Get fit: 30 minutes is enough

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Nowadays, with the improvement of living standard, people pay more and more attention to keep fit. Meanwhile, a lot of people have to sacrifice their time on the workout to accomplish their job or study and they found it is difficult for them to ensure one or two hours’ exercise in the gym. In reality, we could achieve the workout target with only 30 minutes, which is sufficient for us to get fit. This article is going to tell you how to get fit in 30 minutes, which could definitely save your time and help you to reach your workout goal. You have to remember that workout result depend on the quality of exercise not the quantity of exercise time.

Exercising in the gym

There are various exercises we could choose for a 30-minutes workout. Exercising in the gym is also a good choice because the equipment in the gym could assist you to build a perfect physique, which is an efficient way to burn fat and calories. However, if you want to get fit in 30 minutes, there are some things you have to remember when exercising in the gym. First of all, you’d better choose bilateral movement, not the unilateral movement because you could train the both side of your body at the same time, which could save your time effectively. Moreover, you’d better make a detailed workout plan to use your time effectively. For instance, you could spend ten minutes on cardio training and twenty minutes on resistance training. Both cardio training and resistance training should be contained in your schedule because cardio training is beneficial for your physique health and resistance training could probably train your upper and lower body. By managing your time properly, we believe you could easily achieve your workout goal. Last but not least, in order to achieve the goal of getting fit in 30 minutes, you have to strengthen the intensity of your exercise. Therefore, you might feel tired at the beginning and have to take a break. And what you should keep in mind is that your exercise time is limited and you don’t have much time to be spent on the break.

Exercise without relying on gym

Some people might be too busy to go to the gym for the purpose of getting fit. For these people, we could provide you a few suggestion on the exercise which also could be done without relying on the equipment in the gym. For instance, if you only have 30 minutes available at noon to keep fit, you could do simple exercise such jumping jacks, holding dumbbells and dancing squat. If you don’t want to do boring exercise in the gym, you could choose some outdoor exercises such as cycling. According to some medical reports, cycling not only could shape your physique but also make you smarter. Besides, you could enjoy the variable scenery when cycling, which release you from busy life. If you want to get fit in 30 minutes by cycling, there are several steps you should follow. What you need to do first is warming up which requires you to ride for 6 minutes at the beginning. And then, you should gradually strengthen the intensity. Next, you should slow down gradually and relax for 2 minutes. After two-minute relax, it’s time to carry out the first sprint which lasts for twenty seconds with 90% effort. And then you could relax your muscle for 40 seconds, preparing for the next sprint which lasts for 10 seconds. After that, you could go easy again for fifty seconds, followed by a five-second sprint. After accomplishing all these procedures, you repeat it again. At the end of your exercise time, you should have three-minute warm-down.

If you could follow the method we mentioned above when cycling, your workout must be more efficient than before. And such intensity is suitable for 30-minute cycling. Sometimes, you may have more time to be spent on cycling, so you could lengthen your time on warming up which prepare your body for intensifying exercise.


Although 30 minutes is enough to get fit, insistence is also necessary if you want to get fit and improve your health. Therefore, it is significant for you to choose the most suitable exercise by considering your interest, time and competence. For example, cycling is a great choice and the reasons are as follows. First of all, you could cycle on the way to company or school if the distance is long enough, which not only help you get fit but also save your money spent on traffic. Secondly, if you cycle outside as the way we mentioned above, you could definitely achieve the goal of getting fit. Thirdly, the changeable scenery is interesting and motivating enough for you to insist on cycling. In a word, no matter what kind of exercise you choose, to you should insist on doing every day. Only in this way, you could get fit in one day.

Healthy Diet

In addition to correct exercise method and insistence, the healthy diet is also necessary if you want to get fit. When we decide to keep fit, a well-balanced diet can make your exercise more effective because healthy diet could provide you with protein and nutrition which is essential for your daily activity. After intensifying exercise, you have to take in essential nutrients such as the protein which could help you recover from tiredness and make you full of energy. Meanwhile, you have to control the intake of fat and calories because they may make you fat easily. Moreover, you should have some fresh fruits and vegetables, which could provide abundant vitamin.

To sum up, too busy to exercise is not a good excuse to prevent you from doing exercise to keep fit. It is unnecessary to spend the whole day in doing exercise in the gym. If you have the determination and motivation to get fit, 30 minutes every day is enough.