How Cycling Actually Creates A Healthier World

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Before we begin our today’s topic, ask yourself a question, why do you cycle? Different cyclists have their various answers. Some may say for recreation while others for sports. However, has anyone ever considered that as a matter of fact, when you choose cycling into your life, you are actually creating a healthier world. No matter for a person, society or environment, cycling matters a lot. Since you are here, today, I will show you how does cycling benefit us in various respects of our lives and create a more beautiful as well as a healthier world for us. Here we go.

To person
When it comes to cycling, what will come into your mind? No matter you are health and cyclingstill a beginner in cycling or has been an experienced cyclist or you never try to ride in your daily life, you cannot deny that cycling really does good for us and help us improve the sense of happiness.

♣ Get smarter

Well, many people must be very confused that how cycling can get you smarter? Take it easy, I will tell you right now. There is a study showed in 2007 by Charles Hillman, a health professor in America said that exercise can boost brainpower. More importantly is exercise can also help to stave off Alzheimer’s in the elderly. And also, cycling is a magical sport for kids. According to a study researched by Dr.phil Tomporowski, exercise like cycling can help children control issues like ADD. Thus, kids will be positively impacted by time on the bike.

cycling and environment

♣ Improve Your Heart

Do you have trouble with your heart? Do you still worry about your high blood pressure? Well, cycling will be your perfect solution. According to a recent study in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, cycling is absolutely great for your heart, because for those who were regular cyclists were 31% less likely to develop high blood pressure.

♣ Lose Fat

It is easy to understand that cycling can help you lose weight and keep a healthy figure. It has been a common sense that weight loss is one of the biggest benefits of regular cycling. Nowadays, media tend to say that diet and some particular medicine are the most effective way of losing weight. Therefore, when it comes to keeping slim, few people take exercise into consideration, on the contrary, they tend to resort to diet and those various kinds of pills, which actually do great harm to their health and is invalid to losing weight. A recent study has shown that for older, diabetic women and even the young, exercise along with proper diet is the only way to actually shed fat and keep thin.

To society
Recently, with the widespread of China’s shared bike to the world, more and more people have generally realised the social benefits that cycling could bring to us.

cycling and environmentFirst of all, bicycles are more affordable to run, an estimated 80% of people can afford a bike, which means that when facing the commuting problems, most of the people can resort to cycling. Maybe you will say, car or public transportation is also very convenient for commuting. Yes, indeed, I admit that. However, what you may have no idea is that only 10% of the world’s population can afford a bike, and in most developing or even extremely poor places, public transportation is still very limited and even not available. In this case, cycling is a real relative economical way to solve their commuting problem.

Secondly, cycling, as a matter of fact, has not only been a tool for traffic. Instead, it also provides a way for people to interact with others. Cycling enables people to interact socially and feels more at home in their local community. There are a great number of cycling clubs in the society nowadays, which gives an additional opportunity for social interaction and make friends who share the common interest.

Above all, as we all know, bikes are safer than cars or other vehicles.
Therefore, with more bikes in the society can provide a safer road environment. And for children, they could take advantage of slower and less dangerous traffic to cycle.

To environment
Well when it comes to environmental benefits of cycling, there are three things that come to my mind at once. Cycling uses no fuel. Cycling takes a lot less energy to make than a car. Cycling doesn’t require toxic batteries or cycling and environmentmotor oil. As you can see, there is no doubt that all of these will benefit our environment to a larger extent.

As a recent study has just shown, cycling 10km each day to work will help to save 1500kg of greenhouse gas emission each year. As a pollution-free mode of transport, cycling uses minimal fossil fuels and help to release the heavy traffic in the peak time as well as improve the traffic flow.

As we have mentioned above, cycling can help lose weight and keep thin. Therefore, cyclists tend to be in good physical shape compared with motorists, which means that they will consume less energy on everything from transportation to food production. Maybe if only a few people in this group, it doesn’t make much difference, however, when more and more people are willing to take part in cycling, it will matter a lot to our environment.

To recap

Armstrong has once said when he as the first human being landed on the moon that “That is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” And to us, I will say “That is one small step for you to begin cycling, one giant change for the world.” After reading what I have said above, you must have had a clear idea that cycling will definitely help us create a healthier and happier world. Choosing cycling right now, and we will leave a better and more beautiful world to the next generation. If you have any better idea, welcome to leave me your messages. Welcome to read other related essays on our website.