Cycling Quotations----each word touches your heart

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Cycling Quotations---explaining why I love cycling

One word has its unimaginable charm. Here I will share some inspirational and famous sentences from cycling lovers with you.

"Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride." ----John F. Kennedy
Too fast to drive, slow to walk, and only to ride to keep the beauty of life----Giant chairman Liu Jinbiao
I believe it can change a person, of course can’t be said to changCycling Quotationse a life. Life is like a trip, every one of us is on the way "so, let us follow the <zhuan Shan> on the road to the mountain to challenge our own inner" mountain "----the director of < Zhuan Shan >, Du Jia Yi
Get a bicycle. You will not regret it if you live."----Mark Twain
"Melancholy is incompatible with bicycling." ----James E. Starrs
"As long as I breathe, I attack."----Bernard Hinault
Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving...---- Einstein
One day, the back wheel fell in love with the front wheel but knew that she would never be with her, so he kissed every inch of her ground.Cycling Quotations
There was a beautiful girl named Lhasa in Tibet
Uphill, is like savings, downhill, is like spending money. How tired the uphill slope is and how cool the downhill slope is
Travel means leaving the familiar place and then coming back differently
Measure life with wheels
One can ride a bicycle faster, and a group of people rides bicycles farther
Brilliance is on the road.
Every man who has not been to Tibet is convinced that one day he will walk on that land, and everyone who leaves will be sure he will go back
Some things are not done now, and will never be done for a lifetime
In fact, what you need is to build a brave heart and go outside, that’s enough
Riding on the road, the scenery is in mind
Riding does not mind destination, but the mood to see the scenery t along the way
Going on the road with the dream
When I was riding a bicycle to tramp over mountains and through ravines with perspiration coming down like raindrops, you're immersing in an Island of movie out of hand, but by the age of 70, I still riding a bicycle to tramp over mountains and through ravines, and you have become a part of nature
So long as you have a free heart and a car, that's enough
In life, there are at least two impulses, a desperate love, a walking journey
The rider's dream: a good car, an SLR, and a strong ass
You can go as far as the road isCycling QuotationsCycling Quotations
There is a kind of travel, called a bicycle trip. It is not prepared for luxury, just need the courage to collapse into the back seat and a heart that wants to walk, even a permanent bike can make your dreams go a long way.
Rides alone, lonely but introspective, ride with a group of people, spectacular and powerful. I hope someday I'll be like them, stepping on a bike, going through a kind of experience that body downs to hell, eyes go into heaven, the soul comes back home
Some people have been wondering how I would ride in Tibet, and some people have professional riding equipment, have enough money and time, with the mature and experienced cycling team. Why am I so different from them? But I am who I am, why do I have to be like them? Even if none of them, there's a heart on the road, that's enough. I am on my own way, not only on my feet but also in my life...
If you have a dream, take your soul and set out
What we are afraid isn’t the long road but an old and tiring heart
The best time of all one's life is riding a bicycle through schoolCycling Quotations
We have to travel to more places, meet more landscapes, and write more stories about youth
There is a road in everyone's heart. Some people choose to go alone, just to find the outlet of their inner troubles. Some people choose to travel side by side to witness each other's brotherhood. Some people are willing to go through hardships, just to achieve a romantic commitment. Whether or not, all in order to take you to find the road in our inner heart
At that moment, I look up at the stars. My legs like walking among the stars and my crotch are like an endless void…. I would like to walk forever, but I need to go back to earth on earth.
Without breakfast, cycling is in two states, like life – whether food or clothing determines your attitude toward life
You can combine a bike, but you can't combine the joy of riding a Cycling Quotationsbicycle, unless you ride it
Riding is a way of life, a habit, an addiction. Be deeply in love the state of the ride, the freedom, the unknown, the expectation, the wonder, be able to gain, be able to forget. Riding, on the road, with the wheels to measure our youth road
"Ride like water." -Paul Adkins
"Why should anyone steal a watch when he could steal a bicycle?" -Flann O'Brien
"The bicycle is a curious vehicle. Its passenger is its engine." -John Howard
"The bicycle is the noblest invention of mankind." -William Saroyan
"It is by riding a bicycle that one learns the contours of country best." -Emest Hemingway
My biggest fear is that when I die my wife will sell my bicycles for what I told her they cost.
The bicycle is a curious vehicle. Its passenger is its engine
---John HowardCycling Quotations

Cycling is like church! Many attend but few understand
Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” – T.S. Eliot
Don’t know if it’s illegal to be handsome and ride a bike at the same time but whatever, I live dangerously.
Studies have shown that riding a bicycle every day makes you more awesome than the general population

These words have been influenced me and my life all the time. What do you think about them? These words can express the inner feelings and have a good effect on your mind.