Cheap VS expensive bicycle

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A bicycle is no longer just a human-powered, pedal-driven, single-track vehicle, having two wheels attached to a frame, one behind the other. Now a bicycle is becoming a more modernized and complex thing with various gear, brakes, suspension, accessories, wheels and tires provided by different companies. So here comes to a problem: How do we choose a bike? Some bikes are more economic and this is suitable for students who can't support themselves as present and people who don't have so much account in their bank. Others are expensive like 5000 dollars. A Huge gap exists between these two kinds of bikes. There are different opinions among people as to which one is better, the cheap one or the expensive one. We are comparing these two bikes including the price factor. But does it more favorable to buy an expensive bike owing to their quality even if their price is high? Does the quality of your bike play an important role in making you more competitive in the mountain biking? How do we choose a bike?

Question: How do we choose a bike?

Answer: The chief consideration is to consider if the bike you choose fit you comfortably. People are in different shapes and size. So we advise you to go to the entities shop to buy a bike and take a test drive instead of in online stores. Except for the bike, the helmet also needs to test to check if it suits your head.

The second thing needs to consider is the type of riding that you are going to take. Depending on the roads you are riding on, you might choose a different one. Mountain bikes usually have a changeable and accelerating gear and damper. The tires of mountain bikes are designed to be tough to ride on the rough road while road bikes have a small resistance, fast speed, and light weight. Besides, durability is dependent on how people ride their bike. Even the most expensive bikes can break down on the road.

You may consider that if you really want to ride a mountain bike on the road riding, is it possible? Do not be scared by the roadies! You still have the right to ride your bike on the road even if you don't ride at a high speed that an enthusiastic cyclist takes.

Note to reader: We don't mean that you can ride your bike on any street. You had better avoid high speed and high traffic areas. What's more, always follow the rules of the road. Read the warning labels on your bicycle about proper usage carefully. If possible, ride on the bikeways and residential streets.

Question: Does the quality of your bike play an important role in making you more competitive in the mountain biking?

Answer: There are many facts account for this. To be competitive in mountain biking, the first priority comes to your strength. People who are weak are impossible to ride for a long distance. That is to say, you have to practice a lot before you take part in the bike racing. Good physical fitness and cardiopulmonary function are critical in cycling.

The next is your skills. This also needs much training to find your own way. Having good skills achieve remarkable results for you. A skilled cyclist performs better and faster even if he ride a not-so-good bike while an unskilled cyclist rides on a perfect bike. Although this sounds very exaggerated, that's just the way things are.

The third one is right equipment. And this is where the bike comes in. It depends on where you are going to ride. You might need a full suspension, which makes the price goes up. If you are going to an area where you can get by with a hardtail, you can spend the money on other better components.

So we can see that quality of your bicycle only is one of the three main factors. If you can't do well in the race or the competition, maybe it's because you have to improve your skills at first.

Question: What is a "cheap" or "expensive" bicycle?

I want to answer the question like this: Cheap is not about the price, it's the quality. There are bicycles that sell for the average people and there are also some bikes cost beyond one can afford. Some bike shops may also sell some cheap bikes under the notable brand to increase the price. Interestingly, some people dare not to buy cheap bikes as they think cheap means poor quality. This encourages those bike shops to increase their price in order to sell more. We can see that brand is the main factor that affects the price of the bike.

Here comes to another question: why those bikes so expensive? The difference lies on the material used for the body of the bicycle. The weight of expensive bikes reduces because they are made up with of special alloy which is really light. Their tires are designed to be much more durable as well. Normally expensive bikes are in three categories: road bikes, mountain bike, and hybrid. In the above part of this article, we have introduced the front two bikes. A hybrid is the combination of the road bike and mountain bike. We can see it from its name. It's suitable for the rough road and daily use.

Price is a relative term according to how much money a person's pocket has. But a good way of comparison is comparing the price of a bike with a used car. If the bike costs less, you should buy a bike without hesitation. It can not only save you money but also encourage you to exercise

Question: Are bikes under $300 dollars of low and poor quality?

This is definitely what some bike shops want you to believe. That is mainly because their shops have bicycles that may averagely be $300. In the second-hand market, $300 dollars ccheap vs expensive bicyclean get you a bike of great quality and even notable brand bicycle. But if you don't have $300, try to look at bikes on online classified ad sites in the $100 to $150 dollar range. You'll be amazed what you find. If you still want a new bike, there are plenty of alternatives for you to choose. Bikes Direct, Vilano bicycles, Republic bike, Nashbar, and eBay are some choices. In addition, Wal-Mart and Sears online have bikes you won't find in stores.

Even this, I am not trying to close local bike shops. I think those people need money to live. And small business is quite helpful for the economy to grow. They are also great when your bike breaks down. And entities shops allow you to have a test drive which is good for you to find a suitable bike. But what I want to say is that there should be more transparency between customers and the bike shops. Integrity is very important. Customers should have the right to buy the bike that gets the money worth.