cycling to commute: 10 tips you should know!

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Have you ever encountered the traffic jam when you were nearly late to work? Owing to the flexible frame, the bicycle has become a convenient way to work for many people recently. It can make you free when you are trapped in the traffic jam.

Cycling to work, it can be relaxing. you will feel happy while surrounded by the fresh air, seeing the colorful flowers and listening to the sounds of birds. What is important is faster speed than the clouded cars. You don’t need to worry about whether you will be late. But there are several items you should care about when you decide to bike to work.


The most common and but most concerned problem is the weather. You are not only to ride on the dry road. If rainy, it will be a very muddy road. You will wear your waterproof clothes but usually forget your bike doesn’t want dirty water on its body. Besides, without a fender, your clothes might be a new style.

Fenders or mudguards can protect your bicycle. When you ride on the wet road, the chain, derailers and brakes of your bike will be bad without fenders. Because they will be sprayed with the sand, muddy and dirty water.


The choice of tyres is also important. Although commuters ride in cities, there are some uneven roads. Choosing good tyres can keep your biking for a long distance. So it is necessary to think about the types, diameter, width and pressure of tyres.

Commuter bike tyres are designed for some tough urban situation. It can provide the grip and comfort for you. Although the commuter bikes are available for 26 and 27.5 inches which are the common mountain bikes, using 700c wheels can be faster. We usually select the wider tyres than normal road bikes for it can be more comfortable and can also reduce the risk of punctures. You can use 32 or 35c width to fit the 700c diameter wheels.

View mirror

Someone think it is not indispensable to mount the view mirror for a bicycle. But for the commuters, it is very necessary. When you are in the center of city and surrounding by the cars, a view mirror can provide you the visual field behind you and you can react if a car comes to you quickly. If you wear a scarf of a hat, it is hard to turn around and see what the situation is. In the heavy traffic condition, you can’t pay attention to the front vehicle when you turn your head back. Thus, a view mirror can give you good assist.


As a worker, you might get off work in the evening. For the dawning and the dark condition, Lights are not only to provide light for your front road but also to make you visible. In a snowy or rainy day, if you commute by cycling, lights are dispensable. One is mounted on the front and the other one is mounted on the back.


Carry a lock with you. There is no doubt that a bike is convenient and easy to move and stop. For example, you want to buy breakfast on the way to work, you can stop your bike in front of the shop and pick up your food. But if you want to leave your bicycle safely, you need a lock with it. Locking your bike, you will not worry that somebody steals your bike.


When you ride a bike, it is inevitable to encounter some accidents on your bike. You need take some tools with you and avoid difficulty as far as possible. A multi-tool usually has a range of Allen keys and screwdriver. They allow you to adjust all of the important screws on your bike. Whatever the problem is on your handlebars, stem or seat saddle, it can solve perfectly.


Will you wear your work suit when you biking? As a sort of exercise, cycling might make you perspire in your way. If you wear your heavy suit jacket, it will be a little bit stink of sweat when you reach your compony. So you should wear a suit of convenient clothes during your cycling and prepare work clothes in the office. You can take shirts and pants folded up in your bag.


Your hands will be sweat riding on a warm day so that it is not easy to grip the handlebars. Gloves should have padded palms. Wearing a pair of gloves can increase friction between your hands and handlebars and provide extra cushioning. Therefore, gloves can protect your hands from the crush. Another reason to wear gloves is wiping your snotty nose and sweat during the cycling. Washing a pair of gloves is as easy as wash a handkerchief.


Usually, a hamlet is a major equipment for a cyclist. Don’t worry about your haircut! Wearing a hamlet is very necessary, for it can protect your head in the dangerous case of an accident.

Care about the parked car

You should be careful with the cars parked on the side of the road. Be alert for if there are people in the car and be ready to open the car door without looking back when you coming to the car. If you ride a bike at a fast speed and pass a parked car when opening the car door, you will be hit down and get hurt.


Cycling is a kind of relaxing way in our life but work is always tiring. Combining them, cycling to work can give you good mood before your work. When you are successful on your first cycling to commute, you might find that you want more. Even the skilled cycling commuters feel badly great in their riding though they ride bikes regularly. They do it because the personal reward is attractive and charming. Putting yourself in it, you will find yourself merging with the world. So enjoy your ride and be positive to your life!