Cycling,the way to wake you up

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Cycling is good choice for transport, recreation, exercise or sport.

The function of cycling can be divided into two parts, one is to wake up your body by motivating your muscles. The other is to wake up your mind through the beautiful scenery on the road.

Firstly , let’s look at the main muscles we may use when riding: cervical muscle,back muscles, buttocks muscle, triceps muscle and other leg muscles. Thus,we can transit the body from a calm and stable state to a physically and psychologically excited state through the riding movement. Unlike doing countless reps on a weigh machine or spending hours on an elliptical training in the gym, cycling is fun. Through cycling, you have the opportunity to be exposed to the natural elements of cold or heat and to feel the wind or even the sand. Those are things that remind you of being a kid when you didn’t have to bear all the stress, but only to enjoy the scenery and to feel the way to a big “adventure”.

How I fell in love with biking is a long story.

When I was young, bicycle is only a mode of transport. I have no extra feeling for it. I like it only because it can save my time. When I get older, I have forgotten the joy of cycling. Out of the pure appreciation for mechanics, I bought a bike in order to exercise the body.

One day, when I drove my car back home and saw a man slowly riding his old bike, suddenly all the fragments of my memory about bike come to me. At that moment,I decided to travel around China by bike. I told my friend Jenny,She was astonished but still showed her support.

It has been a year since I started my travel from Harbin last May. On the road,I kept exploring myself.And there are some changes of me.

cycling to wake you up

I became more strong.I was just a tall and thin otaku,with thin legs,thin arms and thin shoulders. But now,even can’t compared with muscle man,I am still satisfied with my figure and appreciate I am no longer that weak man.

I became more confident. At the beginning, I was holding the view that"the world is so big, if I do not go out of my house to see it now,I might have no chance to do it.” But after the one-year-riding, my current idea is "no matter when and where I am, it is possible to change .”

I became more brave, the longest distance I rode is from Harbin to Beijing. I was worrying about all the things,fearing the challenges on the road. As if only it is foolproof can I go out. But after my one year’s riding,having solved numerous problems, when I look back,I find it is those difficulties give me the courage to face the unknown. Now I am on the Sichuan-Tibet line, maybe something more difficult is waiting for me,I don’t fear anymore because I feel that I can cope with various situations.

I am not confused any more. I am only a vocational high school graduate who dropped out early(out of physical reasons). In the present society,it seems to be hard to find a decent job. I was once very confused, very helpless, couldn’t find my own direction. But after riding, I have more friends, the road becomes wider and wider, different people, different scenery and different things give me a new inspiration. I also find my minds widened a lot, I am no longer bound by my own weaknesses. If not going to college is my weakness, then I can avoid it and take the advantage of what I have now. No one should be limited and all roads lead to Rome.

I became more persevering. Definitely, riding needs physical strength, but what the long-term riding needs most is perseverance. Every day, I fight with my patience and my perseverance. At the beginning, 50km would left me half dead with tiredness,but later,I gradually adapt to it. Now even if asked to ride 150km, I am no longer frustrated, but to consider the feasibility. Riding over mountain is the test of perseverance for the mountain will not change according to your emotions, it will exit there forever. The choice is to go or not to go.

I became more tolerant. I had a very strong sense of justice, in other words,I was an easily-angry person. I excluded all the things I don’t like. But now,I have changed. I understood the different habits between the various races, the differences among people due to different education,different backgrounds and different growth environments. I accept them and treat them more moderate, rather than intense.

I appreciate those changes forever and I know I will.I used be called loser, and I nearly believed it. But now,I know I am not. cycling changed me?Maybe.But I would liked to say cycling waked me up.I am always a hero,used to be asleep,now awake.

If possible,I wish there would be more people falling in love with cycling. Personally,I strongly suggest you to try it. Whether you are the type of rider who likes to spend hours riding,once you start it, you may find that the best way to wake up your energy is riding.

In the end,a few tips for you.

1.Safety is the most important thing.

2.Make a schedule ahead.

3.Check out the road condition.