5 workable suggestions on improving your cycling speed

Posted by tan xiao yan on

During these years, cycling has become one of the most convenient and popular ways for outdoor activities that attract quantities of people. There’s no denying that cycling brings both relaxation and joy to each cycling enthusiast, in addition, cycling is also a healthy choice for cardiovascular function, as well as help you keep in good health. In the light of those advantages of cycling, by the way, it’ll be more interesting to ride as fast as you relax from your head to toe. For the maximum of your safety and relaxation in your riding journey, you may as well consider the following 5 workable suggestions on improving your riding speed.

Sprint training
Here is a workable training for you. Warm up for 10 minutes, then sprint at a high speed for 30s, after that, you’d better slow down for 2 minutes. Repeat it for 12 times, at last slow down to make your body cool down. However, no more twice a week is sensible. Such sprint training will contribute to improving your maximal oxygen uptake to the limit of your body. Another effective tip for you is to add interval training for the 30s to your sprint training, after that, you’ll find it amazing that your riding speed will increase by over 4% in a 40km-time trial, as well as your oxygen intake will increase by 3%.

Strengthen your stamina
First of all, here I’d like to suggest you make good use of your break time. You may as well invite some of your friends to cycle together in your break time, you can divide them into different cycling groups in diverse queues, and challenge with each other so that you will improve not only your riding speed but also your comprehensive riding ability, such as loading capacity and balance. However, it’s also difficult to maintain a moderate intensity, thus you’d better breathe regularly when you go cycling in a team. Such method improves the ability of fat utilization, while at the same time it can reduce your reliance on carbohydrates and sugar.Besides, you’ll strengthen your stamina, so that you’ll feel it comfortable to ride further with faster but stable speed, even you won’t slow down in your cycling journey.

Get along with winds
For the majority of you, every time you cycle, one element you’d better bear in mind is whether the wind helps or disturbs you. Put it differently, when you ride against the wind, even on a flat road, you’ll still find it exhausting as if you were riding uphill in a steep mountain. On the contrary, when the direction you ride is coincident with the wind’s, there’s no doubt that you’ll feel more relaxing and your riding speed will increase. Thus, you’d better make sure to plan your route with the consideration of the effect from winds in your cycling journey. Here are 2 tips for you to reduce wind resistance.

1.Why not wear tight riding clothes? For one thing, in terms of the materials, they are easy to dry, which is beneficial for you to sweat, as well as makes your body stay clean and cool. For another thing, with such convenient clothes, you’ll find it less tough to ride against the winds. In addition, do remember to zip up when you ride, then you’ll be able to ride faster.

2.The easiest way is to bend down slightly, as far as possible to move your body forward against the handrails, so that it can reduce the physical contact area of the wind.

l Climbing training
It’s obvious that most people hate the climb but if you are serious about improving your cycling speed, you have to do laps in an area with hills. Your legs will get stronger when you cycle with resistance, which will enable you to pedal harder and faster. There are 2 types of climbing training for you. The first one is to do standard road repetitive training. It requires you to try your best to ride uphill in a mountain which will take you about 5 minutes to climb on your bike after warming up for 10 to 15 minutes. You’d better maintain your maximum cadence of your pedaling during your training. When you ride downhill, you’d better spend 3 minutes or so to rebuild your strength, and then repeat your training for 5 times. As an old saying goes, mountains make you stronger. So another training approach is more challenging but also effective in a certain sense. A 15 to 20km-long cycling route is a good choice for you, which includes 4 to 6 mountains. Try your best to ride uphill, while when you cycle between two mountains, you should ride at a moderate speed.

lBlow up your tires
In most cases, correct tire pressure will increase wheel speed. In the light of ambient temperature and air, especially when you set your bikes aside for a long time, the tire pressure will reduce, so you’d better check it before going cycling. Before you blow up your tires, remember to consult to the recommended pressure value on the side wall. Besides, such pumps like mini ones are only for an emergency in your cycling journey, it’s not a sensible decision to use them in indoor debugging.

As a matter of fact, cycling training requires not only some skills bu also consistency and your perseverance. With faster speed, you’ll find it more relaxing when you release your stress, as well as reach the goal of keeping healthy. Hope those tips above help you see some improvements in your cycling speed.