How Female Cyclists Actually Beat Saddle Soreness

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As a near 10-year female cyclist, I must say that for years I suffer greatly from the saddle soreness. As reportedly, saddle soreness is probably the number one complaint pain among female riders, especially for regular cyclists. However, when suffering from this pain, most of them tend to blame it on the time of cycling, considering that as long as they cut some cycling time appropriately, the pain may be relieved a little bit as time went by. As a matter of fact, the causes of saddle soreness are much more complicated than most female cyclists have thought about. Therefore, how can saddle discomfort be avoided? Here I will give you some top practical tips on how female cyclists could combat saddle soreness. Let’s get the start.

A right saddle
a right saddle for female cyclistsSince we are talking about the saddle discomfort, then, of course, saddle definitely matters a lot on this issue. In other words, a right saddle could be the key solution of saddle soreness. Although the selection of saddle is to a large extent more about a personal preference, you ought to take your own comfort into consideration, rather than just look for the good-looking one. How to really choose a right saddle? In fact, the only way is to try a few. Only when you try as many as various saddles in different shops on your own, can you actually have a clear idea in mind that what kind of specific saddle is suitable for you and make you feel comfortable. General speaking, women need a wider saddle than men for the reason that our hips are further apart, which is a natural difference. However, just focusing on the width of the saddle could also be a serious problem. Because if the saddle is too wide for you, which may cause chaffing on the soft tissues in the inner thighs after a long ride. In addition to this, there is a long misconception that larger ladies need bigger saddles, it is actually completely wrong. Even though the bigger saddle for larger ladies could help to relieve pressure on the affected area, but the pressure to the sides that is redistributed by the backfire could even make the pain there worse. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you had better try them by yourself to choose a perfect one for you.

A right saddle angle
Many female cyclists tend to ignore the significance of the saddle, however, believe it or not, the saddle angle really makes a huge difference on the saddle discomfort for its profound effect on the rotation of the pelvis. As Phil Burt, head physiotherapist as British Cycling and Team Sky, recommended for female riders, “you had better start with a new saddle level, then tip it ever so slightly downwards if it doesn’t feel right after a good few miles.”“Those suffering from genital numbness often find huge relief in angling the saddle down a degree or two. The shape of some people’s anatomy requires this to help roll the perineum and other tissues out of harm’s way,” He said. Therefore, make a small adjustment to your saddle angle, which may help you get rid of the saddle discomfort.

A right bike
As a matter of fact, a perfect saddle option is still far enough, a right bike a right bike for female cycliststhat could fit you properly also tells a completely different story when it comes to the saddle discomfort. For example, if you get soreness on one side of your bottom, it is properly because you have a length difference and your pelvis is shifting to make the shorter leg reach the pedal. Therefore, after getting a new bike, it would be better that you make an adjustment for your bike according to your personal condition need. As long as you get the right bike that is specifically suitable for you, your saddle soreness will be relieved to a large extent.

Decent bike shorts
Since we are talking about the saddle soreness that something particularly aims to your butt, the decent bike shorts could definitely function on your butt and help to protect it from the saddle discomfort. Of course, when it comes to the decent bike shorts, the first thought for most cyclists may be the expensive one. However, it is not really the truth. What bike shorts you should take into consideration should be those that are suitable and make you feel comfortable.

Decent bike shorts for female cyclists

Keep clean
For most female cyclists, one of the reasons that get them suffer from saddle soreness is the infections breed in humid and sweaty conditions, which makes their chamois the perfect location for bacteria wanting to breed. Therefore, it is extremely necessary for you to wash your shorts regularly after every ride. Keep your shorts and butt clean, don’t give those bacteria any chance to breed on your butt, thus create the saddle soreness.

Ride more
female cyclingWell, to be honest, I am not sure if this tip could work well, but it is just a suggestion and worth to have a try. In general, when you are just a cycling beginner, it is pretty easy for you to get hurt and discomfort, including the saddle soreness. Therefore, maybe it is because you are still not used to riding on your bike. Thus the more you ride, the less you may feel uncomfortable for your butt or any other part of your body, as your muscles and tissues have got used to your bike. Of course, until you start riding too far…

To recap

As a regular female cyclist, I have to say I have tried all of the tips I have introduced above. And fortunately, they all work pretty well. I have got rid of the saddle soreness or other discomforts by use of these effective and quite practical ways. Therefore, according to my personal experience, I share these top tips with you.