Cyclists require owning an electric bicycle

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If you have filled with a mind that you will enrich your life in a do-it-yourself project, then in my view, there’s no doubt that you also need to build an electric bicycle to achieve this goal, possess an own electric bicycle, your long-range cycling trip will be less trouble and easier. It can get you on the road on a reliable, economical, environmentally friendly ride. This article will give you all the reasons why you need to own an electric bicycle.

What are electric bicycles

The electric bicycle is using the battery as a supplementary energy, installation of the motor, controller, battery, turn the brake handle control part and display personal transportation electromechanical instrument system, with two wheels, to achieve human riding, electric or electric assisted bicycle electric bicycle special function. The model with TD (special type bicycle electric bicycle class) crown. Electric bicycles are bicycles that have an electric motor and batteries that power the bicycles and assist with peddling. Electric bicycles are not motor bikes but a hybrid of electric and pedal power. They are usually limited by laws to a specific power so that they still qualify as bicycles and are exempt from registration fees, insurance, needing a driving license, and the department of safety regulations.

Why electric bicycles

Freedom and convenience
An electric bicycle will take you door to door without breaking a sweat. And because of its miniature size, it has a very special advantage to park anywhere, and you don’t need to pay for it somewhere, it’s cheap to run. In other aspects, you can keep up with traffic at the side of the road instead of moving slowly behind the car lines, which will save more time. And it can be available anytime you want.

Safer than regular bicycles
Electric bicycles are easier to be controlled, electric bicycles are slower than motorcycles, so accidents will be easier to walk away from. When the emergency comes or your brake out of work, you can stop your bicycles with the help of your legs in case of serious injury. Besides, you have a big power source for safety features such as powerful lights and horns that you just don’t have on regular bicycles.

The cost is low.
The cost of electric bicycles is cheaper than the car ownership, it doesn’t need to add with petrol, and they don’t need to take the case of the insurance, maintenance, taxes, depreciation and parking fees and tickets. For many young people, they maybe go to the society just for a short time or they are going to join in the society, the economic base isn’t strong, there are still also some students who have any economic base, so it is a very good options for this kind of people, there is nothing better than an electric bicycle.

There is no doubt that an electric bicycle can go faster than a regular bicycle, if you prefer to cycle long distances, owning an electric bicycle is good for you to overcome the difficulties you maybe encounter, for example, when you’re climbing a steep, you will save effort. You don’t need to move your bike only rely on you two legs. It’s faster than your usual.

More benefits you can’t get from regular bicycles
There are many people will feel very fatigue after a long-distance biking, with an electric bicycle, you can have a rest sitting on your seat and relax your legs. You don’t need to peddle all the time. And it can ensure you to cycle longer-distance.

To some extent, electric bicycles can create a sense of comfort and equality to other road users, and you don’t feel like a second-class road user, as you do when riding a regular bicycle. Also, it can make riders feel more polite and relaxed.

The last important benefit is saving the environment. With the environment becoming worse, using electric bicycles is developing as a new trend. It gets the power with electric which mainly offered by the sun, decreasing the usage of the chemical energy source, we can not only protect the limited source but also protect our environment.
Maybe you want to build your own electric bicycle

Build your own electric bicycle can improve the quality and unique design, increase performance and reduce the cost. Besides, there are many types of electric bicycles you can choose to build, such as the long-range commuter electric bicycle, the folding commuter electric bicycle, high-power and long range electric bicycle and motored bicycle.

Whatever you choose to build, there are some important introductions and guides you require to know.

The maximum speed shouldn’t greater than 20K m/h.
The overall weight of an electric bicycle shall not be greater than 40kg

The electric bicycle must have good pedal riding function, and the running distance of 30m in pedal should be no less than 7km
There are other important things you need to consider, such as the driving distance, the power consumption and so on.

The bicycle maintenance

You need to maintain your bicycles from time to time, even if you don’t often use it or the bicycle doesn’t get any harm.

Every six months you should deal with the electric bicycle for a maintenance of transmission parts lubrication rust, strengthening the fasteners, adjust the tightness of the spokes.
When you are going to charge a battery, you need to charge with constant current, constant voltage, three phase float automatic conversion mode, when the battery is automatically transferred to the float reaches sufficient degree, it doesn’t need manual to control charging time.
When maintaining the bicycle, whether the problem refers to the motor, batteries, control systems, or charger problems you must take you bicycle to the special repair center maintenance, do not disassemble it by yourself.

Most cyclists will try his best to reduce drag on the ride, possessing an electric bicycle is a good idea to achieve your wish.