How to cope with post-insomnia effectively when you suffer over-training

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Do you struggle to get to sleep no matter how tired you are after plenty of workouts? Do you wake up in the midnight and lie awake for hours, just watching the clock anxiously? If you have read my last post, you may have known about that if you don’t take enough time to recover from your workouts, you are likely to suffer over-training. Even though the symptoms of over-training vary from individual to indivihow to cop with insomniadual, one of the common signs of over-training insomnia can threaten our good health and cause frustration.

If you are being in a state of overload, the combination of nervous and hormone system changes can lead to insomnia. This will leave you groggy and unable to focus the following day. So do you know about the symptoms of insomnia? How should we cope with insomnia? Here let’s look at the symptoms of it and then I will list a few remedies that you can follow to help you sleep well at night.


Fell it difficult to fall sleep at night
Always wake up during the night
Wake up too early in the morning
Not fell well-rested after a night’s sleep
Feel tired or sleepy during the daytime
Have mental health disorders and easily feel depressed or anxious
Feel it difficult to pay attention or focus on tasks or remember
Take more time to react while driving and have a higher risk of errors and accidents
Remedies for insomnia

1. Changing Your Routine

When you suffer overtraining, you need to start work out slowly when you feel better as I have mentioned before. If you would like to benefit from post-exercise alertness, one of the best ways to improve your quality of sleep is by moving your exercise period to a different time. According to the National Sleep Foundation, “People who work out on a treadmill at 7:00 a.m. sleep longer, experience deeper sleep cycles, and spend 75 percent more time in the most reparative stages of slumber than those who exercise at later times that day.” If you prefer to do workouts in the late afternoon, about four or five hours before bedtime is best to help catch your core temperature's post-exercise decline and make you easier to fall asleep. Always remember doing work out too close to your bedtime may interfere with sleep.

2.Stay cool

You could fell asleep until your body temperature is drop. However, after you do some workouts, your body temperature is increased. It makes it harder to fell asleep when your body has to work to return to its normal temperature. What determines how much the heat your body produces are the intensity, duration, and amount of muscle tissue used in your workout. Therefore, you can do some cardio workout before you can get on your bike. You can do weight lifting exercises, light stretching or yoga which includes long rest between sets and has the less effect. How hot and bothered you are getting will be shown by how much you are sweating or flushing. Besides, taking a hot shower or bath after your workouts will cause a rebound effect and help your body to cool down faster and make you easier to sleep.

3.Have a bedtime ritualhave a bed-time ritual

A bedtime ritual for kids is of great importance and the same is true for our grown-ups. What you do to cue your brain that it’s time to fall sleep also plays a part. For example, you can have a cup of noncaffeinated tea, read a book, listen to soft music or self- massage. Besides, one of the most important parts of winding down is to reduce the amount of melatonin- disrupting light you are exposed. If you are used to turning the lights on when you are sleeping, consider blue- light blocking glasses or blue- light blocking apps, such as Twilight, iPhone's Night Shift to mitigate the effects of light late at night.

4.Sip sleep- inducing brews

Avoiding caffeine in the evening is one of the common senses to beat insomnia. But taking something that will increase drowsiness will help you a lot. Sure, I am not talking about wine. Instead, you should try some chamomile tea or a sleep smoothie to drift off with ease. Besides, you should have something that is rich in vitamin C, potassium and magnesium such as leafy greens, avocados, cherries and strawberries and so on. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t eat too much or you will feel too full and bloated to hit the hay.

5.See a doctor

If your insomnia is caused by a medical condition such as chronic pain, depression because of over-training, you should see a doctor for better treatment. Also, to see a doctor will help your symptoms improve faster. Just talk to your doctor to determine the cause and best treatment for insomnia. Your doctor will prescribe medication and offer you other strategies to help you get your sleep pattern back on track.

Conclusionsleep well

No matter what you do, it’s important to listen to your body and never allow yourself to become sleep deprived. Hope you can sleep well during those nights.