6 Huge Mistakes You Make When Customizing Cycling Wear

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Nowadays, there are many factories to customize cycling wear. Because the minimum order of making riding clothes is small and the manufacture of riding clothes is very flexible.So, many cycling teams would like to customize their cycling clothes.But how to choose a manufacturer to collaborate from a lot of manufacturers? You need to have a close look at it. Next, I will talk about several influential factors in the process of customizing the cycling clothes as follows.


You may be easily confused by other people during customizing your cycling clothes. The most important issue you need to consider is the price.It is normal to put the price in the first, but it will be wrong to attach more importance to it.This is a saying,”You cannot buy a good thing at a low price and good things deserve a high price.”For it has existed a long time,it must be reasonable.Because cycling clothes have cost price, including cloth, printing ink, human labor and so on. Every manufacturer lays down their selling price according to their cost price.It is not unlike the people think that manufacturers can sell their products at a rational price.It turns out that prices totally depend on the cost price.The two factors influence price most are cloth and printing ink. You should take a notice of these two factors when encountering low-priced cycling clothes.

2.Cloth of riding jerseys

As a special type of clothing,cycling clothes needs some special cloth and accessories.In the selection of the fabric on the general selection of the adoption of moisture absorption of functional pure polyester fabric as the production of riding clothes.But there is a misunderstanding.Many of you know COOLMAX is an extensive fabric used in sports suits.Its sweat releasing function is well-known.Many manufacturers label their riding clothes contains COOLMAX. But as evidence showed,only when special clothing of extreme sports embraces above 85% content of COOLMAX can it absorb moisture and release sweat.Other casual sports clothing for tennis and badminton includes 65% COOLMAX can meet the functional requirements while 15% in socks and underwear.Seeing the above data,it is easy to understand why the price of some imported clothing prices is so expensive that a short sleeved suit costs 1200 RMB generally. The expensive prices not only depend on the tariff. Another important factor influences price is the high content of COOLMAX, a costly material.

3.Cloth of cycling pants

In the summer fabric as a reference, many people choose Lycra as riding pants. Because Lycra can let the pants tightly fit the legs for its resistance to wear and excellent flexibility. Thereby it is able to reduce the friction between clothing and the skin of the legs so that the legs will not be worn in the long journey. There is no big dispute in selecting Lycra as riding pants. As long as the pants have the property of good quality and wear resistance can meet the needs of the majority of riders.

4.The cycling cushion

Nowadays, sponge, silica gel, and super fiber cushion are generally popular with people especially silica gel. The reasons why emerge such problems is existing several misunderstandings. I will focus on explaining about these materials.

Sponge cushion
Generally, it contains three layers, with COOLMAX in the surface and bottom and compressed sponge in the middle. It is the oldest cushion, so the process has been very mature now. According to the marketing circulation, it is more popular in the late spring, summer, and early autumn.Riders take the advantage of its good swear releasing with its inside breathable holes. But most novices don’t like to use it in that the cushion is thin

2.Silica gel cushion

It is the cushion that has the best feedback in current market circulation. It usually consists of napping in the surface, lining sponge buffer layer, silica gel sponge buffer layer, sponge buffer layer and underlying napping. It is a new kind of cushion, which is characterized by excellent damping effect because the skin will feel soft and comfortable because of napping in the surface and bottom. Novices prefer this than experienced riders use this relatively fewer because its disadvantage is that the silica gel cushion is composed of five layers of materials, and that soft make him cannot display himself. Such cushion lack of breathable holes so that you will feel sticky and uncomfortable if you sweat a lot in a general long distance ride more than 100 kilometers. In addition, due to the thick extent of silica gel cushion, it has an excellent damping property, but it will absorb your strength. That is to say, you will feel extremely exhausted during the riding in that part of your strength is absorbed by the silica gel cushion. From the marketing circulation, it is mostly used in the cold and less-sweating areas in early spring, late autumn and winter.

3.superfine fiber cushion

A new seat also was known as the suede cushion which is composed of deerskin in the surface and sponge buffer layer in the middle. Its breathable holes have good ventilation that can assure comfort. But the disadvantage is that drilling breathable holes require the cushion has a certain level of intensity, so super fiber cushion is relatively hard and used by experienced riders. From the marketing circulation, it is used by the whole nation during the whole year.

5.Printing ink

The identified method is very simple. As long as the clothes don't fade, that will be OK. You don’t need to care about this too much.

6.The company’s ability to undertake the risk

Viewing from the means of payment, you can know about this. A real powerful manufacturer generally deal with their customers through Alipay and Tenpay. On one hand, it reflects manufacturers’ acceptance of the quality of their products; on the other hand, it indicates manufacturers’ consideration about customers’ doubts that tricked. So it is a very personalized method. And you can also know about the capability and responsibility of a company through its after-sale service.

In a long-term cooperation, you need to consider the price. But you need to consider many aspects when looking for a supplier. It is not wise to consider the price only. Certainly, it is understandable that you all want to cut running cost in the premise of high quality. So I hope everyone can buy a satisfied product at the lowest price.