Be visible: you have to do when you cycle at night

Posted by tan xiao yan on

Cycling as one of popular exercise, more and more people think it is a good way to keep fit. But there are many people are too busy to ride. Thus cycling at night provides a perfect choice for someone who has no time to ride in the daylight. It also can be an unforgettable experience for many people.

But owing to the dark situation, how should you keep yourself safe when riding at night? Experienced talking, being visible is more effective rather than expecting other participators on the way to keep distance with you and concern your safety. Here are several approaches that make you and your bike visible for your cycling at night:

reflective clothing
Usually, it is comfortable to wear cycling clothes when you ride your bike for exercise. So choosing right clothing is one way that you can make yourself visible when cycling at night. The color is an important factor for selecting your cycling clothing. Some bright color can also be seen at night when the light is on it, but not all.

People can see objects depending on the levels of light and the reflection of light from the object itself. Therefore, it is different that we rely on in the daylight or in the dark. But what you have to know is that it doesn’t mean every kind of color can be considered as the choice of being safety equipment. It should meet the EU-regulated standard if something is to be classified as personal protective equipment. According to the standard, the reflective clothing can be a useful equipment for your night cycling. Because it can work under the artificial light, such as street light and headlight.

reflective tape
If you don’t consider to wear a suit of reflective cycling clothing, you can buy some reflective tapes to decorate your backpack, gloves or hamlet and achieve the purpose of being visible. Some cyclists suggest that 3M diamond tapes can be used to. It is durable for its waterproof function and strong quality. So this is a sort of good way to save money but can keep safe. Although the effect of putting the reflective tapes on your body is similar to wearing the reflective cycling clothes, it is better if you use them together. After all, nothing is enough for safety and nothing is important than your life.

tail light

Expect bright clothing, installing a tail light is also a must to be visible. Using the tail light can be seen by the drivers and the pedestrian when the headlight illuminates the tail light so that the drivers can pay more attention to you and prevent the traffic accidents as far as possible. A rear tail light should provide a lot of steady light but not dazzling. A rear light can be a LED light. LED lights are highly efficient and durable.

Besides, most LED rear lights need battery charging. The disadvantage of most powerful lights is that their power does not last very long. If you want to have a long-distance training of cycling at night, you should prepare for it before you start your night cycling. It is a bad thing if the tail light doesn’t work on the way.

Spoke light
The best thing about night cycling is to light your bike with some funny elements. You must often see a cool bicycle with the shining wheels at night when you walk on the street. The shining wheels you see are mounted the spoke lights, which is an approach to make you visible in the dark. The light can be installed on the spoke and the rim of your bike. Following the round of wheels, spoke lights of your bike wheel will disclose a beautiful rotating picture. It can light the night and make others see you clearly.

But what you have to concern is that you must ensure whether your colorful spoke light won’t influence your bike moving part. Once some spoke lights are unstable when riding fast, they will interfere your biking, which may damage your bicycle, even leading to falling down from your bike and getting hurt.

paining the mudguard
Mudguard is an important part for your cycling when you ride on the muddy road. The mudguard can protect your bike from the sand and dirty water into your bike so that cause problem on a rainy day. Painting some fluorescent material on the mudguard can be an easy way if you think mounting the spoke lights is trouble.

Moreover, you can DIY your own reflective mudguard and you can paint it in every kind of color depending on your mind and draw some pictures to be different from other bicycles. There are many websites that teach you how to use the pigment mixing the fluorescent material to paint the mudguard or some other places of you bike that can draw some reflective color.


Sunset never becomes a reason that stops the steps of cyclists. Night cycling is the same as enjoyable as in the daylight. When cycling at night, you have to prepare all orders that can keep you safe. Being vigilant and thinking all kinds of possible assumption in every condition. Don’t wait until the night coming to light up, for it has a significant effect on visibility on the twilight conditions. Please ensure the charging of the lights before you set out, then enjoy your night cycling!