7 important tips you require to know about surviving the urban cycling

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There is no doubt that cities are always the domain of the car, but because of the bicycles boom, they are increasingly being seen in the urban landscape. Many people view them as the solution to the traffic jam. With this growth in bicycles, city governments are also investing in expanded and updated bike infrastructure and programs, because they are recognizing bicycles as an important form of sustainable urban transportation that can ease the pressure of traffic congestion and reduce the air pollution. Yet our cities weren’t designed for bicycles, so sometimes urban cycling is dangerous for cyclists. So how to survive in the urban cycling?There are some tips for you and I hope you can benefit a lot.


It is obvious that you should know the rules and obey them. Generally, they are the same, rules as the cars. But it is useless to hold the idea that you have the “right” when having the confrontation with the car. In many cases, you will lose. In addition, it is so dangerous to “confront” with the car. So what you need to do is not to get stuck with the cars, and you should use the bikes trails and segregated bike lanes as much as possible. Some rules are different for bikes, like being able to use the sidewalks in some places or not having to abide by stops signs in some states. It is necessary to know your traffic codes, which can promise you a pleasant and safe urban cycling.

The art of the cycling


When you decide have an urban cycling, you should plan your route carefully, trying to stay away from heavy auto traffic if possible. Moreover, you should avoid the traffic peak because maybe you need to survive in the traffic jam. You should avoid the best road in car. You can test a new route on your day off and see whether it is available or not. Besides, you should have good command of local traffic rules or ask other cyclists for tips on how to navigate tricky or dangerous urban areas as well as knowing where local bike shops are located along your route.


It is essential to control your bike. For example, you should learn how to shift your body weight in order to swerve safely when making an emergency stop. When using your bike for a long time, you need to have maintenance and repair. You should use the gears properly, control the bike while looking directly behind and confidently ride with one hand, and you should ride with at least two of your fingers on your brake levers. The most important thing is to learn how to get rid of the problem with your bike. Ride away from the curb, never in the gutter, and at least a car door's width away from parked cars. If you have to ride close to slower moving traffic or parked cars (for example on a narrow road), do so slowly so you have time to react to hazards (such as an opening door).

the art of cycling


If you are still unsure your skill about the urban cycling, you can go on a training course. You can check with the local authority for any subsidized or even free training opportunities they might offer. In addition, you can take part in some cycling clubs and make friends with cyclists. Through the talks and activities with them, you can gain some experience and techniques about urban cycling. Moreover, you can take the physical exercises or learn some practical skills, for instance, how to balance your bike, how to pedal your bike or how to increase the speed etc.


There is no doubt that when we ride the bike on the road, we will feel a little nervous and worried. Because we will feel unconscious that so many fast-speed cars are surrounding us. But you should keep in mind that the more nervous you are, the more dangerous you are. When you are afraid to use roads, you will become extremely careful, which will lead to negative results, such as car collision. So just be confident and brave on the road. Cycling in parks and on cycle path can have the unique experience, but being able to use the road gives you the freedom. You can feel the charm of urban cycling.


When we come across the junctions, sometimes we will have fluke mind and take risks at junctions. But obviously, it is a bad idea. Whether you are turning left or right or going straight ahead, if you arrive at junctions in the middle of your lane, just wait for the traffic light, which can assure your safety and prevent some car accidents. When the traffic lights turn green, you shouldn’t rush quickly. Be patient and look ahead and behind. You can wait for a while until the streaming starts moving.

the art of cycling


For the cycling beginners, they prefer to go out and follow with other cyclists but we strongly oppose doing this. The decisions they’re making may not be considering your safety, and there’s no guarantee that the person you are following is a good rider anyway. In addition, so many cyclists will increase the risk of cycling. Just ride for yourself and have your own cycling ability and safety in mind when riding in traffic.

Have you mastered the skill of urban cycling? For any hobby, there are dozens of other things to think about and learn, and everything has a hard beginning. But all that stuff depends on what you want to achieve. As you get used to biking around in the city, you will have the freedom. You can think about our meaningful life and you will have the feeling that the world only belongs to me. And I believe that the mountain cycling, race cycling and road cycling would be appealing to you.