Do cyclists require to concern about the pollution of urban cities?

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Cycling to school or to work is being a tendency in many prosperous cities, which is considered to be a very convenient and sustainable way to deal with traffic congestion. Let us have a thought from another point, do cyclists require to concern about the pollution of urban cities? environment pollution ,industrial architecture

With the quick growth of the economy and modernization, the industrialization is following, leading to all kinds of industrial pollutions such as air pollution, water pollution, exhaust pollution and so on. The pollution of urban cities haunt us at all times, can the benefits of riding a bicycle withstand the hazards of inhaled pollutants? On great degree, the answer is negative. Therefore, concerning about the pollution is everyone’s duty, cyclists included.

There are some disadvantages of the pollution of urban cities for cyclists, they are part of main reasons why cyclists also need to pay attention to the pollution question.

Affect cycling: speed and version

Assuming that you are riding in the morning with dense fog, they diffuse the whole city and you can’t see the building and the people or other things in front of you, not far away from your place, will therefog and haze be any more terrible and somewhat sorrow thing? At the time, you need to slow down your speed for the uncertain condition, in case of what will happen unexpectedly, is there any car or pedestrian? Can you see the surroundings clearly? There are a lot of these kinds of questions bothering you. Similarly, fog and haze, a form of air pollution, is in the same case. It can block your sight and affect your sense because of poor visibility. Riding in these days, you must be very careful about everything.

No one is stupid enough to risk their lives to ride fast (except that he is really so stupid and don’t care about himself). There is no doubt that you need to slow down your speed, in this way, you will be late for work or school inevitably.

Affect health and safety

Any pollution is not a good thing for people on this planet, following the pollution, without a doubt, is the disease. Nowadays, what are called Lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, leukemia and other diseases, are the main diseases of air pollution. Lung cancer is one of the most common malignancies in the world today, and one in every four cancers is lung cancer. Studies have shown that chronic exposure to these pollutants increases the risk of heart and lung disease, and short-term exposure can lead to heart disease.

A study of research worker equipped volunteer commuters of riding with a tight vest for collecting biological information, a mesh vest fitted with an air pollution monitor, a set of positioning systems that synchronize with smartphone GPS software, and a blood pressure monitor. All these equipment can accurately describe the location of a volunteer's inhalation of pollutants and record his / her cardiorespirhealth problematory response. "We would like to quantify the health effects of people who ride bicycles in crowded urban settings.", Darby Jack, an expert on environmental health in Columbia and one of the brains of the study, said.

Health officials estimate that in New York City alone, PM2.5 a year caused nearly 2000 premature deaths and more than 6000 hospitalized cases. Children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable to infection. Air pollution does harm to everyone's health, although it is different for different people to be affected by air pollution. As for the cyclists, I think cyclists are the easiest affected groups. Because you breathe more and even sometimes out of breath, you need to breathe in more oxygen to hold your energy. Compared with other people who only walk or drive in the car, you are in the disadvantage occasion, and easier to be affected by these diseases. Whatever your health is threatened.

As what is mentioned above, the fog and haze can make you in a blind way and out of sight, which easily cause accidents when you are rising. Your safety can’t be guaranteed if something bad happens.

Affect the established riding route

The pollution of urban cities can also have a bad influence on your riding route. When your established route exists many pollution problems, or in others words, if there are many factories along the way that produces all kinds of dense smokes, strange and unbearable smell, and ugly waste water, do you still eager to go on in such a way? Many people will choose another route to go, so pollution affects your riding route, too. And maybe you need to choose a more long-distance route, in contrast.

Affect the mood

No one likes to take an anti-pollution mask every time you go out, especially for the cyclists. Because of the bad weather, you cyclists may also be affected. As soon as you think of the terrible air and ugly smell, I can’t believe that you can still be in a good mood and have fun. Only with a good mood can you ride happier and more at ease.

Cyclists can’t just hold the ihand in hand ,build a good earth dea that the pollution is not your business any longer because you have tried to ride instead of driving a car. There are many other ways you can and you need to do by all kinds of means. You can appeal to the government and implement their policies, you can call on the factories legal production and disposal of sewage and waste. Whatever you do, the purpose is to deal with the pollution and achieve sustainable development.

The pollution of urban cities relates with everyone closely, none can escape from being affected, whether you are cyclists, drivers, or just pedestrian. In the present polluted society, a blue sky appear again is not a dream, as one of the cyclists, you require to pay more attention to these important and related issues, not only for a better riding environment but a blue sky as well as a sustainable society.