Five Reasons Why People Love Folding Bikes in Long Distance Cycling

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Commuting by bike is a good idea to deal with traffic jam, and a folding bike is even a better choice. The convenience of the folding bike enables people to use various kinds of transportation in riding. Let’s discover the 10 benefits of using folding bikes.

You can take it with you
This benefit is quite obvious. If you commute by a folding bike, it does not only save your time, you can exercise at the same time. Besides, if you feel fatigued someday and don’t want to ride it, or encounter an emergency, or you just in a hurry, you can just fold it up and take it onto the public transportations. That’s quite convenient. Conversely, if you are on the bus encountering traffic jams, you can get off the bus and unfold your bike, leaving other people on the bus with jealousy looks.

folding bike
the size of a folding bike
It can reduce the chance of having your bike stolen
With a folding bike, you can, and there’s less chance to be stolen by thieves. Most bikes are stolen because their owners park them in the wrong places. But we have to admit that, if a thief really wants a particular bike, he will make every effort to get that bike, no matter how much protection you put on the bike. However, with a folding bike, you don’t have to park it. You can easily fold it and take it with you. It helps to save money for you to some extent.

If you are planning a long distance cycling and plan to camp on the trip, you can put your folding bike in the tent, which is a wise thought to protect your bike being stolen.

You will look cool on folding bikes
First of all, riding a folding bike is cool. And second, once you know how to fold your bike down and up with your eyes closed, you will also look like a boss when you collapse your folding bike in less than 20 seconds, pick it up and walk into the office, swiftly bypassing the other cyclists wrestling with their chains and padlocks and dismantling saddles and wheels in an effort to make sure no one steals them.

folding bike

Folding bikes are very practical
You can leap into the taxis or subway if it suddenly starts to rain or you have an important meeting to get to and still want to ride a bike on the way home. Besides, riding a folding bike saves you a ton of cash in transport fees. If you take it on the public transportation, it won’t take too much space. You can easily put it into your boot.

folding bike

The maintenance cost is low
Make sure your tires have air in them, your lights are charged, and your chain is oiled, and that’s pretty much it for looking after a folding bike. You don’t have to rent out parking spots, pay insurance, buy gas, and should you ever need a bike mechanic, you’ll find that,most of them are trustworthy.It’s tougher for them to try and pull a fast one on you as you will in all probability know exactly what’s wrong with your bike. A bike service by a fully qualified bike mechanic is laughably cheap. Happy days all round.

Recommendation on choosing a folding bike for long distance riding:

Stability/Ride: It's designed like a "normal bike" 2 triangles, same geometry AND the frame is not cut in half, this it really shows when you ride it, you will feel no different than on your bigger wheel racing bike, this is when 30 years of experience with small wheel bikes (we created some of the first BMX bikes to hit the market) really shows.
Comfort: For long distance riding with smaller wheels you really need a good ride, the Pacific Reach has both front and rear suspension, the suspension travel is only a few millimetres, enough to cancel the road imperfections & bumps while keeping all the power transfer AND very importantly is the only suspension system that does not dip forward when you break (think going downhill at speed)
Space/Load: It has clever-designed rack that folds with the bike
Gears: 19 Speed Shimano Tiagra or equivalent. The Reach uses the same components as full-size bikes (not many folding bikes do) People seem to always ignore this, until something goes wrong and you need spares!
Weight: For long distance riding a key factor. Even with front and rear suspension & 19 speed the Reach only weights 9.5Kg / 19lbs.
The Fold: For long distance, the size of the bike when folded is much more important than how long it takes. The reach takes a few (2) minutes to fold down to: 54cm(H) x21cm(W) x 73cm(L)