Gloriously Perfect Winter Cycling Jackets for Cold Weather to you

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Cycling during winter seems to be a tough challenge for most of the cyclists, a gust of wind comes close to you,which will make you hesitate to step one more forward, and the piercing wind like a sharp sword stabs at your weakness. Another aspect that stops you from cycling in winter is the short daylight hours. During winter, time is always compact. The sun rises late and drops early. You can’t have adequate time to stay outside. In addition to the time, the ice spreads here and there, as well as the continual rainy conditions. All kinds of facts proof that you will face massive difficulties and challenges in your winter cycling. However, problems always have their solutions.

Instead of abandoning your bike at the corner, you are supposed to take up your courage and have a wonderful cycling journey during this particular period.

Prepare for this cycling journey, a warm jacket is necessary. Rather than get a thin jacket to be cold, why not get one with multiple layers. Have a look at what we mention below, I’m sure you will get one you like.

WOLFBIKE Men's Thermal Cycling Jersey MTB Bike Jacket Pants Windproof

WOLFBLKE is known as a professional cycling brand, and it offers a range of cycling sports equipment, which includes cycling apparel, protective gear, helmets and cycling accessories. They are all at the best quality but low price. You can find what you want at WOLFBIKE. Now we mainly introduce our highest quality cycling jackets for you.

Our jackets maintain many features:

Have a good UV-Protection
There are very brilliant sublimated graphics on the surface but they don’t inhibit breathability
Mesh Materials on the back for breath
4.light-weight and water-resistant design ensure you enjoy cycling even there is little rain

Full open zipper used to lock the zipper puller Product
Reflective on the back to make your cycling more safety
Scratch-resistant zipper, Water repellent
Water-resistant fabric
Two side pocket, Plus High capacity invisible rear pocket
Elastic Cuff
11.Thermal fleece keep warm

This jacket is high-necked, it can prevent the cold wind from entering your body, and keep your neck warm. Besides, at the bottom of the sleeves design is contractive. When you ride your bike, the wind can’t enter your body from the sleeves, too. It’s the best design and meeting with great favor among the young and the old.

The Sobike Windproof Winter Cycling Long Jersey (Wind Storm)

From its appearance, we can know that this jacket is very suitable to prevent the wind, as what it is called---wind storm. It is made of Material "WINDOUT" and 100% Polyester and 50D Terylene Jacquard & SPTex Fabric. Water-proof index >2000. It is capable of keeping the wind out and staying warmth in.

Another design is the reflective stripes on the rear pockets. It can keep you safe when you are riding in the dark. There are other features including Anti-slip rubber handed on the bottom hem, High-quality SOBIKE patched in the front, 2 pockets with zippers in the front, specially designed hood which can't be removed from the jacket. The siamesed hood can keep the rain away, as well as keep you warm. When you wear your hood, your ears won’t cold any more.

Within this jacket on the back, some fleeces are designed to keep warm, this makes the jacket looks thin but exactly very warm. It is very suitable to wear in the temperature about 10 to 20 degrees, especially at the beginning of the winter or the end of the winter.

Under its arm, we design a wild area of AIR PASS shell fabric, the air in and out can go out frequently, which can deal with the peculiar smell. With the color of red and black, It can be regarded as the most fashionable and appealing jacket this winter.

As the winter around the corner, it’s time to prepare your cycling jackets, consider about our jacket with its features and appearance such as material, design, color and so on. If there are something match your need, come on and get one.

Men’s select Pearl Izumi Thermal Barrier Jacket

What may bother you is that how can you find a pair of the jacket which can really match to your style as well as the Winter season. How can you dress a jacket flying your own colors? Pearl Izumi thermal barrier jacket must suit your taste. Firstly, it’s structure is perfect. As the pictures you can see, on the front, there is a long different-color zipper set from the collar to the bottom., and the tight yet suitable length collar can just cover your neck, which looks so cool.

Secondly, its main body is 100% Polyester. Thirdly, on the back, an extra triangular shaped patch was added in the middle which looks like another sight. The next one feature is that it contains one zippered back pocket Plus one zippered hand pocket for easy access, you can put your phone, your small but important things on it, then you don’t need to find your things troublesomely. The more important benefit is with the zipper, you don’t need to worry about if there is something lost, you can have a check to your pocket anytime you want to. Besides, your can feel the things in your pocket, especially your phone. The mobile phone can hardly leave us any moment, as it’s the most important and necessary one for almost everyone. When you are on the cycling journey, your may be lost in the directions. Then your phone plays a vital role in helping you clear the cloud.

Last but not least, this kind of jacket is made of a waterproof material, not only can it prevent the rain outside but keep you warm enough. it has a very strong ability to resist the raging wind.

It is full-length, and the jacket’s tail is designed in a vaulted shape, which was added the stylish elements on it. And then there are several sizes available. Whether you are slim enough, middle or a little bit strong figure, we are sure that you can possess the right one.

ARSUXEO Winter Warm-UP Thermal Soft shell Cycling Jacket Windproof Waterproof 15-k

This jacket is very warm and a little thick because of the soft shell fabric. There are inside fleece keeping you from the cold weather. We know that the cold weather is more fierce than any weather in any condition. Especially the north area, Winter’s temperature is lower more than the south. Therefore, this pair of jacket is just in time for you to overcome the beast of prey, freezing weather.

Windproof waterproof warm up fleece design for cold weather

Reflective brand logo and stripe keep you safe in darkness

Zipper pocket and back pocket for safe storage

Black part are lycra fabric for breathable and elastic, keep you comfortable during sports

The cycling jacket has the ability of water-proof. During Winter there are always rain following, you’d better ensure to have something to prevent it, and this kind of jacket is the best option for you. On the other side, the jacket is not easy to dirty, its color can help cover the dirty too. If it is dirty unluckily, reducing the embarrassment is the most important thing when there is nothing for you to change.

As the Winter is approaching, you’d better buy the best winter cycling jacket to keep you warm and comfortable while you are on the way of cycling journey. As most people do, there are many things bothering you about purchasing a pair of Winter cycling jacket, for example, you may consider the material, features, design, color, visibility, number of layers which wads used in the jacket and so on. When you really need to buy one, no one can escape from these troublesome in fact.

However, we can help you solve the problems here, the jacket we mentioned above are all the best, if you take a fancy to them, take your action and buy! All in all, your favor is our honor!