Five Basic Functions of Cycling Gloves You Should Know

Posted by tan xiao yan on

No matter in the cold weather you see riders wearing this equipment, or professional cyclists wear cycling gloves during the matches or practices, or the crazy cycling enthusiasts of long-distance cycling travel, as long as you are doing some sports that might easily hurt your hands, then the gloves are a kind of must equipment when you are cycling.

1. Keep warm and defend cold.

Keeping the temperature of hands is the main task of gloves. Especially for the middle and high latitude area where cycling sports are very popular. Facing the low temperature and the cold weather in high mountains, in order to keep the hands from contacting the air directly, and prevent the internal heat from losing away and passing on to the iced handlebars. So gloves have become one of the necessary equipment.

Though our hands are very flexible, the weight of muscle is relatively less comparing to other parts of the body. Thanks for the isolating of the gloves, we can prevent the wind, resist the low temperature, and decrease the evaporation and cooling, so that we can reduce the probability of the hands’ frostbite, and it can even prevent the loss of temperature that might happen.

2.Keep comfortable and help buffer.

Cycling sport is not only pedal the bike and look like a supreme commander, and cycling in the middle of the team. We continually put pressure on our hands, reaching the comfort during the several hours' cycling, and then you can really enjoy the joy of cycling.

In the different sections of the rugged terrain, cycling gloves often play a role of buffer. Excessive training will add pressure on the soft tissues, and then compresses the nerves of hands that causes a common carpal tunnel syndrome.

3. Keep stable and grasping.

Some cycling gloves will make use of the matching of the materials, using the rubber material, to make the riders and athletes reach a better grasping ability during their cycling. And the maneuverability has been promoted. For the Mountain Biker which can overcome the Offroad, the importance that a pair of gloves contains should not be overlooked.

4.Wound protection

When facing an emergency, or even unfortunately falling, the normal reaction of human beings usually uses hands to support and resist the dangers from the outside. But, actually, the hand is one of the most difficult parts of the human body to recover. If hands cannot move, it will cause a lot of inconveniences in daily life. So cyclists always prepare themselves well and do not forget to wear the gloves because it can help them reduce the degree they get hurt.

5.Convenient to wipe sweat.

Cyclists stay on the pedals for a long time and ride hard to go forward. So the situation of sweated heavily can not be avoided. And sometimes they have the running noses, so at this time, using the clothes or the tissue to wipe sweat is not only wasting time but also inconvenient for the cyclists. So many people choose to use the back side of gloves to wipe sweat and the snot. The new generation has added a function of “Nose Wipe” which is popular with some riders.

The use of gloves cannot only demonstrate on your hands which just like adding protection clothes out of hands. It also has the effects of shock absorption and buffer. It has a great influence on your cycling experience from the foremost hands to two arms, shoulders and neck extending to the back. In order to match your modeling, now, pick the first cycling gloves for yourself.