cyclists require to remember 7 useful tips for cycling safety in rainy days

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Cycling has become a kind of very popular sport in the modern Society. People in the city tend to ride their bikes to exercise for nearly every day. No matter in the sunny day or rainy day, people will not stop their cycling journey. So riders often show up with their bikes on the road in different weathers. If it is a sunny day, they will be very comfy, but if here comes a rainy or snowy day, they may meet the wet roads on their trips. Then it can be very dangerous for the riders. Well, roadies must very want to know how to cycle safely on the road with their road bicycles in the wet the wet days. Here are the five tips I would like to share with you:

1.Choose the right tires for your bike

Usually, the tire of a road bike is different from the one of a mountain bike. The former one is narrow and skinny while the latter one is wider and thicker. Of course, the shape of a bicycle bike is very important for cycling in the rainy or snowy days. The tire with tread will help the bike to grip the ground better so that it will not easy to fall down. Because the friction force between the bike and ground will increase in the wet days. But the tread of the tire cannot be too deep that the speed of your bike may decrease, at the same time, it is also bad to choose the one with shallow tread like a slick tire-- for which make your bike slippery on the road. Besides, the material of tire should take into consideration too. So far rubber tire is widely used in the world for its high quality and good reputation. In addition, many people may consider that a tire is the best choice in the wet days but it is not. A new tire is not suitable for every rider, some may prefer the one they have ever used for a period of time. No matter what, choose the right one for yourself in those rainy days.

2.Check your wheels and brakes before departure

As we all know that everything can happen in your life, good things, or bad things. Cyclists should check the conditions of their bikes in sunny days, let alone in wet days. Accidents always happen when you are careless. If you want to make sure your safety, you really require to check out your bike in the wet days before your departure. Firstly, the pressure of tires should be checked to find out if it is too high or too low. No matter which one, the bike will face hazard. Secondly, check the brakes. Rainy days or snowy days may bring a lot of unexpected obstacles or dangers on the road, so rakes are needed at any time. Lastly, check the whole condition of the bike. If there is any abnormal part or something you feel uncomfortable, you better pay more attention to that, after all, your life is closely connected with your “partner”-the bike.

Do not corner too hard
Inevitably, several curves and corners stay on the road you will pass through with your bike. You cannot see the concrete condition next to them, if your speed is too high, you might hit somebody or something. Especially in the rainy days, the road is wet and slippery, if you turn around the corner too hard, you will fall down for the inertia. You can ride safely in the rain, but you have to remember that the road will be a bit slicker and your brakes will likely be much less effective.

Brake ahead and control your speed
In the rainy day, not only cars, pedestrians may show up, but also the road always filled with water and other kinds obstacles such as fallen leaves, stones, sand piles and so on. If you meet them in front of you, you need to slow down or even stop and change your direction. Because friction force between bike and ground will decrease for the wet surface. If you cannot brake enough, you might hit something or fall down. Besides, braking ahead gives you enough time to and adequate distance to stop your bike. Finally, the roads are slippy in the wet days for the surface water, so the speed of cycling should be control in a limit which you can handle.

Be careful of the conditions on the road
In the rainy days, the sand, mud and fallen leaves always pile together on the road and block people’s walking and driving. Those inconspicuous things really can become the devil which hurt you or your bike if you are not careful enough. So the best choice is to master the general road condition dozens of meters away in front of your way. And the surface water on the road often influences the visibility of drivers and riders for its reflective features. You probably cannot open your eyes totally and see others clearly. In addition, when you pass by the surface water, you will be splashed by other cars, or others splashed by you. So it is better to slow down your speed when you pass them, and if it is possible for you, try to avoid to get into them.

Prepare some conspicuous marks
The visibility in the wet weather is usually relatively poor. Especially in the mountain areas or in the evening, riders really require something to remind others about their existences. For example, cyclists should choose the bright colorful cycling jersey as their suits no matter in what kind of weather. Because the bright colors can help people to find them in the dark or foggy days. What’s more, some reflective marks should be stuck on the bike, especially the front part and the rear part, and on the hamlet as well. And the headlight and taillight should also be installed. Those conspicuous might assist others to notice you on the wet days.

If you want to cycle in the rainy days, here is a very important thing for you to solve-bring yourself a raincoat. Everybody knows that riding a bicycle needs two hands, if you use one hand only, it is definitely unsafe. So cyclists cannot hold an umbrella when they are cycling which is a fairly dangerous thing. You may easily fall down while one hand cannot control your bike. A raincoat or a waterproof clothes is the best choice for riders to cycle in he rain. It is not only convenient but also safe to ride. Of course, a waterproof tool in font of your bike is useful and popular, too.

Anyway, cycling in the wet weather always a very cool experience for most riders. You can enjoy the rain, the flash air, the fragrant smell of soil, and of course the different view in the rainy days. However, wet days also the periods of occurring dangers. All kinds of traffic accidents, floods, and falls, usually happen during this period. So it is necessary for riders to attach importance to their safeties when they cycling in this kind of weather. The tips above are for your reference only, if any piece of them is regarded useful for you, take it, it is my pleasure.