Age is no barrier to get on your bike: Tips on bicycle safety for seniors

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Getting old is evitable and it happens to us all. However, cycling is not the privilege for young people and age is no barrier for you to get on your bike, instead, seniors who cycle regularly adds years to their life expectancy. But even if biking can be a fun exercise and good form of transportation for people of all age, seniors do have a few extra considerations on bicycle safety. As you get older, your body inevitably starts to wear down and deteriorate even though the rate and extent hugely differ from person to person. With your balance gets shakier, strength gets decreased, vision slowly declines especially in the dark, you will find that you are not as supple as when you were in 2os. Even so, we can’t deny that any exercise is always better than no exercise when it comes to being healthier, and cycling is really a low impact exercise ( only second to swimming) that senior can hit to keep fit and alert with some concern for bike safety tips. Here I will list some tips on seniors bicycle on senior bike riding

Benefits from bike exercise

Apart from being a very cheap form of transport, biking in older age has many benefits. Cycling is a smooth and regular movement and it will not put much stresses and strains on your body. It can generate a strong heart and lung capacity and lessens the chance of suffering coronary artery disease. If you cycle four miles per day, it can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by 50%. This aerobic exercise putting no load-bearing strain on your joints or muscles while increasing muscle strength radiates out and affecting neighboring tendons, ligaments and bones. Cycling regularly can also improve your balance and coordination. Besides, cycling can help you shed any extra pounds and reduce blood pressure.

Tips on seniors bike riding

1.Fight the fear factor

A barrier for seniors to get on their bike is feeling scared or over- awed by the thought of pushing their bodies to the limit. You might be frightened of failure or the possibility of the disappointment of not being to bike as quick or as hard as you could when you were the 20s or 30s. But only if you conquer these fears, can you really enjoy the fun of riding as much as younger riders. You must believe in yourself that you can achieve your goals whatever your age. Thinking about the benefits you can get from the bike riding, and then what you need is just the confidence and courage to get over the fears and misconceptions. Try to imagine the thrill of knowing that you can greatly improve your performance and fitness, even if you are in your twilight years. The confidence will be also great for your mind and body.

2. Seek medical advice in advance

It’s wise to clear your exercise regime with your doctor in advance. Yes, as your age advances, you are more susceptible to illness and disease, so it’s necessary to seek medical advice in advance before you step up your training sessions and challenge yourself to ride harder and faster. Go and see your doctor to seek medical advicetell him your intention to bike exercise and your health condition. Your doctor may agree that bike exercise is a good idea as long as you are sensible and take precaution measures. But getting your blood pressure checked out is advisable. Once your doctor gives you the thumbs-up, it will also offer you the final confirmation and confidence to get on your bike again.

3.Choose the right bike

Choosing the right bike is the biggest simple factor in determining how much you will enjoy your riding experience. The best bikes for riders are all about comfort especially for seniors because seniors often have physical issues to contend with. Firstly, a bike that fits you is of great importance. Try out the bikes in the store as many as possible and look for advice from the staff. You should consider bikes with features that can greatly reduce stress on your body. Besides, looking for bicycles with comfortable saddle and designs that keep you uprights as much as possible will greatly add comfort to your riding experience. Cruiser or comfort bikes which usually have high-rise handlebars that enable you to sit up and lean back are good recommendations. With wide tires for a smooth ride, few gears and shock- absorbing forks and seat post will definitely increase your comfort. Besides, a recumbent is also a good choice which provides support for your back and reduces pressure on the perineum and bones.

4. Increase your caution

Maybe when you are young, you zipped in and out of traffic, didn’t think twice about the road condition and ride for many hours without hesitation. However, as I have mentioned above, as your vision declines and strength decrease, you must increase your training caution. You can choose separated bike paths rather than riding in traffic with limited riding hours. Always visit your eye doctor and wear your glasses when riding. If it’s difficult for you to maintain your own bike, you should take it to a bike shop for tune-ups and safety checks.

5. Give your body enough time to recover

All of us should give our body enough time to recover after a furious workout. Never think you are superman and you can conquer the world. If you give your body more time to recover between sessions, it will greatly improve your performance. Yogive your body enough time to recoveru must know that not recovering properly will only increase the risk of injury. Besides, make sure you get enough sleep because it’s the vital part of recovery. A lack of sleep will lead to fatigue and affect your performance. In addition, diet and nutrition are also of great importance. No matter the pre- ride or post-ride nutrition, always have a drink to replenish energy.


If you are passionate about sports, cycling in your twilight years can be great fun. To sum up, before you embark on your bike, make sure you get the thumbs- up from your doctor, stick to the training rules, ensure enough recovery time, rest and good nutrition. Just imagine the satisfaction through riding a bike, you will live a richer life. If you are consistent about your ride training, you will certainly get healthier and happier from the exercise. But you should always use common sense, follow basics safety tips and listen to your body.