Bike Lights: the advancement of technology

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As the winter approaches and it gets dark quickly, bike lights are very crucial for the cyclists. We often use lumens to measure the brightness. If you are in a city, it is enough for front light managing 70 lumens to make sure you 're seen. However, in the country or ill-lit road, the light should 100 lumens so that you can know where you are going. So you need to choose the best bike light for you.
First, you should determine whether you want a light that can help you see the road ahead clearly or get attention from other road users. Second, you should pay attention to the lumen rating. If the lumens are higher, the light will be brighter. Except for the purpose and brightness, you also need to consider whether it is USB rechargeable, whether it can prevent construction and how long the battery life it is. Here is a list of bike lights, and I hope you can find what you need most.

1. CatEye Volt 1600 headlight
The CatEye headlight can be used for commuting and road use. It has 1600 lumen that can ensure your path can be seen clearly even in the darkest night. It includes two bright and powerful LED lights, which can achieve full power almost immediately. In addition, the LEDs are energy-efficient which means no “light pollution and light waste” there. What’s more, LEDs produce less heat. This bike headlight has a wide beam pattern for strengthened visibility. It also has five different light modes and you can set for different hours to illuminate, and if you want a longer time, you can use the lower intensity settings. The price is $168.70, and it is a little expensive. The fact is that the light is price-sensitive, and the more you cost the better it will be. Of course, the headlight is a little heavy and it requires a fair amount of handlebar space. But still, it is worth buying the headlight for safety.

2. Bright Eyes bike lights
The Bright Eyes bike light has two-pack light and is a budget-friendly option with a lot of features. The light can be used on one bike or two bikes. Besides, it can be detached and converted to be used as the flashlight. It can be used in the country or the city because each light is adjustable from 70 to 300 lumens. You can choose the suitable lumens rating according to different road condition. Installation is very fast and simple. The most striking feature of this light is waterproof which means you can use the light to illuminate in the rainy days as well as for the commuters, adventures and longer bike rides. What’s more, the lights have three light modes to switch so that you can change causally. The disadvantage of this light is not USB rechargeable. But the batteries are high-quality and are rated AAA.
3. Eye Volt 700 Headlight
The light is a perfect choice for the entertainment riders. At the same time, it won the award of the Best Light in 2015. A 700 lumens intensity can ensure that you can distinguish the road and know where you’re going, even at the darkest night. In addition, the material of this light is made of Li-ion with a large capacity which can promise that you can recharge quickly. What’s more, it is USB rechargeable. Similarly, it has 5 distinct light modes, including normal, half-right, and all-right, half-flashing and flashing. The battery indicator will show you when it is running low or out and inform you recharge. If you don’t want to charge right away, you can adjust the run time on the lowest setting. However, the lowest setting is a bit dull so maybe it is a little difficult to operate. But I think when you get used to it; you can find the skills and finally get control of it. It is a little heavy and the beam of light sometimes will get very hot but it is unnecessary to worry about it because it will not exert any influence to our safety. The price is $119.22. It is reasonable and affordable with so many notable features.

best bike lights for you
4. Cycle Torch Shark 500 Set
This kind of bike light is compatible with the road, mountain, and uphill bikes and is suitable for use in the urban areas. The bike light is USB rechargeable and the battery will inform you when it is running low. So it is convenient and easy to operate. The combination front and tail light will emit 500 lumens for a high visibility. On the condition of highest settings, it can last for 2-hours illumination. At the same time, it has different light modes so it can switch the high intensity according to the road condition. Particularly, the beam of the light is useful for cycling in the urban areas, but still, it also works well in other environments. Another striking feature of this light includes a waterproof construction. In addition, the installation is very fast and easy and just costs you a few seconds. Moreover, it doesn’t require any tools. The price is about $39.99.
5. CatEye Rapid X3 Front TL-LD720-F
If you are looking for a light which can gain others attention to your presence on the road, this bike light is the right choice. The bike light will emit the total 200 lumens in order to make sure you are seen on the road during the day and night. It is also USB rechargeable and you do not have to worry about taking up so much space of the handlebar space because it can be installed versatile on the head tubes and fork as well. Of course, there are some demerits, such as relatively short battery life in the highest setting. In addition, you can change the angle because the rubber mounting rings a bit flimsy. The price is $49.40 and you can have a try.
Lighting technologies have recently made great achievement. Now, the night ride is not a problem. In the bike light industry, it provides a lot of options. However, you need to pick up the one that is best to you which requires you invest in it. But remember: pay more and you will get something better. I hope you can find the right one.