6 reasons tell you why people ride a bike

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Bicycle, the most common transportation in our daily life, has gained a tremendous amount of popularity in the past several years. Although cars are convenient and fast to work, more people start to choose a bike as a mode of transport instant a car. Here are 15 reasons why people ride a bike following.

Keep health

The most obvious reason for riding is that riding a bike can make you keep fit. Biking can exert your muscles when extending. It means biking can strengthen your muscles. But it depends on what kind of way that you exercise. Controlling the handlebar needs to put strength in your hand and pedaling requires tensing your muscles on the legs.

When you ride a bike you will find that it always raises your heart rate. When starting cycling, you can feel how your heart varies. And after you have been biking for a while, you can see that you are less out of breath and do not feel tired after those activities. It means the process of riding makes your heart stronger.

Gaining the extra strength and experience, you can do less exertion when you do some other work. Perhaps you can keep running for a long time now though you couldn’t reach that point before. Therefore, the more you ride a bike, the fitter you get and less disease.

Save money

Many people complain the price of fuel is going up and up and cars can cost much money for a year. And the government tries to encourage the use some efficient vehicles. The bicycle is a good idea to save money.

If you start to replace your car with a bike, you will not worry about the flying raise of the fuel price. And if there is a long distance to get to work, you will find the bigger savings when you start your riding.

According to a report, riding a bike costs an average $0.86 per day, but using a car costs an average $23.09 per day. It saves so much money! Although we are fond of public transportation, biking is still cheaper than taking the bus or the train.

So when you go to the bike shop to buy your new two-wheeled transport, think about the money you’re going to save straightaway. Very quickly, your savings will add up to the price of a good bike, so that’s what you should get — treat yourself to whichever one you like.


With the global warming, the governments propose the eco-friendly pattern of developing. Before the high-level efficient vehicles popularizing, riding bikes as a non-pollution transport can be encouraged.

The automobile exhaust is the most serious pollution problem in the city. Moreover, researchers found that passengers in buses, taxis, and cars inhaled actually more pollution than cyclists and pedestrians. The report showed that each car produces another 1.3 billion cubic yards of polluted air on the road and scatters the extra 40 pounds of worn tire particles. Since a bike doesn’t need fuel and it will not produce the harmful gas, bicycling can reduce the transportation emissions and the need for petroleum.

Faster to work

Have you ever been anxious when you are stopped in the traffic jam? Have you ever been irritable keeping a slow speed but you had an emergency? Cars make it convenient and fast that if you drive for an hour in a less crowded city. However, it will not happen in a congested city.

Someone who has to ride cars to work will find themselves at a dead stop on any major thoroughfare but bicycles can continue to through the traffic jam for the light frame and its flexibility.

Have fun

Everyone needs to find something to have fun. Happiness is the most important factor in our life. The more fun you have when you do something, the better you would like to do it. If you have fun at work you will be very pleased to do it.

When cycling, you will pay more attention to the things that you pass. The breeze stroking your face, you see the road, the trees, the fresh air and the blue sky. Such scenery will make you abundant all your negative emotion. Cycling can amuse you and make you free. So go to cycling and enjoy the pleasure of biking!

Make friend

Cycling is a useful communication tool to connect with others. Cycling is not like driving. There is no hinder between you and the world. So you can chat with others who also ride bikes. If you ride on your own and you might be shy to start a talk, the other cyclists will speak to you.

If you don’t want to make friends when riding outside, you can take part in a cycling group to expand your social circle. The cyclists will show you their passion for cycling and share you their experience. A group usually holds some different activities to make the members more closed. Then you can touch some challenges that you have never done before.


Cycling is a kind of useful and healthy workout for almost people. What it can give us is innumerable. It is also a bridge to touch the real world. Carrying the map and bike with you to travel, you can see how people in the different place work and live. You can know all sorts of culture in the world with your bicycle.

You will see bicycles everywhere when you journey to the great cities of the world. As you ride past them, you will realize that you really went out and see the world! You will be so proud of yourself.

When you ride, it doesn’t matter whenever you ride. It doesn’t matter whether you are quicker or slower than anyone else. It also doesn’t matter what you wear. What cycling brings you are the feelings that cannot define it. But the most important is that riding gives you freedom, admiration and respect.