attention---cyclists murders toll the alarm in our daily life

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One brings life, one brinks death. One brinks thoughts of a rich future, one brinks memories of a tragic brinks hope, one brinks heartache. And as such, you both looked on with pride. You both have a heartbeat, you both have a brain, you are both loved and adored and the centerpiece of dreams, rich in fantasy and desire. Both exist for different reasons. One exists to add to life, the other exists merely to take it away, life seems is a little to be a little long but also is very short.

There are so many cyclists dying for all kinds of reasons such as self-destruction, being murdered or the cause of accidents and so on. Here I’ll discuss and list some mysteries and tragedies with you to warn you of concerning your safety.

A 17 years old cyclist was hacked to death in a terrifying attack on a London housing estate it’s said that he was murdered by masked youths wielding machetes
According to the news, the young cyclist was chased by a gang who wore balaclavas and carried large knives. They stabbed him several times and left him sprawling on the bonnet of a car in Battersea.
The neighborhoods there explain the condition that they heard the boy scream to help time and save his life after they were woken at 1.25am on Sunday. Then with the help of the neighbors, the boy was rushed to a south London hospital but was pronounced dead about 90 minutes later. cycling mudrder
Crime scene: Police at the scene in Battersea after the attack (NIGEL HOWARD)

There are also similar cases like this one

Jordan Wright from Catford and Abdullahi Tarabi, from Northolt, both 19, were both chased and fatally stabbed close to their homes earlier this month.
 Boxer Karim Samms, 16, was shot dead in a drive-by attack in North Greenwich on April 7.
 A Met spokesman said the victim’s family had been informed of his death.
He said: “There has been no arrest at this early stage and inquiries continue.”
 In a separate fatal stabbing this weekend, a man was killed by a gang wearing ski masks in front of terrified children in Enfield.

KALAMAZOO Second-degree murder charges were authorized Thursday against a 50-year-old Battle Creek man accused of plowing through nine cyclists with his pickup north of Kalamazoo, killing five of them and hospitalizing four others.

The cyclists were members of a group, dubbed the Chain Gang, made regular rides every Tuesday evening. When the cyclists were riding up a hill on a two-lane road in Cooper Township, north of Kalamazoo, just after 6:30 pm. On Tuesday a blue Chevrolet pickup ran against the group from behind, which killed five of them and injured four, according to authorities.
However, Drunkenness is not mentioned among the criminal charges. Police said more evidence is being analyzed at Michigan State Police crime labs, and more charges are possible.

The five cyclists who were killed were identified.
Debra A. Bradley, 53, of Augusta;
Melissa A. Fevig-Hughes, 42, of Augusta;
Fred Anton (Tony) Nelson, 73, of Kalamazoo;
Lorenz J. (Larry) Paulik, 74, of Kalamazoo,
and Suzanne J. Sippel, 56, of Augusta.
The injured cyclists are Paul D. Gobble, 47, of Richland; Sheila D. Jeske, 53, of Richland; Jennifer L. Johnson, 40, of Kalamazoo, and Paul L. Runnels, 65, of Richland.

cycling murder
Steve Tilford racing in the Coors Classic.

Tilford, 57, was known around the American cycling community and regarded as an evergreen talent, who won the inaugural U.S. mountain bike national championships and continued racing well into his 50s.
The crash was caused by an overturned semi-truck, which caused a chain-reaction crash. A driver of a second semi, which crashed into Tilford’s van, died at the scene due to injuries.

Cyclist Killed by Bus in New York’s First Citi Bike Fatality
A 36-year-old cyclist was killed in Manhattan on Monday morning. He is an investment banker. When he was riding the Citi Bike, he collided with a charter bus, it’s the first case involving New York City’s four-year-old bike-share program, the authorities said.
The bicyclist, called Dan Hanegby from Brooklyn, was riding on 26th Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenues in the Chelsea neighborhood around 8:15 am. When he transferred direction to go around a parked van, a bus next to him traveling in the same direction, tumbled off the bicycle and he fell under the bus’s rear tires, the police said. What a miserable case to warn us of slowing the speed and obeying the rules.

Mike Hall: a British ultra-distance cyclist was killed during race in Australia
While competing in a coast-to-coast race in Australia one of Britain’s most prolific ultra-distance cyclists was hit by a car and died after it. Mike Hall’s death in the suburb cycling murderof Canberra in the final stages of the 3,300-mile (5,300km) race has shocked the world of ultra-distance cyclists and many people who know him. They felt very pity and sad for him. The world has lost an estimable figure because of an unexpected accident.

There still also exists the cases of self-destruction happened in cyclists. Many people maybe doubt about this, but it’s true. The reasons may concern not only in the daily lives’ pressure and disagreement but also in the mental pressure and the mood.

The first reason is the misunderstanding of around people. Some people around you maybe can’t understand why you need to spend so much time on cycling. There are so many things left to deal with, especially in some place and countries that cycling is not very popular. They can’t think out why you can’t do exercise by running around the runway a couple of laps instead of spending more time and energy cycling. In these backgrounds, cyclists actually have a heavy pressure

The second reason is extreme emotion and excessive exercise. Because of over-cycling, you do harm to the body, especially your heart, your brain, and body is the lack of oxygen, or your body is overstrained, causing to be dying. It’s a very dangerous case.

Cyclist death toll the alarm in our life.