How can excessive cycling kill you and what can you do to protect your heart?

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Exercise has been an important activity for many people in our daily life, and cycling is thought to be the popular one. Many people maybe have such a wrong idea that cycling as an exercise can strengthen your body, and won’t do any harm to your health, with cycling, you can strengthen lung's capacity, improve blood circulation and prolong your life. However, what about excessive cycling? Have you thought about the damage to your heart caused by excessive cycling? Do you know the signals of heart problem and the methods to protect your heart? Never mind, here you will know a lot of knowledge you want to know.

excessive cycling, protect your heart

In fact, over cycling does no good to your heart. A newly published scientific review offers both reassurance and some caution. It found that while most athletes’ hearts can withstand most exercise, there are exceptions. For some people in seemingly good health, heavy loads of exercise might be problematic. That’s why all of us who work out should be as informed as possible about our family’s cardiac history and our own potential genetic risks. Extreme exercise may permanently damage the heart and trigger rhythm abnormalities, warn researchers. A long time cycling can quicken your heart beat and raise blood pressure, during the cycling, the risk of cardiovascular disease onset increased significantly. Cycling originally is an aerobic exercise, when over cycling, you will be out of breath and is hard to take aerobic exercise.

“You see it all the time: man and woman in their 40s and 50s who are healthy and recreationally active, like cyclists and triathletes, make the assumption that because they’re active, heart disease won’t happen to them. That’s not necessarily true.” Says Larry Creswell, MD, a triathlon enthusiast, heart surgeon, and author of the Athlete’s Heart Blog.

What can you do to protect your heart?

Signs that mean you require to know:

The good news is that you are likely to see the signs before they become serious. You just need to recognize them and heed them

You can’t sleep
Even though you are tired but you also can’t sleep, or your sleep patterns are disrupted. You start experiencing insomnia, restless nights, and wake up feeling even more tired than when you went to bed, it’s a sign that you’re training too hard.

Your heart rate seriously changes
Several studies reported suppressed heart rate as a symptom of overtraining.

You get drop on an easy rideexcessive cycling, protect your heart
Chest pain or tightness
I can’t tell you how many guys who have had a heart attack or other cardiac event has told me that they felt chest pain or tightness and ignored it. Chest pain presents differently in women. It may be less severe or be more difficult to pinpoint where the pain is coming from.

Abnormal heartbeats
Pay attention to your heartbeat anytime, if your heartbeat suddenly quickens and you feel that you're heating to breathe, then it’s a sign that your heart is going to some trouble, you need to see a doctor and have a good rest

Mysterious shortness of breath
Shortness of breath is easier to know, what you should do is to pay more attention and think highly of it, never overlook it.

Unexplained fatigue
Even though you don’t do anything or just stay in bed, you still feel very tired and your hands and legs always ache. If also show up as a performance decrement that is unexplained. You have no reason why you’re so fatigued, then I’d like to tell you that it’s an obvious sign showing that your heart is weakening.

Nearly blacking out
This is a big red warning flag. Whether you are blacking out or worse, it’s a serious symbol means that you’re exerting yourself and you could suddenly die from a serious underlying heart problem. It’s really dangerous.

What you can do

To do warm-up exercise or prepare activities.
After dinner, have a good rest
You need a lot of blood to maintain your digestive system, once you start cycling after dinner, you will feel that your strength does not match one's ambitions because of the insufficiency of your blood. It’s scientific that have a good rest for about 30 minutes after dinnerexcessive cycling, protect heart

Maintain step frequency
You should keep in a balanced step frequency, it’s regarded as a bad habit to step your peddle in an irregular speed trends. Otherwise, your breath and your heartbeat is out of order and do harm to your heart.

Instrument on heart rate
You can fit an instrument to check your heartbeat, to help you keep your heartbeat and you peddle speed in a regular and balanced way.

Bring some water and drink more.
Water is an important part of our body, and it’s essential to improve blood circulation. Drinking more water and making sure your body’s accommodation of water is a good way to relieve heart pressure. (But over drinking have an opposite effect, right amount of water according to your body’s condition is ok)

Check your heart in time
Spare some time and go to the doctor, seek advice from your doctor. They can not only help you check your heart condition but will give you many professional and unique knowledge and advice to help you protect your heart, they will warn you what can you eat and drink and how to do to protect your heart when cycling.

Now that you have recognized that there are so many harms when excessive cycling, and also I have mentioned some important signs as well as advice for you to find out your body and heart problem and protect your heart better. What you should do is know your body’s condition and warn yourself. Try your best to keep away from excessive cycling, also excessive exercise. Living a long life requires not only exercise but exercise in a right way.