Common Questions about Cycling Products (A)

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As a cyclist, you must always have many questions about cycling products, especially when you are purchasing one. You may have questions about products’ quality, price, size, color, materials and so on.

At the beginning of cycling, most of you would like to have a quick start. Before buying the equipment, you had better have a knowledge about cycling products. Thus, you may encounter the problems below.

A bike is the most fundamental equipment in cycling.


Q: Road or Mountain Shoes should I choose?

A: As usual, road shoes are lighter and have a stronger sole which can make power transfer better; yet, doing anything instead of riding in them is like walking on ice with buttered feet. While mountain shoes can make you feel better. Softer-soled mountain bike shoes can be more pliable and have bottoms with threads for you to walk easily. Are you a high-mileage, road-only rider looking for the quality in weight and efficiency? Opt for road-specific shoes. If you like to wonder at stops, you can buy the convenience and comfort of mountain shoes.

Q: Flat or Drop Road Handlebar, which is better?

A: A bike with a flat handlebar combines the simple speed of a road bike with the upright position and maneuverability of a mountain bike--perfect for commuters and casual fitness riders. Spend more time in the saddle beyond the basics, and you'll find the flat bar's main shortcoming: having not alternative hand positions. Drop bars offer several hand positions and help you grab the drops and hunker low for greater speed and efficiency.

Q: 700c or 26-inch Wheels?

A: If you hesitate while buying a hybrid or town bike, choose the size that matches your riding best. Traditional road wheels are 700c, (700mm diameter, with tires), and typically use narrow tires with higher air pressure, so it can run fast on pavement. Smaller, 26-in. wheels, the standard for most mountain bikes, roll more slowly but can handle better on rough surfaces, and are more durable.

Q: Should I buy the bike with single-sided or double-sided pedals?

A: Single-sided pedals often have a wide platform that makes you feel solid for stability and comfort during a long ride. Double –sided pedals work better for mountain bikers--no flipping the pedal to engage the proper side, and one side get gummed up, there is always the other.

Q: Which is better, disc or rim brakes?

A: Stopping quickly and in control are the only two problems which brakes involves in. The brakes now on bikes have enough power that your ability to brake is limited by the laws of physics; if you brake too hard, you’ll go over the bars. What you want is control well over how hard you brake, and consistency is wet and dry conditions.

Brakes either act on the rim of the wheel or a special braking disc near the hub. Rim brakes are simple but affected by water and damage to the rim, which disc brakes are more complex but more consistent.

Rim brakes are light and not so expensive, and it can meet your need for bike-path and road use and moderate, dry dirt outings. Beyond that, go with discs, which compensate for their weight and complexity by providing superior, reliable stopping in grit, water, mud, you name it, with minimal fading on prolonged descents.

Q: Full Suspension or Hardtail?

A: Without rear shock absorption, hardtail bikes are lighter, more efficient to pedal with no rear-end bob, and are less mechanically complex. This maintenance is easier and you can often get better components for the money. But full suspension bikes are becoming competitively light, and they offer far better traction and control. In addition, tried-and-true suspension designs are always trickling down to the lower price. If you value efficiency over comfort or you hate maintenance, go with a hardtail. But if you want a bike that makes riding more comfortable in any situation, choose full suspension.

cycling clothes

When you are going to buy cycling clothes, these questions and answers may help.

Q: What is the best way to wash the clothes? Is machine washer & dryer ok?

A: As one of the customers said” I wash them in the machine and let them air dry, it seems to work well”, cycling clothes usually can be washed in a machine because of the wearing materials. Cycling clothes’ calling for long time wearing makes great demands on their materials. Thus you do not need to worry about whether they can be washed in the machine

Q: What size and color would fit me best?

A: The most vital thing you are required to know before shopping is your own size unless you only buy clothes in the physical store. Purchasing online you must know what size of jersey and pants fit you well. You had better pay attention to the numbers of clothes. Because there is not a unified standard of size. Sometimes the clothes may be larger or smaller than actually, you want. Therefore, watch the numbers of size carefully. Remember your own size, choose clothes that fit you.

About the color, there is not any fixed answer for anyone. You had better find your own style considering your favorites. What makes you look better suits you most. Take others’ ideas into consideration can save you a lot of time to find it.

For the most time, if you buy things online, you had better go through the customs reviews along with the products in which some may be adopted to you. What is more, asking the customer-service is a straight way to get the answer and you tend to have the access to the most professional answers.