7 Essential Accessories You Must Take on the Way of Cyling

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If you are planning to travel by bike, it is not just getting around—you have to bring stuff that you need. The central truth for this stuff: less is better. Many cyclists end up with putting their excess stuff home a week or two from their ride. Then they realize that there is no need to bring so much stuff because what they need is actually little. They may be regretted to bring so many things and the point is this stuff is not light. The other truth is that: the fewer things you bring, the happier you are. After you read this passage, I hope you can know what to bring for your trip.Cycling brings people freedom and happiness that many travelers never experience. For the true cyclists, it's a cheap way to see the entire world. For the supported rider, like traveling from hotel to hotel, it's a way to slow down and see things that often are ignored by them without a second thought.

When you are on the bike, you should be as independent as possible. Here are some items to carry with you that will help you fix the most common problems that you will come across and also the most common thing that you will need. Of course, I hope you will never encounter any problems, for example, your tires get flat. But what I want to say is if you want more joy and fun from cycling, you have better the following items every time you ride.


I'm not going to debate with you that whether you should wear a helmet or not. My standpoint is that if you don't want you head blows up when you fall over by accident. Some people may argue that it's weird that something is on their head. Oh God, manufacturers have made so many light helmets and they are designed to have good ventilation. So wear a helmet for your own sake. Besides, some areas carry out laws requiring you to wear a helmet so check with your local authorities. I know a rider who takes a mobile phone for his all equipment. In case of breakdown, he calls the bike shop to come there to fix his bike. That's the free service of the shop when people buy their bikes. That's also a good idea because you don't have to take fixer tools.

2、Two water bottles

You may be curious that why brings two bottles. Typically, one is full of water. For another one, we suggest that you should take a bottle of nutritional supplement. Or you are not used to drinking them, take two bottles of water are also OK. The point is: bring enough water for you. Cycling is an exercise that consumes much energy and you will sweat a lot in the process.

3、Glasses or sunglasses

Usually, you go cycling in the daylight, so a pair of glasses or sunglasses are quite necessary. They can help you prevent the damage from the sun and also from road debris. Besides, you will look cooler when wearing glasses.

4、Cell phone

Hard to imagine how did we pass the days before cell phones? For calling home to get picked up in case of breakdown in the place where there is no store to repair their bike, for calling your friends who may be ahead of you or behind you on the way in the long rank, or for just calling ahead to order a place at your favorite restaurant, there is no doubt that you should carry a cell phone if you have one.

5、Spare tube and the lever

If you are going out, the most likely issue you will have with your bike is a flat tire. So bring along another tube suitable to your bike. They should be properly compact, easy to change out and you can back to ride in no time. The lever is the equipment that you have to use when you are about to a flat tire. This small tool slides under your broken tire and helps to pull it off your rim so that you can remove the tube to patch it or replace it with a spare one. Besides, it is so small that it can fit easily in your pouch or jersey pocket. If you have never changed a tire, here is a video that shows you how to change and fix a flat tire.


This tool is also for solving this problem: a flat tire. If your tire becomes flat, you will need to find a way to get air back into it. This is where a nice bicycle little frame pump comes in handy. Usually clutched to your frame, these mighty little things will put enough air into your tire to get you back on your trip. Some cyclists would like to take CO2 cartridges—little battery-sized cylinders that release a burst of pressured gas and refill tubes in a second. They are really light but using them require a bit of practice. Or you will blow out the tire that you just replaced. By the way, one costs a dollar as they are typically single use.

7、Multi tools

For any number of potential adjustments you might encounter on the road, you will fell at ease when a multi-tool is at handy when you are on a short or long trip. A multi-tool basically has a dozen or more individual tool in varied sizes, such as Allen wrenches, hex bolt wrenches, screwdrivers, a chain tool and more. Foisted neatly into a small package, it's like a portable tool box for fixing you bike in ways more than you can ever imagine when necessary.

Taking enough accessories can not only protect you but also bring you much fun. I hope this passage will help you a lot. Or you have another idea about the things must be taken on the road, you can also tell me your thoughts.