Different Usages of the Cycling Headscarf

Posted by tan xiao yan on

The most attractive feature of cycling headscarf is that it has many functions. We select 18 ways of wearing a scarf elaborately. Remember: it is not "Do not imitate stunt". It is a super show that everyone can imitate as long as you have a headscarf! Many cyclists love to wear a scarf because it is of good air permeability and it doesn't wrinkle easily. You can use a scarf to prevent light and the wind and so on. But many people don't aware of the magic usages of the scarf.

1、The most original use: just put it on your head. You can also tie a knot of the rear part hanging down.

2、A hood. You can wrap your hair like Islamic women. That makes you feel mysterious.

3、A skullcap. You can turn the scarf down and then set it on the place paralleling with the ear and eyebrow. Straighten the excessive part. Rotate it for a few times. Unfold it and wrap in your head. Then a double skullcap finishes. That makes you look like a rich landlord. Besides, it is very warm in winter.

4、A bandeau. Fold the scarf into double.Put it on your head. Then pull out your hair. You can adjust the width of the head band.

5、A taenia.You can tie your hair with a scarf. It's quite easy if you know how to tie your hair in a ponytail.

6、A pirate hat. Fold it and then unfold it. After several complicated operations, you will be as cool as a pirate.

7、A windshield. Wrap your head and the face with the headscarf and only your eyes expose outside. It is breathable and prevents from sand and desert. It is quite effective in windy and snowy days.

8、The lining of the helmet.It doesn't feel well when you sweat and then your helmet is wet. Put the headscarf on your helmet as the lining. All your trouble will pass away.

9、An eye shade. Most of the time you often go cycling with a couple of friends unless you like cycling alone. It is a common thing that two people share the same room. If you are used to sleeping early and shy to ask your roommate to turn off the light. Then you can use the scarf as an eye shade and have a good sleep.

10、A neckerchief. Pull your scarf tightly around your neck. It makes you look beautiful and warm as well.

11、A mask. When you wear your scarf around your neck, hitch up your headscarf under your eyes. At the same time, your ears will also be wrapped and they are also warm.

12、A wrister. Wrap a few loops of the scarf and it plays the role of a cushion to protect your wrist. Especially when you can‘t spare your hands, with the scarf wrapped around your wrist you can wipe your sweat away.

13、A wristband. It is a good way to attract other people for someone who likes to have a special character. Wrap the scarf of your own personality in your arm making you look cool. By the way, it doesn't affect you in cycling.

14、A tube top. A girl of a good figure can wear it as the vest. It's elastic and has a vivid pattern. It makes you look absolutely sexy. Of course, funny boys can also wear it and your must make your friends happy and have a good time.

15、The wait support. Sudden cold may cause the pain of your waist. It is an expedient way with a scarf setting on your waist to keep warm. You can also put some stuff like socks and paper in it to make your waist warmer. This method is also applicable to all joints which are easy to feel cold.

16、A skirt. This is really expedient. If you are out of shape, don't try it. Someone has used two scarfs to be a swimming suit putting them on the upper and lower part of her body. It seems like it did work.

17、Gloves. When you work in a muddy and dense mountain, you often have to climb with your both feet and hands. It doesn't feel good when your hands touch dirty mud and worms. Wrap a loop of the scarf on your hands and you can have dry and clean hands.

18、A doggy bag. Sometimes plastic bags are not enough. Tie a knot on the one side of the headscarf. Then a good cloth pocket comes out. Besides, this pocket is capable of expansion and contraction freely. You can put lots of stuff on it. Tie a knot on the other side. Then a good pillow finishes.