Cycle to work: tips for your commute

Posted by tan xiao yan on

On your drive to work, you must notice that there are a lot of cyclists commuting. Have you thought about that you could be cycling to work? It must be cool to ride your bike from home to office. As we know, bike commuting not only protects the environment and save the gas money, but it helps us stay fit and healthy. However, when you start cycling to work, there are loads of things you need to be sure. So it requires you to do some preparations and has knowledge of bike commuting. There are some tips for commuting on your bike.
1. Set an achievable distance
We all know that when we begin doing something, it is not practical that we set an unreachable goal. So it is reasonable that you begin with an achievable distance. If you live only a few miles from your office, it is conceivable that you can commute your bike on the first day. If you live far away from your work, for example, it must take your 40 minutes or more to get there, it is unnecessary that you ride to work because it will increase the risk. In addition, you need to get up early. You can consider a drive to work then ride home.

cycle to work
2. Begin with a practical frequency
It sounds good that you have a great plan to cycle to and from work every day, but it is impossible immediately. Because there are a lot of unpredicted things happened. You can set a goal to cycle three times per week. After you used to cycle to work and consistently achieve success, you can add more success in the following days.
3. Wear the bright clothing
If you must commute to work in the early morning or go off the work very late, you must be careful with the motorists in order to avoid the accidents. You can wear clothing that can easily be seen by motorists and install the reflective gear or put a flashing light on your bike. You can imagine that people all rush to home so you need to be extremely careful in the evening. In addition, you should wear the helmet to protect your head.
4. Wear cycling shorts
If you need to cycle for 20-30 minutes or need more, you will feel more comfortable with the cycling shorts. If you just wear the ordinary clothes, the friction and pressure between your skin, clothes and the seat will make you feel uncomfortable when you need to cycle long distance. Cycling shorts can significantly help you to solve the problems. If your company needs to wear the uniforms, you have to remember to bring your work clothes to change from the cycling clothes.
5. Practice on the weekend
If you are not sure that how much time it will take you to get to work, you can practice on the weekend. You can ride at an easy pace, so you will have a general idea that how much time you need if you rush for the time. In addition, you also can practice the route so that you can be familiar with the block condition, such as the bike shops. If your bike has problems, you can get the maintenance in time. Sometimes, you need to check out the bike paths to see if there is any good choice.
6. Call for help if you have any mechanical problems
It is unavoidable that sometimes your bike will have some mechanical problems, such as changing the tire or other issues. If you don’t have time to deal with the problems, you can call for help to solve the problem. If you have time to handle it, you can choose to do it by yourselves. But first, you need to have the tools, such as the wrenches, levers or just bring it to the bike shop.

7. Be sensible to the traffic
It is normal that you will become crazy in the traffic and crowded people. However, it is unnecessary to get the hassle. If you think you should go in the light change, you just take your perfect position behind the car. If you don’t rush for the time, just let it go. It will make the commute much less stressful and your blood pressure will appreciate you not go out of control.
8. Watch for the car doors open
It is the potential threat that when you pass the parked doors, it suddenly open. You need to be alert for cars which parked on the side of the road because the people in the car will open the door without seeing you coming. So you need to ride away from the parked car in case of the bad thing. Sometimes, you just get slightly hurt but if you rush quickly, you will get hurt seriously. In a word, you should take care of yourselves.
9. Love your bike
A clean bike makes you happy. The bike will always accompany you so you need to look after your bike which will make the components of your bike lasts longer and enjoy your trip. You should check your brakes and gear. In addition, you can clean your chain and add the lube which will keep things running smoothly.

10. Enjoy your trip and have fun
Cycling to work can have fun. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery because sometimes we will rush to work and ignore what happened along the road. There is nothing like the traffic jam in the morning to make you feel uncomfortable. You can chat with people, take a deep breath and get a good mood. Finally, you can smile to the world and have a good day. It seems that the world belongs to you.
I hope you can follow my suggestion and enjoy your trip. Maybe this time you can change the mood to get to work and have a good achievement and promotion in your career.