Healthy eating diets for your fantastic riding journeys

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For the majority of riding enthusiasts, there is no doubt that riding brings lots of relaxation and happiness to you. Every riding experience, especially in a stressful situation, is actually an opportunity to challenge your stamina to its maximum, as well as explore your incredible potential. As long as you reach your destination, quantities of you are bound to have a feeling of reaching a realm of mental and physical detachment. For the purpose of ensuring your health and safety in your riding journey, here are some suggestions about healthy eating diets for you.

As a matter of fact, cycling is a kind of movement that consumes large amounts of calories. For instance, if you ride at a speed of 25km per hour, you’ll lose 10k cal each kilo in each hour. There exists one situation that some riders would risk eating nothing to lessen total weight, however, you’ll get into trouble of losing energy which makes you unable to move forward. In this sense, it’s indeed necessary and imperative for you to prepare nutrition supplement.

Before starting your riding:

1.You’d better eat food with abundant carbohydrates, such as rice, fruits, and bread, which plays an important role in your endurance exercise. In addition, drinking the proper amount of coffee will help burn your fat inside your body, which is also a way of offering energy. However, what you should bear in mind is that you’d better keep away from those that are oily and hard to digest before riding.

2.From a nutritional point of view, it’s essential to prepare sufficient supplements of protein and sugar, such as yogurt and other beverages full of protein, which can effectively repair muscle tissues damaged by exercise.

3.Water has the ability to transfer oxygen and nutrients to cells throughout the body, as well as to lower body temperature during exercise. In particular, in hot weather days, without immediate water supplement, your riding will be tougher and it will affect your health. When it comes to the proper amount you shall follow, it usually takes the amount of a kettle per hour and you’d better keep the habit of drinking water every 15 minutes

4.Compared with pure water, sports drinks with electrolytes are better in helping you absorb water. Besides, you may as well choose a type of drinks that contains about 3% of sugar contents, which is easier for you to absorb. In the light of some drinks with too much sugar, you can dilute them.

5.In order to supply enough energy, you’d better prepare some food of high calories, such as energy pectin bars and chocolates, and they are easy to take with you.

During your riding:

In most cases, most riders will find it difficult to swallow in the uphill section. Thus, here comes a suggestion that the food you choose shall depend on the situation where you are. Put it differently, when you are in the beginning or middle of the race, solid food functions better to you. However, when you ride to the posterior part of your race, which requires increasing your strength, then you’d better take the liquid supplement as your main choice.
One rule you should remember in your riding is to eat before the hunger comes. Once you have a feeling of hunger, as a matter of fact, you have lost the best time to recharge energy. Here is a suggestion for you. The order of food supplement you should follow is to eat some food with high adhesiveness first, after that, you may as well eat energy pectin. Besides, energy bars also play a workable role in offering you energy, which has less influence on the digestive system than energy pectin do.
When you sweat a lot during your riding, bananas, which are rich in potassium ions, should be your best choice without hesitation.
Attention! Safe postures of supplement
Generally speaking, there is a pouch attached to each rider’s back of their riding clothing, which aims to make it easier to catch their food. In most cases, you’d better put those you will eat most frequently into the side that is nearest to you, while another food that has lower chance to eat should be placed in the middle. How about in some emergent situations? Here comes a workable suggestion that you’d better grasp the brake at one hand ( the front brake works more effectively).

After finishing riding:

At the end of riding, you must feel exhausted. Thus it’s high time for you to restore that glycogen you’ve consumed. The best choice for you is to supply carbohydrates as soon as possible. Besides, it will work better if you eat with proper amounts of protein. Drinking pure juice or other beverages, such as honey and lemon is also worthy of considering, for you’ll recover your strength by absorbing citric acid and fructose.

Above all, keeping healthy ranks No.1 throughout your daily life, as well as your riding journey. With healthy eating diets, you’ll feel more energetic to challenge yourself, while at the same time, you’ll find ti more relaxing and meaningful to enjoy every moment in your riding experience. Why not have a try? Come on!