5 training secrets of the pro-cyclists for cycling to the tour

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There is no doubt that many cyclists have a keen passion for cycling, I believe most of you may have a desire to cycle to the tour. However, in order to ensure that your cycling tour goes on well, it’s very necessary to know some training knowledge before you set off. As a pro-cyclist, I’m glad to share some of my golden training secrets for cycling to the tour with you.

Bicycle fitting: position, prepare, reform

Proper bicycle fitting is the most important thing you need to do for your cycling tour, it includes bike seat position, preparation of cycling and performs. Firstly, you need to adjust your seat to an appropriate height, getting your seat height right is an important aspect, the rule of thumb is that your knee should have a slight bend in it when you’re at the bottom of the pedal stroke. You can also adjust the handlebar height and the frame size, too, which are also playing important roles in your cycling and safety. Secondly, prepare well the things you need on your tours such as drinks, foods, clothes, cycling equipment and other aspects. Also, you should check your bike to see if everything is in good condition, especially the tires, if necessary you need to change them into better tires. Thirdly, after all, are well-prepared, you can start your cycling tour, and achieve your cycling goal.

adjust your seat in right position

Fuelling up to the tour

In order to keep your energy in stores at the levels that should be, you need to fuel up with water and food to keep riding. So how much fuel do you need to fuel during your cycling tour? It is recommended to eat 60g of carbohydrates per hour and at least on a 500ml bottle of fluid. Drink before you’re thirsty and you can bring an energy drink to keep your storage of electrolytes where they should be.

While convenient, it might be a good idea to bring a mix of bars and food. You can bring some pancakes, a soft roll filled with jam or Nutella and bananas are excellent choices for a substitute. Sports bars and gels also are an accessible energy source during your time on the bike. Consuming carbohydrate during rides lasting an hour or longer enables you to ride longer and harder by providing glucose for your muscles when they begin to run out of glycogen (glycogen is stored carbohydrate in the muscle). Thus, energy production can continue at a high rate and endurance is enhanced.in addition, you can also bring some other snacks in your backpack.

drink up more water

Recover rapidly

The first thing you should do is to cool down. Take a few minutes to spin easily after you’ve throttled your legs with a hard ride. Your blood vessels expand while you stop abruptly after a long riding, this not only makes you lightheaded but also limits your ability to get fresh nutrient and oxygen-rich blood in and metabolic waste out, so you need to cool down and keep your physical body to a balanced level.

Another thing to help you recover is nutrition and energy supplement. You should drink up. You can drink a bottle of your favorite recovery drink such as chocolate milk or something fancier. Eat more protein, you can buy branch-chain amino acid supplements but eating high-protein foods like beef, chicken, eggs, fish, nuts, and legumes will also get you what you need. Get a high-protein snack, Rickey, or meal in your system after you crush a ride to kick-start your muscle repair. A nut butter sandwich or some Greek yogurt and fruit are a couple ideal post-ride recovery foods.snacks

The final essential thing is to rest up. Sleeping is healing. After sleeping for seven or eight hours a night and napping thirty minutes at noon, you can relax yourself and your muscles, which helps lower stress-hormone levels and promote recovery.

Beat the heat

Wear ventilate clothes. It can ensure the wind can through the cloth and touch your body skin and refresh the air. Choosing the right clothes will make a big impact on how comfortable you are on a hot day
Ride early or late. Ride in the morning before the heat hits or in the evening as it is cooling. If you ride during the day you just adjust your miles and route, eventually your body adjusts to the heat and within reason, it gets a bit more comfortable
Freeze the fluid in your water bottles. You can put the water into the fridge before you set off, this way they’ll melt and you will have cold water for longer.
Wear a helmet. Helmets can not only protect you from danger when the emergency comes, but also can prevent you from the ultraviolet rays and the burning sun. It can protect your brain and stop the sunlight to make you visible the sight. What’s the most important is that it can offer shade to beat the heat.
Drink more liquids. Enough water in your body can facilitate blood circulation, you sweat your body produces can help you beat the heat too.
Attempt to stay in the shade as much as possible. You can choose to ride in some paths that have tall trees, their shallow can provide you a cool shape to make you more comfortable.cycling in the shade

Bike and wheel reform

As the science and technique develops, most bikes have been innovated in an advanced style. If your bike is the old one, I suggest you change a new one or fix new wheels. There are many advanced bikes and components in the market. You can get one that fits your taste and is more suitable for your cycling. When you choose a wheel, what you should consider is its quality, resistance and durability, don’t just judge it according to its style and appearance.tires

It’s very necessary to reform your bike and wheel because it can increase your speed and provide you with energy to reduce your fatigue, it can also reduce the risk of danger owing to the advanced equipment fixing on the bike.

Once you know the training secrets, there is no doubt that you will be more successful on your cycling tour.