How to deal with cycling heat stress

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When the body is unable to cool itself down by sweating, several heat-induced illnesses such as heat stress or heat exhaustion and the more severe heat stroke can occur, and can result in death. It is important to schedule strenuous activities early morning or in the evenings when the heat impact is lowest. However, the heat may not impede some fancier’s enthusiasm, so they just ignore the threat of heat wave and starts cycling. If you cycle at a place where there is humidity then make sure that you hydrate yourself and use umbrella or cap to protect from heat. If you cycle in place where there is less humidity then you have a high chance of heat stroke. In order to keep the cyclists a more comfortable and safe riding in summer, here are some tips on avoiding the heat stress.cycling heat stress


Dehydration poses a real danger during summer, especially (but not exclusively) for those who cycle outdoors. Make sure you drink water continuously throughout the day. Stay hydrated as much as you can, in the scorching sun we shed enough sweat that we don't feel the need to pee but discharging it is also essential. Drink a liter of water each hour. If you're thirsty you're too late. Consider adding electrolyte to the water. Dilute sports drink is a second-best option. If possible, keep a pack of Glucon-D with you and keep on drinking it in short intervals. One thing to know: Avoid cold drinks and alcohol completely, not even are they a storehouse of bad chemicals and pesticides, the chilled cola would give you a sore throat also.


Wear a wide-brimmed hat and loose, lightweight clothing with light color. Cycling jerseys are designed with good breathability and moisture-absorbing. They are the best to cover most part of the body from harmful rays of the sun.cycling heat stress

3.Take breaks.

Break your trip up into smaller trips. Dividing a 100-mile trip up into five trips of 20 miles each makes it seem much easier. After each leg, take a break of between five minutes and half-an-hour. Relax, stretch, eat and drink. The interval can help your body to cope with the heat better.


Fans are great indoors, but what do you do if you want to venture into the wilderness outside? Staying in the shade goes a long way towards mitigating the heat. This is especially true in dryer climates where humidity isn't a source of discomfort. If you can find the cover of either the arboreal or manmade variety (gazebos, anybody?), you have an opportunity to actually enjoy some coolness in the intervals of the cycling.
cycling heat stressIf you are over-stressing your body constantly with cycling eventually your levels of cortisol will rise to a level when your body’s nerve system will begin to become exhausted. As you well know, the nerve system is crucial in maintaining your fundamental homeostatic mechanisms, and one of these mechanisms is the homeostatic control of body if your nervous system isn’t sending the right signals, your body won’t be able to maintain its normal temperature of 37.5. So I’d like for you to follow the aforementioned suggestions to avoid heat stress when you are cycling.