Cycling Tips Women Actually Require To Know

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It is true that once you get the balance on two wheels, you will not forget the feeling of wind sweeping through your hair and heart racing with adventure while propelling yourself forward via two wheels. Cycling is the world full of fun and wonder, but few of us can really learn to ride a bike, as opposed to merely staying upright and managing forward motion without falling. Here are some essential tips and advice, that every woman should know to stay comfortable and healthy when building up to longer rides. By employing some basic cycling tips and skills, you'll not only earn a greater appreciation for your bike, but also improve your riding experience, and get a better workout in the process. Take advantage of the following tips next time you hit the road.

About the gear

Wear a good pair of cycling shorts--and no underwear. Cycling shorts are the single most important piece of cycling clothing, but by normal standards, they are a weird bit of clothing. The pad on the inside of the short, known as a chamois, might not look like it will do much, but it makes a world of difference. Resist the urge to wear undies beneath your cycling shorts. This is a major no-no. The chamois is a technical piece of equipment, and it needs to be against your skin to do its job properly. Besides, underwear can cause chafing, and that will make you walk like a cowboy.

A comfortable saddle. Different from the popular belief, it can be tricky for you to find the right one as a comfortable saddle. The problem is that arses are like leaves: no two are alike. Because of this reason, a perfect saddle of someone might not work for you. Nowadays, many manufacturers make saddles in different widths, and the retailers have sizing devices to help you decide what you need. Our advice is to find a local shop that can get you sized, and understand that you might have to try more than one saddle until you find the right one.
3. A good pair of cycling shoes. While riding a bike, trainers are not the best shoes to wear. They allow your foot to flex too much while riding, and this can cause problems all the way up your leg, and into your hips.Cycling shoes have a rigid sole, which provides a stable platform for your foot. You will still be able to walk normally, and you will get better power output when you are mashing the pedals.

4. Switch to clipless pedals. If you ski, then you will already be familiar with the concept of clipless pedals. This setup allows your foot to connect to the pedals on a bike. There are several advantages of using clipless pedals: your feet are held in the right place on the pedals. You can put out a bit more power and they are a lot easier to use than the old-style clips and straps, that old-time cyclist used to attach themselves to pedals. It is also usual that there might be some fear on using them. Almost everyone has experienced the ‘static fall’, where you just forget to unclip. This is a rite of passage for every rider and often happens in the most embarrassing way possible. To avoid it, a tip is to practice clipping in and unclipping while leaning against a wall or table and then while riding slowly in circles, till it becomes practiced.

Brake. Here we are talking about making sure your brakes are easy to use so that you are in more control of your bike. The distance between the handlebar and your brake levers is known as ‘reach’. On most modern brake setups, the reach is adjustable, so you don’t have to stretch your fingers to reach the levers. If you are better able to grab the levers, you will be able to actuate your brakes more effectively, thus have better control over your speed. Ask your local bike shop to help you either shim your road bike levers or dial in the levers on other types of bikes.
About training

Every women cyclist has one common dilemma: we participate in a sport that is dominated by men. On race days we do not have to worry about this as usual because there is a group of us gathered to compete. However, training days are another story. If each of us female racers has 10 of our closest friends on bikes and interested in cycling, we do not have to get used to training and riding with the men and learn to make the most out of it. So here we are going to tell you about how to get the most of training with men.

Men are stronger than women, usually. Use this to your advantage. After the following training, you may find riding with the guys has greatly improved your endurance and ability to keep on their wheels.
#1 Ride with men even if they are faster.

#2 Push yourself to stay on their wheels.

#3 Make a goal for every training ride to not get dropped.

Buy the best women’s cycling shorts money can buy. This was mentioned before, but it is worth repeating again and again. There is a lot riding on your nether regions. An uncomfortable seam can make a painful saddle sore and take you off the bike for a week by this way. Untreated saddle sores can become infected and lead to vaginitis or bacterial vaginitis and even more time off the bike. After you have found the most comfortable bike shorts available, buy several pairs. It will be the best ideas if you hate doing laundry.
Finally, don’t be intimidated when riding with the guys, they are secretly stoked you are. Cycling men are an interesting group. Even the guys who seem less than thrilled to see you when you join them, are probably impressed, when you accepted the challenge to ride with them. After a while, the guys will start to encourage you. Making little goals during the ride will encourage you to stay with the guys even when the pace is blistering. With the men, we are all on a quest to be the best on every ride. And, I believe, training at levels much higher than your personal best will ultimately make you a much better rider.

We hope these cycling tips for women can provide a little help for you and your friends.