetitions then you can switch on your left side
A strong oblique will help you improve stability in the saddle to have more control and speed while pedals cycling on tight corners. Keeping your body in balance is very important for riding, it can prevent you from falling the bike.

These exercises can help you be stronger and endure the long cycling in a good state. Keep doing these exercises and in due time you will have a strong body core. This will give you a good advantage and will help you minimize encountering bodily pains during pedals cycling.