6 reason tell you why you should own a fat bike

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Since cycling became a fashion exercise, the choices of a bicycle have been various. A normal bike is enough to give you a comfortable and free experience when you journey in city or countryside. However, if it is snowy or you ride on the ground with the snow or loose sand covering, how should you do with your normal bicycle?

Maybe a fat bike can help you perfectly solve these annoying problems. Although it is rare to see a fat bike in the wild several years ago, the fat bike has gained a tremendous amount of popularity. People started to pay attention to the value from them since they can bring people endless exciting experience. Is it different from that a normal mountain bike can give? Here are the reasons.

What is different from a normal bike?
Comparing with regular bikes, fat bikes have a pair of wide tires that can attract others’ attention. Because of these two large tires, the fat bike increases rolling resistance. Therefore, it will be more labored than riding a normal bike if you are cycling on smooth terrain. But the increase of rolling resistance allows you to challenge on some special terrain.


Traction is an important factor for a bicycle to keep going. Traction on a normal mountain bike enables it to climb mountain easier than riding a common bike. But on the snowfield, a normal bike might slip because it cannot provide enough traction and resistance. It requires more traction. The traction of fat bikes is better than normal bikes.

Fat bikes utilize simple physics that enlargement the surface area of tire and increase the contact with the ground to grab on the terrain better. Cornering traction can also be more vastly superior than other tire sizes but the big tire can also work against you here, it will depend on the type of soil and terrain.


One of the advantages of a fat bike is the flexibility of its frame. The concept of fat bike causes mainstream mountain bike to add wider regular tires and the birth of +sized breed of bike. So a fat bike frame allows you to run not only fat tires but also 29er, 27+ and some frames, even 29+ wheels and tires. You can practically have a fat and a competent XC bike with a mere swap of wheels. If you have your own fat bike, you can use the regular tires when you want to journey on smooth terrain and use big tires to replace when you want a challenge to ride on the snow, loose sand or mud grounds.


A fat bike is heavier than a normal bike at the wheels. Generally, proper fat bikes are accepted the type of widths from 3.8 inches and up, although 4.0 to 4.8 is the most common these days. The heavier weight is a useful approach to make it easy to control the center of gravity and keep you safe.

What are the benefits of the fat bikes?

A fat bike is very comfortable and easy to ride. The big volume and low pressure make you feel like floating on the ground. The large tires absorb a lot of the vibration from riding, so there is less stress on your hands and back. Depending on the tire, the tire pressure can adjust the speed changes from high speed to low speed. Therefore, you will not feel the discomfort from sudden brakes.

Easy to ride

Someone asks, is it hard to ride on a fat bike with large tires? The answer is obvious NO. Fat bikes are super easy to ride. Because of its wide tires, you can do an easy job to control your balance, so a beginning rider can choose a fat bike to learn how to ride. With some practice, even the most inexperienced rider can also be good at riding, which can give them enough confidence and less to get hurt.

Have fun

The special look and good features of fat bikes make riding fun. It is just the same experience that you had when you learned how to ride a bike first, which is a completely new taste. You can be enjoyable to ride with a fat bike fast or slow. Riding fat bikes allows cyclists to explore a variety of terrain with your friends or other strangers who love cycle touring and it is a good way to make new friends. You can talk to each other and share your own unforgettable cycling experience with others.

In addition, fat bikes will allow you to seek your adventure. You don’t have to worry about the safety and fatigue from the bicycles and just put your heart into cycling. Conquer the special terrain and you will feel very proud of yourself!

Fat bikes are a kind of enjoyable transportation. They can provide good grip on uneven terrain and allow cyclists to challenge the ground covered with snow. If you ride a bike with your family, it will be an impression in your family memories

Besides, the unique traits of fat bikes can give more safety than normal bikes because of its more contact surface. Since they are heavier, they will not slip on soft surfaces or not be blown down by the wind. But should regular bikes be abandoned? No, they don’t need to. They don’t even have to buy a fat bike to follow the mainstream.

But they should try it at least. Trying to do something is one of the interesting things itself. Sometimes riders need to forget some regular problems. After all, it is just about indulging yourself in a simple pleasure.