Five Tips On Cycling 100 Miles That Are Actually Useful

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A century 100 miles, it is a landmark distance to all cyclists no matter how experienced and inexperienced they are once. You see that clock tick over to 100 miles, it gives a feeling of accomplishment to us all. It is the cyclist equivalent of the marathon for runners. Now it is a distance is daunting but with the right preparation both mentally and physically. It is eminently achievable, but the best thing is you can really impress your mates as well. But how do you do it and where do you do it? I am going to tell you certainly are.

tips on cycling 100 miles

Choose an event
You should able to ride a hundred miles almost anywhere where there are roads or tracks, some will be really difficult while others are beautiful. But the bottom line is you should be at around 100 miles from your doorstep. But is that really what you want to do? Especially if this is going to be your first ever 100-mile ride after all. If we go back to our runner analogy how many first-time Marathon runners do it from their doorstep, not many we’d imagined what you has is an organized event, where you will be riding along with like-minded people on a safe but relatively demanding route. That is clearly marked out, that is peppered with feed stations to help you get the top on along the way. But with so many events to choose from these days, how do you make sure that enter the right one for you well if there is one thing that separates a few from the rest. It is closed roads. There is nothing better than feeling like a pro for a day and not having to worry about traffic as well as the pain that you are experiencing in your legs now. The first really important step is choosing, selecting and entering the event of your choice because that ultimately is your end goal and everything preceding that is done with your event in mind.

So once you have entered your event, what do you do next? Well, hopefully, you have been reasonably organized and give yourself at least a couple of months with which then to prepare with your training. It is really all about gradually increasing the intensity or duration or frequency of your ID as you come up towards the big day itself. Now it is a good idea if you are very new to cycling to spend the first few weeks of your training, getting comfortable on your bike and getting confident on your bike out on the open road and also make sure you increase your training gradually to get a training expect. But importantly making sure you get plenty of rest, so your body has time to make those training adaptations. Now the like lead is that you are not doing to have an enormous tips on cycling 100 milesamount time to set aside and go out on your bike, but you need a worry we are going to go back to the runners’ analogy, one more time, very few first-time marathon runners will do a full 26 miles in training before a day itself. It is all about the consistency of your riding and ensuring that you incrementally increase the stress level on your body as the week’s progress now get yourself a cycle. The computer measures your speed, your mileage and you will be amazed at the kind of improvements you make in only a very short space of time. Now aim to ride three or four times per week in midweeks due to shorter intent rides living your time with the weekend to do your longer ones. When you are creating your training plans, a good idea to work your way back from the date itself and we have a couple of weeks ago, try and do an 80-mile ride in preparation where you replicate the conditions that you have on the day are you the same type of terrain eating and drinking the food that you plan to have on the day itself. Now if you are capable of doing that 80 miles almost undoubtedly you will be able to complete the century on a day.

You will need to manage what you eat before, during and after your rides, which will definitely make a big difference on your cycling performance. Before your 100-mile riding, you should make sure that you take on a healthy, balanced meal with fresh vegetables and low glycemic index carbs. Of course, it is also worthfuelling when cycling 100 miles considering a bowl of cereal two hours before bed as a booster. During your 100-mile cycling, don’t forget to keep eating! Take some bananas, take along something with caffeine and sugar just in case and an average sized cereal bar of about 30 grams for every 45-60 minutes of riding. You should make sure you are able to take a drink from a bottle whenever you need to. However, avoid taking on a whole bunch of energy gels which are mostly designed to help riders through the last few demanding kilometers of a road race. After the cycling, it is the time for fruit juice or a purpose made recovery shake. Get some sugars in within 20 minutes. Remember to keep hydrating and sit dome to a decent meal containing some good protein within about an hour.

Choose a good partner
What would that extra adrenaline go through your body and the encouragement to have you other riders around you, not to mention the fact that when your steps tune behind other riders, you are actually saving loads of energy? In fact, riding with others is a great way of preparing for these events. First, it will make the time pass more quickly and secondly if you are arranged to meet somebody, you are far more likely to go outside the front door in the first place and do the training and thirdly, if you ride with others who are just a little bit better than you, they will push you that little bit further.

choose a good partner when cycling 100 miles

seven days before
There is one last very important tip and that is that you should have all your hard work done on the bike with one week, still remaining to the event that lasts seven days you should just be about absorbing the training you have done and freshening up the day itself. In fact, one of the worst things you can do is the panic trade over those last few days leaving you feeling fatigued and tires when it matters most some top advice.

To recap

After reading what I have suggested above, you probably have had a clear idea on how to ride 100 miles. It is actually pretty fun and exciting as long as you follow my advice, you will definitely have an enjoyable 100-mile cycling experience. Thus, what are you still waiting for? Let’s get the start right now!