Cycling To Make New Friends

Posted by tan xiao yan on

Cycling is a great environmentally friendly way to get fit, to lose weight or to relax. But do you know that cycling actually is an opportunity to find some friends in fact, in spirit, and in purpose?

We enjoy the same wonderful thing: cycling. We know what we are going through and we can share our experience each other. What a great thing.

However, cycling to make friends doesn’t mean that we just ride on the road and friends will come to us automatically. Of course not. Making friends actually is a technique work and we need to make some efforts to achieve our goal.

So, here I would like to share my experience with you how to make friends by cycling.

Join a cycling club or a campaign group.
I like cycling a lot as it makes me so relaxed and I can always enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. Exploring different cycling routes is always my favourite thing to do every weekend, to know different things, to see the new world and to learn new things. However, as a matter of fact, I am an interval person who dares not to take to strangers freely.

My parents always wondered why I rode so much but how can’t I make like-minded friends. Well, the answer is I always ride where no one else does. And I seldom talk with others. That’s the reason.

So my mother, who worried without friends I would be lonely, signed me up for a local cycling club, which I really appreciate. When I first went to the club, I saw my later-friend Emma, a beautiful lovely girl, for the first time,

She really is a girl who catches people’s eyes: she always talk with others with a big sweet smile; she always cares about others; she is so kind to others, even a stranger. She is the one who I always want to be.

When I came out for the first time, she noticed me very soon. She rode to my side with a big smile on her face and talked with me warmly:” Hi, I’m Emma. Great to see you! Are you new here?”

“Yes. And I am Carol. Nice to meet you.” There! I didn’t know what to say! She seemed she didn’t care about my wordlessness at all. She kept talking with me and she introduced me to the whole club members.

Before our first cycling together, Emma told me many dos and don’ts. I was very excited that day as I got to know so many new friends and I learned so many useful knowledge.

Sign up for a forum.
When we finished the wonderful day, Emma helped me sign up for a local cycling forum. People can share their cycling experience, cycling tips or just some thoughts on the forum or ask for advice from others. She added me as a friend and she helped me followed some big men there. Emma is quite an active girl, it seems you can see her everywhere. Indeed, a forum is a great place to learn new things or to share your feelings and it’s a wonderful way to foster friendships that can be taken into real life. Emma and her forum friends would ride on the weekend sometimes, and she would invite me to go with them. There, I have a wonderful cycling experience and I have more friends!

3. Take the initiative and greet others.

Waving or saying hello to fellow riders on the road is a great way to start a conversation and a friendship. Emma does that a lot and later I learned to do it. Sometimes, some people are just a little shy and they are afraid that you won’t make friends with them. Once you say hello or waves to them, you give your olive stick to them. Some of them will be willing to make friends with you. Once I waved to a guy on the road and he waved back and we started our conversation. He is a nice and funny guy and we go cycling together from time to time. I never regret I waved to him for the first place. Sometimes, this way doesn’t work well, but you make your efforts and there is nothing to sorry for.

4. Keep in touch with your friends.

Friendship is like a little flower seedling who needs our careful cultivation to grow up. Keeping in touch with your friends is necessary to foster our friendship. I always failed to do that until I met Emma.

She would send me a card or a gift every festival; she would give me a call every weekend and invite me to ride with her and her friends; she would share new cycling tips and wonderful things to me; we follow each other on all our social websites; she invites me and my family having dinner together. And so would I. I like her so much as if I am not afraid of anything as long as I am with her. I changed a lot with her: I am more outgoing; I have many new friends; I learn new things and I am happier every day and I learn to run different relationships with others by keeping in touch with people and it does help me a lot.

And I believe that is the magic of friendship: I become better because of you and you are happier because of me while you add brilliance to my present splendour and I am your icing on the cake.

Meeting Emma seems a turning point in my life in that she brings a wonderful brand new world to my life and changes me to some extend.

Cycling to make friends is a process full of fun and magic. I like the words of Forrest Gump: “Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get” as it is the same thing as making friends.

Cycling is just a tool to know certain people and knowledge with the simple three steps: joining them, saying hello to them and keeping in touch with them to make new friends. Try it next time and I hope you can find your Emma as well!