7 Momentous Training Principles Every Cyclist Is Required to Realize

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With the increasing popularization of cycling, more and more rookies squeeze into it. Transforming green-hand riders to the experienced ones, training is the dispensable part. Applying a correct training program may be an easy case for the skillful cyclists, but not for the beginners. At the beginning, news riders would use some not very correct principles to do training. And then they cannot get the satisfied result or even get an unexpectedly terrible result. So, sometimes, they feel difficult to do training in a scientific and practical method. If you are the one, don't despair. And next, I would like to share some momentous training principles with you. After acquiring these principles, developing a successful training program is relatively simple.


As for cycling training, the period method is an indispensable part. If you want to make it, accomplishing it step by step means a lot. Training in period is the process to divide an annual big plan into specific time blocks. Besides, each block has its own particular goal and provides your body with different types of stress. Among these periods, some training plans are harder while others are easier which allow getting recovery. Applying the period method means subdividing the whole plan into several small points. And by building fitness respectively, the fitness gains from every period is kept as the prerequisite for the next period. Besides, training in period is the best way to promote the training effect. It consists of changes in your cardiopulmonary systems, which contribute to greater speed and endurance.

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There are three matters needing attentions during the cycling training plan: frequency, endurance, and intensity. So overlooking the whole training program, you should pay attention to specificity. Specificity simply means that your training process should resemble the activity you want to exercise or strengthen. For example, if you want to fasten your speed, it is better for you to do a lot of high-intensity training. And if you want to improve your endurance, riding long distance is a good choice for you. Something else is that perseverance plays a significant role for endurance. So it is necessary for you to ride a long trip from time to time.

Progressive overload.

It is well recognized that it is little possibility for us to conquer something only in one step, so is the cycling training. If you want to make a successful riding training plan, you should increase the burden a little by a little. Too much a time or no change is no good training. Progressive overload is the process of adding stress gradually to the body's cardiopulmonary and muscular systems among times and then to stimulate the physiological adaptation well. Of course, if you apply the F、 I、 T、T model, it would perform better and more effectively. What F、I、T、T refers to? Yeah, F、I、T、T includes the frequency, intensity, time and type. And moreover, overload works for all areas of your fitness. Therefore, if you want to make your body stronger, the training pressure or load needs to be more than you can vanquish easily.

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According to the information I mentioned before, we know that there are several different affairs needing to train during the training program. And each of them owns specific training activity. And some people want to train specific project, it is likely for them to circle the only one activity for a long period of time. In fact, it is very boring and much useless. Your body would thrive on new changes. If you offer it the same old training, even if the training follows the principle of progressive overload, you would get the same old changeless consequence. Keeping the specificity in mind, you should provide your body with diverse stresses at the same time.


From the above, we realize that cycling training needs progressive overload. And progression is a principle which is related to the overload. Progression refers to the rate at which progressive overload and adaptation are acquired. And every person has his or her physical limit. At the moment, too much stress or much less pressure would be not beneficial for you. Too much or too soon, it is difficult for your body to adapt and your body would run out of physical strength seriously, being fatigued. Continual excessive pressure would bring about exhaustion. If worse, your muscle would get injury very easily. But too slow or too easy, it would affect your body little. As a result, you cannot gain what you want to achieve.

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Recovery is one of the most important parts of training. After joining a fierce exercise, you would feel tired. It is the same with cycling training. During the training process, undoubtedly, you would feel exhausted. At that time, you need to get recovery to get strength for the next trip. Recovery just looks like an easy and relaxed thing, isn't it? Maybe many people's answers would be yes. But in reality, the activity of recovery is simple outer but complicated inner. During the recovery time, what you should do is not only to recover the physical power but also make the adaptation. Adaptation is the way the body program's muscle to remember and absorb the particular activities, movements, and skills. It is how your body applies the stress to generate products.


In the world, there are no two all same people. Each person is different from another one. So every rider should own his or her unique training plan. You can learn something from others, but you cannot copy other people's plans. Individuality refers to the fact that your training program should be uniquely suited to your goals, merits, demerits and life constraints. Taking your real truths into consideration and appreciating some people's suggestion, you can make the perfect plan for you. Only perform in the most suitable plan can you reach to what you really want.

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For some cyclists, training would be the necessary part, especially for the beginners. And if you are the one who has no idea about riding training, please have a look on the passage. Occupying the 7 momentous principles, the training program would be not difficult anymore.