Differences Between Cheap and Expensive Helmets You are Actually Required to Know

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Helmet is used as an important equipment for cycling safety. As cycling tends to be popular, a growing number of people would like to own enough and good equipment to make cycling more enjoyable. However, there is a hot discussion over the differences between cheap and expensive helmets. Do you agree that there is no difference between them? Do you think it worth buying a helmet at 3 or 4 times the price of a cheap helmet? Will that helmet really give you 3 or 4 times more protection than a cheap one? Maybe you can get the answer after you read this article.

Differences Between Cheap and Expensive Helmets You are Actually Required to Know

1. Material and quality

All of helmets must meet certain safety regulation in order to be sold legally as bicycle helmets.It's widely accepted that all helmets must meet a "minimum" safety standard, but that doesn't mean that all of them need to provide the same amount of protection, and many of them exceed the minimum safety requirements. And it doesn’t mean all are equal. But some of them are merely good at passing tests which cannot actually function well as a cycling helmet.As a helmet, it must provide coverage of the back and sides of your head, or even face. They are designed to keep your head from cracking.

Helmet is considered to be breathable and ventilated. But not all of them are of the same breathability and good quality. Because they are made of different materials which cost differently. Thus, while the differences in price are largely driven by weight, aerodynamics, ventilation, and other things us MAMILs (middle aged men in lycra) like to throw money at. Good helmets are often made of expensive materials of high quality, thus results in high price.

If you are a serious cyclist, and you usually spend several hours on cycling, you need a good helmet to protect you and make you feel comfortable. Helmet of good quality can relieve tension on your head and neck.

But, don't buy a helmet that doesn't fit you properly and provide adequate coverage for your shaped head, which can help you save a few bucks.

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2. Design

As you know, the original design often comes out of great pay, and it is of great value and worth high price. Fashion is the pursuit of most people. Like many other things, cycling equipment also has its own fashionable style. Cyclists tend to rush to purchase the fashionable equipment every season. What is more, as more and more young women join cycling.The demand of fashionable helmets are increasing, which leads to a growing number of helmets of different colors, elements and styles.

If you love fashion and good designs, it may become one factor to be taken into consideration in buying helmets. It may be fantastic, but it's probably overkill. The style of helmet you choose depends on the shape of your head. If your head is rattling around in it, it can't do its job.There is no much need to buy a helmet just for it beautiful shape.


3. After-sale service

After-sale service is taken into consideration as well as helmet’s quality.

It is widely believe that it can make people feel reassuring. As soon as you find anything problems of the helmet, you can call the shop which you buy it. Importantly, you will be given a satisfying answer without expense.

Thus, many people are prone to choose shop with after-sale service to buy their helmets. Usually, service costs a lot, too. If you choose a cheap helmet, you had better not choose after-sale service. It isn’t worth so much. Maybe after using for a time, you will not like it anymore.

After-sale service is not the primary factors to be considered. Before choosing it, make it clear whether it is worth.

4. User experience

Have you ever seen a video of test that someone use a hammer to hit a cheap helmet and an expensive one. As you can figure out, there is a big hole after hitting on the cheap one whereas there is nothing happening to the expensive one. You can still use it without concern. We can draw to a conclusion that expensive helmet can offer a good protection to us while we encounter accident. But the cheap one can do nothing for us. If you have such a helmet that cannot help you, it means that you it is not suitable for you and the cost of it is to give yo a lesson. Thus there is no need to buy such a helmet.

While an expensive helmet can do a lot for you. First, it can protect you well from being hurt. And you can gain a feeling of safety that is conducive to your cycling experience. It can make you feel more comfortable, too.

4.User experience of helmets

Which should you buy, cheap helmet or expensive helmet ?

It depends on your purpose of using a helmet and your personal preference.

First of all, Helmet is meant for safety, if your Helmet is safe enough, it is worth considering. Don’t JUST look for cost, look for the quality and safety as well. If costly helmets give you more safety, then preferably go for that.

Before buying, check whether it is breathable or not. It should be suitable to your head size, strong and durable enough, have proper ventilation, and be UV resistant, scratch resistant, fog resistant.

Expensive helmets have much better ventilation, great aerodynamics, are much lighter, have super-sleek designs, the fit and comfort. Expensive helmets usually have better, easier and more comfortable adjustment system than cheap ones, which come with one size for all heads, which means it'll look big on some heads and small on others.

If you are crazy about fashion, you had better take it into consideration. If you choose an expensive one, then you need to think of after-sale service.
There is one idea from the Internet that you can have a try.
Buy a cheap helmet. If you find it meet your needs, that’s good. If you feel like it's unsuitable, you're only out a few dollars and you can choose to donate it to charity. Then you can buy something a bit better. But don't spend much on a helmet unless you really need it.