Cycling belongs to everyone

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Recently, an Indian film called <<Dangal>> has caught the attention from China. In the movie, the father, acted by Aamir Khan, wants a boy to practice the wrestle. But unfortunately, his wife always gave birth to the girls. One day, he decided to cultivate his daughters to engage in the wrestle. The story reminds me of cycling. We all can easily get a misconception that cycling only belongs to man. But I want to say that cycling belongs to everyone, especially for kids, women and elderly people. In fact, we also need to pay attention to the details during the cycling. Now, I will introduce some tips about cycling for kids, women and the old.

 Cycling Belongs to Kids
Many parents may worry about the kids’ safety while cycling. But in fact, children love cycling because it is fast and gives them the freedom to engage in outdoor activities. Even the small children can get involved with the cycling. You can prepare a tricycle or a seat on your bike. And you don’t need to wait your kids who are old enough to cycle. I am sure that kids will love the adventures they have on bikes. In addition, cycling with kids will have many benefits. First, you can enjoy some free days out with your kids by bike. With the development of technology, young kids would prefer to stay at home to play computer games so it is a good opportunity to communicate with children. Second, cycling can improve your child’s confidence and independence. During the trip, they might come across many difficulties but when they overcome them, they will improve the so called “cycling spirit”---perseverance, confidence, independence which will contribute to their growth. Third, cycling also provides amazing health benefits for children, such as an excellent workout for kids, a great way to lose excess fat, an increase in muscle.

 Cycling Belongs to Women
Traditionally, women all have one common dilemma: people always view the physical activities are dominated by men, especially for the rough game. This is unfair because sometimes we would ignore the huge social impact that women bring to us. However, getting into a new sport can be difficult both physically and mentally. Cycling is no exception to this so I will introduce some tips about cycling for women. First, it is the enough nutrition. Nutrition is a daily part of life but it is especially important when you cycling. Women should eat green vegetables, protein, fruits, and meat. In addition, remember to replenish the water. Second, you should choose the suitable clothes. When cycling in winter, you can choose the cycling clothes that keep warm and prevent from the wind. Moreover, you should have some basic skills about cycling and have a rest properly during the trip. Besides, there are a lot of health benefits associated with cycling for women. At first, cycling will protect the heart. A study showed that women are prone to heart diseases and suffer from ailments. But if you ride a bike for about half an hour, three times a week, it can reduce the risk of heart disease. At the same time, it will help lower the blood pressure and cholesterol. Cycling can control obesity and weight. If you feel that you have put on extra pounds, cycling is the best solution. You will see a difference in your body weight if you stick to cycling. Cycling also benefits pregnancy. Regular cycling helps in easing childbirth but you still consult with your doctor. Cycling can reduce the stress. In recent years, women play more and more important role in the career field while they also face many pressure and challenges. So cycling is an outdoor activity that can take minds out of everyday life’s tension and monotony and help us enjoy the fresh air of nature. Cycling can make our life more beautiful and colorful.

 Cycling Belongs to Old People
Age is a number. There is no age limit for cycling. On the contrary, cycling in old ages can add life expectancy. Recently, more and more elderly people would take part in the cycling activity, but few seniors have considered the basic bike safety. You have admitted that as you get older, the body inevitably declines---balance gets shakier; vision slowly deteriorates, especially in the dark; strength may decrease. So you should notice these changes and take some safety precautions. Here are some tips for elderly people. You can choose a suitable ride. For example, if you get shaky, you can ride a three-wheeled bike, and you should ride in the daylight with a good weather. Choosing separated bike paths rather than riding in the traffic will be safer. There are more good reasons for cycling in older age. Cycling is good for your heart. Seniors who are active on cycling are less likely to develop high blood pressure and incur coronary artery disease. It is good news for seniors. It also can build stamina and strength. When cycling, you are not just training your legs but you are working out your entire body which can help you build up your body quickly. Cycling can helps promote good mental health. When we get older, sometimes we will have a sense of anxiety, depression, and stress. Cycling is one of the feel-good exercises which can release phenyl ethylamine, dopamine, and serotonin—all these make you feel happier and more comfortable. And the most importantly, you can have a family time with your kids and grandkids.
Cycling can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from young children to older adults. Cycling belongs to everyone. It is never too late to get started. It is the time to encourage our friends to join together. We are waiting for you on the road.